Saturday, December 28, 2019

Yet ANOTHER Reason Why I Absolutely DESPISE "Social Justice Warriors"

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"Controversial" Peloton Ad
.Apparently a bunch of social media misfits are outraged over a Peloton ad because...(gulp!)..."it demeans women." (…). Somehow I missed the whole "demeaning" part.

I'm glad such things bubble up from time to time, if only to demonstrate again WHY I absolutely REVILE such cretins.

In the ad, a husband buys his obvious "fitness junkie" wife a Peloton. She loves it and the ad chronicles her through the days, weeks and months after that.

Nice ad. Guy buys his very fit wife a high end exercycle and she uses it rigorously.

Everyone's happy, right?

Not the SJW's! No, to these braindead, mouth breathers, this is "patriarchy," and "objectifying women."

What's really horrific is that many of these idiots wasted money on College! Think of how much less debt there'd be if these folks just never wasted all that student loan money on Art History and Womyn's Studies degrees.

Folks...seriously, if your view of the world we live in is so warped and might seriously consider a graceful self-exit.

The male actor in the commercial, Sean Farrell, even got hate mail for his 5 seconds of face time.

WoW! It's not just stultifyingly dumb to send hate mail to a fictional character, but it seems evidence of a severe mental/emotional illness.

Every once in awhile an event pretty accurately takes the temperature of society and this seems like one of those.

What does this kind of thing say about us and where we are as a society today?

In my view, nothing good.

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