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America and Nationalism

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Marine LePen and Geert Wilders

“We are a Republic. Nationalism is a Communist/Marxist all of History.

“Yes, I am proud of my Nation. We do NOT celebrate Nationalism.”

Robin Price Grace

We are...and have always been a nation that rejects globalism/internationalism. There is no way to be an American and an internationalist "citizen of the world."

And it's Marxism that's internationalist. The anthem of the Communist Party is "The Internationale."

Language (English), borders and our unifying culture are what make us a nation.

Capitalism (free markets and private property rights are two of the pillars this nation was founded upon) is rooted in nationalism.

That's why internationalists/Marxists oppose private property rights and markets...they prefer PUBLIC ownership and the Command (government-run) economy.

Nationalism supports private property rights & free markets.

Globalism/internationalism is opposed to both property rights & free markets.

E-Verify will rightfully put the onus on "ILLICIT Employers," which will, in turn dry up the jobs that draw most illegal immigrants here. They also need to severely restrict H-1B Visas and force companies here to train U.S. workers.

Eradicating the In-Sourcing of cheap labor (1) raises the American wage floor, helping U.S. workers & (2) evaporates the potentially large "ILLEGAL immigrant vote." BOTH are right & just and BOTH are necessary if the goal is keeping globalists/internationalists out of government control...which for this administration, it is.

Elections have consequences...and these "consequences" will be GOOD THINGS, not BAD THINGS.

 I think most of those "Free Trade" Treaties WERE designed to give the advantage to our "developing" trading partners. Only it was working Americans who really paid the price, in lost jobs and lower wages.

Like Jefferson Sessions, I'm a lifelong "Paleo-Conservative" (Libertarian Conservative).

BUT, I'm a lifelong Union worker as well (31 yrs FDNY) and as such, I oppose In-Sourcing and the vile GOPe scum (the Bush's, Boehner's, McConnell's etc) who've supported it, claiming, "Cheap labor helps us all."


In-Sourcing primarily, virtually SOLELY helps the 1%.

Globalism/Internationalism IS Marxism...and, YES, it's vehemently anti-worker.

Globalist administrations like GW's & Obama's had tariffs. All imports aren't tariff-free.

The issue is private property rights and free markets....Nationalism (as a political philosophy) supports and endorses them, while globalism/Internationalism does not.

Trump has NOT opposed international trade. He's opposed "Free Trade" deals that have screwed us over and supports "Fair Trade" deals that would be more equitable all around.

Tariffs "hurt" do Corporate taxes. Consumers pay EVERY penny in Corporate taxes in higher prices. Sales taxes hurt consumers the same way, as well.

Again, negotiate from strength...or not at all. That's a lesson learned from Napoleon. He always threatened war, but usually settled for a huge chunk of the intended's lands &/or resources.

Yes, Northern Europe had its Dark Ages after the gluttonous, bloated overly centralized Roman Empire collapsed. The goal of Internationalism (you keep misusing "globalism" - ONLY Nationalists support FAIR Trade deals between nations, today's globalists seek a vile centralized global control that has no chance of MUST BE dismissed out of hand)...BUT only Northern Europe had "The Age of Enlightenment, the Reformations in Christianity and Judaism...AND, of course, the Industrial Revolution, light years ahead of any other culture.

Sharing between disparate cultures is a hallmark of Nationalism....NOT Internationalism. Human movement is also ONLY possible under Nationalism. It's NOT my "opinion," but a fact that our unique and individual cultures and heritages aren't links to long dead ancestors and traditions, they form the basis of WHO and WHAT we are...they are the things that make us HUMAN.

WHY are so many in the U.S. obsessed with Hitler's atrocities when according to Solzhenitsyn, who chronicled it, "There was ONLY one holocaust in my view and it was the Jewish-led Red Russian or Bolshevik persecution of the traditional white Russians." He went on to chronicle how upwards of 50 MILLION innocent civilians were murdered, mostly tortured to death by what Solzhenitsyn called "a Jewish-led Bolshevik Red Army." My primary and perhaps ONLY disagreement with that is that I believe there have been many holocausts throughout history, Mao's, the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, King Leopold's destruction of the Congo, Cromwell's attempted genocide of the Irish, which led to the Irish slave trade...and many others.

