Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Autumnal Equinox...

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Today marks the Autumnal Equinox for 2019.

On the autumnal equinox, the day and night are each about 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days after the autumnal equinox).

This is the result of the Sun crossing the celestial equator going southward, as it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

In many Northern Hemisphere cultures, this marked the start of the great harvest ahead of Winter, which culminated in late August and what the Celts called Samhain (pronounced sow-wein), which centered around remembering and honoring the dead.

Joe Biden Spins Yet Another Yarn...In This One he Confronts a Gang Leader Named "Corn Pop" - Did Joe Biden Fend Off A Knife Gang With A Steel Chain?


Joe Biden is seemingly always up for telling self aggrandizing tales of his alleged "tough guy" youth. It's really hard to believe that THIS guy is leading the Democratic field. That doesn't say much for the rest of the lot.

I don't get the point of this particular yarn, but here it is...Joe Biden confronting the legendary "Corn Pop."

Try not to laugh...

The Revolutionary...

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A young student asked his teacher, "How does one follow the truth?"

The teacher replied, "When everything is filtered through our perception, WHAT is TRUTH? THAT is our dilemma."

The student looked confused, "Isn't all that is pure and good and loving truth?"

"That would depend," the teacher responded.

"Depend? Depend upon what," asked the student.

"In the rightness of one's perceptions," answered the teacher.

The student left that school deflated and dejected.

Years later, that student would lead a revolution seeking to set that country right. The primary demand of that revolution was to make everyone "Love one another"...requiring the most productive to share with the least, willingly and gladly, and to assure that no one had more than anyone else.

The revolution had popular support at the beginning, among the free and largely educated public, concerned over the seeming intractable inequalities between people and so, the group took power.

Once in control, they faced challenges they hadn't considered before. Those who had skill sets that were difficult and expensive to master, felt cheated to share equally and suffer losses over their inequitable contributions - "Why should I learn such skills, at my own expense, toil longer hours and accept greater responsibilities for no more compensation than the lowliest worker gets?" Workers wouldn't work extra hours without more compensation, that would've enriched them beyond their fellow workers - "Why should we work longer and harder for no benefit to us?"

Within the revolutionary committee there arose deep divisions between the pragmatists and the idealists, like himself. The idealists believed human nature simply had to evolve and be changed, while the pragmatists saw that nature as fixed.

Among the pragmatists arose the most ruthless and power hungry men and the idealists were swept from power and jailed, as the most ruthless opponents busied themselves forging a thugocracy.

The people were no longer free. They were also, no longer as good and decent, nor concerned with the inequalities, once so evident, when they were all free.

The one time student, turned idealistic revolutionary found himself facing the death penalty. Worse yet, the common people, who once loved him, now cheered his fate.

As he awaited his execution, he sought the answer to HOW this horror could've happened. HOW could his idealism and good intentions have come to this?

Lost within his thoughts, he could hear his old teacher's voice, "It'd depend upon the rightness of one's perceptions." Then he heard the teacher add, "Free people are never equal and when the people are made equal they are no longer free."

And so the once free people who cheered him for addressing the natural inequities between free people, now cheered his being hung.

THANK YOU North Carolina!...

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Yesterday, BOTH North Carolina's Special Elections for two Congressional Districts, the 3rd & 9th went GOP!

Rep. Greg Murphy won NC's 3rd 62% - 37%, while the 9th went to GOP challenger Dan Bishop by about 2% (51% - 49%) with NBC News projecting Bishop the winner shortly after 10:00 pm, ET.

She Should Know - Condoleeza Rice: 'Let's Drop This Notion That We're Worse With Race Rela...




Here, Condoleezza Rice educates an NBC reporter on the "America is Racist" narrative.

The problem is that NO ONE, black, white, or other alive today has ever experienced real racism.

In fact, American blacks have grown up within a system of segregation (the segregated standards of Affirmative Action) that benefits them, without any apparent acknowledgment, let alone appreciation for the sacrifices made for them. Segregated Standards have had a HUGE economic cost. They should, after nearly half a Century, be winding down.