Most of us in the U.S. oppose NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP, because they are NOT FAIR Trade deals, they are NOT "trade deals" at all, but instead they are all attempted mergers of various global regions for POLITICAL, NOT trade purposes. This anti-nationalist lunacy is horrific, Stew. Internationalism opposes the existence of the nation-state and opposes the disparate and unique cultures and heritages of the world. It is as ANTI-American, as it is ANTI-French, ANTI-English, ANTI-Korean. It's just wrong for humanity.

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God" We attribute that to the Gospel of John. In actuality it is from a much older source. The Upanishads. Globalism has been with us through the centuries." (Stew Loeb)
That has NOTHING to do with globalism.

Globalism is predicated on the monstrous idea of melding all humanity into a more homogeneous, more unified whole.  Sounds humanistic, but in practice it is horrifically misanthropic.

That’s in direct opposition to “sharing across cultures.” It seeks to stifle all cultures and eradicate such sharing.

America has always been a nation that rejects globalism/internationalism. There is no way to be an American and an internationalist "citizen of the world."

It's Marxism that's internationalist. The anthem of the Communist Party is "The Internationale."

Language (English), borders and our unifying culture are what make us a nation.

Capitalism (free markets and private property rights are two of the pillars this nation was founded upon) is rooted in nationalism.

That's why internationalists/Marxists oppose private property rights and markets...they prefer PUBLIC ownership and the Command (government-run) economy.

Nationalism supports private property rights & free markets.

Globalism/internationalism is opposed to both property rights & free markets.

Will Wendell Callahan Be Barack Obama's "Willie Horton"?

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Wendell Callahan

In FACT, Barack Obama is probably MORE culpable in this incident than Governor Dukakis was in the "Willie Horton" killings back in April of 1987. After all, Michael Dukakis DID NOT initiate the furlough program that resulted in Willie Horton's release, that program had been originally signed into law by Republican Governor Francis W. Sargent in 1972, BUT the original program excluded such furloughs for convicted first-degree murderers.

Horton had been doing time for the October 26, 1974, Lawrence, Massachusetts, fatal gas station hold up, in which Horton and two accomplices robbed Joseph Fournier, a 17-year-old gas station attendant, then fatally stabbed him 19 times after he'd cooperated by handing over all of the money in the cash register. Many (including myself) saw THAT early crime as a racially motivated murder, as Fournier was white...his assailants, black.

At any rate, President Obama DID sign the "Fair Sentencing Act" into law in 2010. That law was set up to reduce the disparities in sentencing between powdered cocaine and crack cocaine...despite the fact that the impulsive violence exhibited by crack addicts which plagued America's inner cities in the late 1980s and early 1990s sparked the passage of laws that doled out stiffer sentences to crack-addicts.

Shortly after his release, Callahan fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death, then murdered her two children, age 7 and 10, in Columbus, Ohio. The horrific crime drew national attention because the children were allegedly murdered to eliminate them as witnesses in the brutal massacre of their 32-year-old mother.

Barack Obama seems at least AS culpable in the Wendell Callahan incident as Michael Dukakis was in the Willie Horton incident. Although there are STILL some who defend Michael Dukakis over the Willie Horton release and claim the Republican attacks on Dukakis over that incident was a misleading, low blow.

Actually, it was a fellow Democrat, AlGore, who first brought the Horton incident to light. George "Pappy" Bush's team merely used it more effectively.

Sad...Our Media is so Desperate for Anti-Conservative stories, they're incredibly easy to "punk."

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For whatever reason, our media has long had a very strong Left-wing bias. Sam Donaldson was once found at a Democratic fundraiser. Over 80% of media people self-identify as "Liberal Democrats," most of the rest identify as Independents, almost all are Left-of-Center "Independents."

That makes the Anti-Trump hysteria that’s been the order of the day, even harder to understand. Donald Trump has spent his life as a slightly Left-of-Center New Yorker. He's solidly pro-choice and pro-gay rights, in fact during the campaign he proved himself more reliably pro-gay rights than Secretary Clinton was...just reference the Pulse Nightclub shootings.

That incorrigible bias makes many "mainstream media" people very easy to punk...for those so inclined to such things.

A staff writer for left-wing website (Amy Harvard, Twitter handle: Sarah A. Harvard) uncritically accepted a prankster’s account of a fictitious racially-charged interaction with a Trump supporter, later spreading the false story on Twitter while dismissing those skeptical of the story’s veracity.

Turns out that right-of-center YouTuber Matt Christiansen, decided to test Ms. Harvard's journalistic ethics and she came up wanting. According to Thomas Madison, "Christiansen and a friend cooked up a fictitious story of a white male who threatened a Native American women because he thought she was Mexican and later justified his rudeness by saying “white is right.”

"Using a fake email and the name “Laurel Nelson,” the pranksters emailed Harvard their story with the subject line “aggressive Trump supporter.” The Daily Caller was provided with copies of the email exchanges between Harvard and “Laurel Nelson.”

“I was leaving Starbucks when I got bumped at the door by a trump supporter. I ended spilling latte on myself but he gave me the glare like I did wrong. I said ‘you can at least say sorry’ and he replied ‘just walk away and be lucky that coffee is the only thing of yours that spills. You shouldn’t even be in this country, and you wont be for long’ [sic]” the non-existent Laurel Nelson said. “He must have thought I was Mexican because I am dark, but I am Native American. I told him so and that we were actually here first. His reply was ‘doesn’t mater. white is right’ and pushed by me [sic].” (

To me, that's a very good thing, as ANYTHING that undermines the credibility of this corrupt and hopelessly biased media is a step toward reforming that fetid, fever-swamp of misguided Leftism.

PREACH IT Herman!...100% Correct About “Fake News”!

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Herman Cain

It's funny that the new focus of our completely Corporately owned Old Media (after being outmaneuvered by the New Media in the last election) is on...."fake news." (

EVERYONE (literally EVERYONE) KNOWS that Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Maddow, NY Times OpEds, etc are all COMMENTARY/OPINION.

The Weekly World News, Before It's News, The Onion, etc. are all SATIRICAL sites...COMEDY, not "news."

What's really problematic is the incredible amount of commentary/opinion routinely slipped into alleged "news stories" by our corrupt, disreputable Old Media.

There are occasional email chains (like the one about the alleged "Retired Army Sgt Gregory Hayes" SEE BELOW) that are maliciously false stories...BUT two clicks is all it takes to find no documented evidence for such reports exist.

The "Fake News" that SHOULD most concern us is all the editorializing and the "lying by ommission," as in the case of Jeff Sessions that continues to go on in our Old Media.

Fake "News"

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Miles Eckert, 8 years old at the time (this story is a few years old) he handed Lt. Col Frank Daly a $20 bill he'd just found in a restaurant parking lot, wrapped in a note.

Miles Eckert is a gold star child. His father was killed in Iraq just 5 days after he was born...great story about the BIG impact of small gestures.

Very powerful!



The Day of Reckoning is Coming for the Anti-police Movement Responsible for Inciting & Encouraging These Attacks on Police...

Above is Deputy Constable Alden Cloptonshot several times April 14 while on patrol in Houston.

It's time to really beef up penalties for merely confronting, or arguing with 1st offense jail time, depending upon the severity of the confrontation.

A simple assault (ie. pushing, spitting etc.) on a police officer SHOULD BE a minimum 5 years...more serious assaults should carry MUCH harsher sentences.

THANKS to the great Danny Farrell of Newark NJ's Fire Dept for the heads up.

THIS is a very BASIC truth...far easier articulated than put into action

One thing that would help would be enforcing the existing laws prohibiting those with felony records and any documented mental/emotional problems from legally owning firearms, while making ALL others eligible for concealed carry permits...EVERYWHERE.

Bill Clinton talked like Trump on immigration in 1995, and got a standin...

Is it a "Media Double Standard," OR...Just our grossly incompetent media?

WoW! That’s a real tough choice.

Why Police Don't Let You Go Back To Your Car

THIS is WHY Police must ALWAYS protect their own safety first.

No citizen has the right to confront law enforcement ESPECIALLY over a perceived "false arrest," or stop.

We, as a lay-people don't know the law. IF a citizen feels an arrest is unjust...the courts exist to adjudicate such disputes.

The police exist solely to cite and bring people before the courts.

The COURTS allow citizens to state their case.

If this police shooter was brought in alive....that is truly unfortunate.

I CAN'T Believe I'm Saying THIS....But THANK YOU Harry Reid!

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Outgoing Nevada Senator Harry Reid

Back in 2013 frustrated Democrats, angered at Republican obstruction of Obama's appointments initiated what they called "The Nuclear Option" requiring a mere majority of (51 Senate) votes to confirm a Presidential appointment. (

Who knew that that would eventually make it much easier for the Trump administration to fashion a highly partisan cabinet in Trump's image and likeness?

Funny stuff!

The NEW Ideological Dynamic

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One of the things I’ve been happiest about lately, yes, thankful for too, is the inability of the Left to make actual affirmative arguments for their positions.