Condi Rice is right about this...

Yet Another Flawed Meme...

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Funny story...maybe not so funny, the message of this meme has ALWAYS been and REMAINS UNIVERSALLY TRUE among all humans. It's just NOT true in the way this meme makes out.

In fact, Asia, the Arab-Muslim world and Africa are all far MORE xenophobic than the West.

That tribalism/xenophobia is the nature of always has been.

Thomas Jefferson believed that Jesus was a "great philosopher." I would add, "an impractical one."

Jesus said, "Treat others as you'd want to be treated."

The "best" humanity can seem to muster is treating people "the way they treat us."

Jesus said, "Before you would remove the splinter from your neighbor's eye, first remove the mote/pole from out your own."

Most humans insist on looking OUTWARD and criticizing their own OTHERS.

That's why I'm no longer a "Progressive" (I was...way, WAY back in College). I've both grown up and read voraciously (educating MYSELF) since then.

Today I think entirely independently and often piss off many people on both sides, as a result.

I've seen the judgmentalism of religious "Conservatives," but, in my view, it actually pales in comparison to the sanctimonious, self-righteousness on the Left.

One thing that Jesus character got right is that there's no path forward in looking outward, criticizing others and seeing those we disagree with as "enemies" instead of as fellow searchers.

That is something most people tend to do, but nowhere is it done as recklessly, thoughtlessly and maliciously as it is with today's Left.

More DUMB Memes...

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As a public service announcement, I'm offering to highlight the egregious flaws in so many of the memes floating around THIS one: Ike as Antifa...

Where to begin?

Well, how about with the basic facts, Eisenhower was pro Police, pro Military. He was a big law & order President. (Ironically enough, Trump is the first President Since Ike to lavish such praise on our Law Enforcement and Military).

Eisenhower was a Republican and despised the Left.

Eisenhower DIDN'T support non-European immigration.

He DIDN'T oppose immigration laws, nor the enforcement of our very strict immigration laws at that time.

Ike ordered "Operation Wetback" to deal with America's Southern border.

Enough said...

Gender Differences and the Case of Jonathan/June Eastwood

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This started with some (mostly Leftist) women claiming "There really aren't substantial differences, physical, or otherwise, between males and females, and any observable differences are merely cultural in nature." That argument was ostensibly made to get more females into construction, Police & Fire (Emergency Responder jobs), even Military combat positions, despite the fact that the vast majority couldn't meet the basic physical standards for those positions.

In court, they were able to get physical standards lowered, or eliminated primarily because the courts agreed that there were no appreciable differences between males and females, conveniently dismissing physical standards as "unnecessary barriers."

THIS (Jon, competing as June, given his pedestrian male times would be female records) is the inevitable result of that foolish premise ("males & females are the same"). (…/man-who-says-hes-female-coul…)

Eastwood's best 5,000-meter time in track and field is 14 minutes, 38.80 seconds, which is 32 seconds faster than the NCAA women’s track record of 15:01.70 set by former University of Colorado runner Jenny Simpson in 2009.

The runners online journal “Let’s Run” has noted that Eastwood’s personal best on the track in the 1,500 meters is 3:50.19 (equivalent to a 4:08.7 mile, VERY pedestrian among male milers). The NCAA women’s record for the 1,500, set by Simpson in 2009, is 3:59.90 is nearly 10 seconds slower than Eastwood's time!

In fact, Eastwood’s personal best for that distance is only a 0.12 seconds slower than the women's world record of 3:50.07 for the 1,500 set by Ethiopia's Genzebe Dedada in 2015.

According to NCAA policy, males who wish to compete in women’s sports as “transgender women” must suppress their testosterone levels for a full year before competing.

But it's been shown that such procedures do very little to counter the natural physical advantages bestowed upon adult men from having passed through male adolescence. During male adolescence, testosterone creates muscle bulk: adult male legs are appx 80% muscle, whereas female legs are only 60 percent muscle. On average, adult men have larger lungs and hearts than women, too, and their hips are narrower, another advantage in running.