Believe me, it’s a VERY good thing for Conservatives and Libertarians, who’ve ALWAYS had to make arguments for our positions because we’ve been swimming against the grain for so long.

Some of it is the natural laziness borne of inertia that comes with adhering to the status quo and America’s political-media class has been very Left-of-Center for a very, VERY long time.

So, for the most part, they can’t explain why they believe the Command (government-run) Economy delivers more equitable outcomes and can’t argue against the view that governments have proven to never have been able to run businesses effectively, any more than they’re able to argue against the importance of the nation state, our natural affinity, even love for our own unique heritages, cultures and traditions.

They’re also (for the most part) unable to argue against the existence of the nation-state, nor why our old traditions, customs, cultures and heritages should be put behind us to make way for a new humanity.

THIS is a very real and imminent crisis on the Left and Conservatives and Libertarians SHOULD NOT let this crisis go to waste.


By confronting the Left at every turn.

Many, including myself, have noticed that most Left-of-Center people ban, block or otherwise refuse to engage those they disagree with. Possibly because they mistakenly believe that theirs is the prevailing political view, despite America having more than twice as many people who identify as Conservative (low of 41% to a high of 47%) as Liberal (a low of 19% to a high of 24%) and feel that “ignoring that view will marginalize it.”

While that’s certainly not true for the Right, which continues to grow, we should always remember it’s NOT true for the Left either. You must always confront those who are ideologically opposed.

That’s a lesson Donald Trump learned early and was foolishly excoriated on BOTH sides over it. Donald Trump NEVER lets an opportunity to confront a foe (sometimes personally), which is mostly counterproductive, but at least he rarely fails to confront no matter how big or small the for might be.

While the ultimate goal has to be a hostile takeover of America’s media. The Trump’s are certainly one of the families that have the means to do that. So are the Koch Brothers, but after their man (Jeb Bush) was dispatched with, they showed their true globalist/Internationalist colors by putting their money behind Hillary Clinton. It will take a collection of free (anti-globalist) thinkers to effectively wrest control of America’s media, in the meantime, the New Media seems very Independent, which is why BOTH Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton blamed “social media” and “fake news,” by which they meant those outlets they disagreed with (Breitbart, Red State, Ace of Spades, Drudge, and many others).

So, individually, what can you do? Continue to confront, NOT with venom, but with facts, stay on topic, every time a person disengages that’s a WIN.

You BOTH know that, even if the party that disengages doesn’t initially reflect on that. When we disengage we effectively surrender. So, NEVER, EVER disengage so long as the other person disagrees.

Also try NOT to respond in anger, or frustration, as difficult as that is. When losing an argument on the facts, many resort to distractions, to trying to provoke the opponent into anger allowing them a graceful exit, claiming “the moral high ground.”

Stay with them and keep making the same points, using the same facts that back them up. They’ll either have to come up with their own (“fake”) facts, which are easily debunked, OR, more likely disengage. In either case, it’s a WIN.

This has proven to work on BIG targets and small. For eons, The New York Daily News allowed comments with their online articles. Like a number of other outlets they’ve stopped that because the bulk of the comments went “against (their) message.” In other venues (CNN, the Washington Post, etc.), Conservative commenters have overwhelmed certain articles to the extent that the outlet simply closed the comments.

Those are WINS. Those outlets were effectively driven to disengage.

A lot of this comes down to temperament. If you are the kind of person who “doesn’t suffer fools gladly,” or has a “quick fuse” and frustrates easily, it’s probably not the best strategy for you, but it’s an effective and increasingly necessary strategy, as it effectively cows those who disagree. That minor triumph is an inroad and lots of them together form a cascading ideological storm.

For those who love and honor our individual and disparate heritages and cultures, values our traditions and customs and cherish the individual countries of our fight is more vital.

NOT That Smart...and NOT Too Brave...

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Ruth Bader-Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg won't be leaving the U.S. after all (who among these overfed, spoiled rich folks are?), as she humbly explains, "The country needs smart, brave people like me." (

Hmmmm, I never met a single good fireman who ever referred to himself as, "brave." They never had to.

Ginsburg disgraced the court earlier by involving herself in the election, which not only set a humiliating precedent for the court, but kind of lends credence to the view that Kagan, Sotomayor and Ginsburg are all especially driven by their warped Leftist ideology.

Here's hoping the Trump administration gets to appoint 3 or 4 justices...I LOVE their list.
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