Fair Play for Women, a group that fights to protect the rights of females in the UK, puts this in simple terms:

“Males have a well-known physical performance advantage over females. Put simply, male bodies are bigger, faster and stronger on average than female bodies,” the group explained on its website:

“Female sport gives women the opportunity to showcase the very best of what the female body can do. In mixed competition, women would simply never win and our best sportswomen would be unheard of.” (Finally someone has the BALLS to acknowledge the TRUTH...oddly enough, it's "Fair Play for Women.")

To eliminate this ridiculous scourge of males "identifying as female" destroying women's sports, the original physical standards for construction, the Emergency Services and the Armed Forces must be reinstated in acknowledging both the stark differences between the genders AND the necessity of such standards.

BOTH those things are part of the same issue.

For Those Who Haven't Heard Mark Dice's Awesome Brian Stelter Voice - BRIAN STELTER RETURNS!



An earlier mocking of the highly mockable Brian Stelter of CNN put Mark Dice on the map, so for the three of you who aren't familiar with Mark Dice, I offer you this treat.

Dice nails the soft, gooey essence of Brian Stelter, the quintessential Leftist beta male, high voice and all.

In this video, he highlights "Little Brian's" bringing on a former Duke psychology professor, Allen Frances, who claimed Trump was more dangerous than Hitler, Mao and Stalin were last Century.

WHY did Stelter bring on a guy who'd left Duke after "an episode" (generally a euphemism for nervous breakdown)?

Most likely because Brian Stelter is a complete moron.

I mean, if he didn't know this guy's background, he should've been able to sniff it out after a few sentences...but NOPE!

Especially since Allen Frances most recent book has created quite a stir, as well as quite a bit of speculation about Allen Frances' own mental health.

"The Washington Post gave a book review of Allen Frances' "Twilight of American Sanity" and found the arguments by Frances to "stray from medical to political in nature." The book review by The Washington Post concluded: "In Dr. Frances' view, America is delusional not just because it elected Trump, but because it doesn’t conform to Frances’s views on climate change, population growth, technology, privacy, war, economics and guns." Publishers Weekly concluded in a book review that "Twilight of American Sanity" contained FACTUAL ERRORS and EXAGGERATION.

"Politifact (a reliably Leftist site) noted that Frances posted a follow-up to Twitter in which he asserted his comments referred to the potential future impact of climate change. Politifact brought forth multiple referenced sources in order to analyze the comments by Frances. Politifact reported that according to Timothy Snyder, Yale University history professor in a 2011 calculation, Adolf Hitler killed over eleven million people during the Holocaust. Politifact noted that the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum estimated about 17 million deaths attributed to Hitler during World War II. Politifact cited the book The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao by author Ian Johnson, which found Mao Zedong responsible for approximately 42.5 million fatalities.

"Politifact wrote in their analysis: "Not only does Frances’ comparison exaggerate the predicted climate change death toll compared to that of the dictators, he also lays the blame for potential future deaths at Trump’s feet alone, which even experts critical of Trump consider wrongheaded." Politifact concluded, "We rate the statement Pants on Fire." (

BUT, since Stelter himself, is deranged, he saw nothing at all odd about this poor guy.

Did I mention only 6% of Americans really trust this media?

Does ANYONE still wonder why?

WAIT! Did I Miss Something?!

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MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell


One of the things about not watching any televised news is that I miss out when they do really, REALLY DUMB stuff, like this dipshit, MSLSD's Lawrence O'Donnell's "scoop" that a Deutsche Bank 'source' told O'Donnell that they have documents proving that Donald Trump had loans co-signed by "Russian Oligarchs with ties to Vladimir Putin."

Of course, Trump's attorneys filed a cease and desist order the next day and demanded...and got an on air apology from the idiot O'Donnell.

Funny stuff.

Gallup polls have indicated only 6% of Americans really trust this media, but that's 6% too many.

Remember the Ferguson LIE, "Hands up, don't shoot?" NEVER happened.

How about the Covington Catholic hate hoax? A hate crime perpetrated by the Washington Post and NBC, where they left out...I guess you'd call them THE FACTS...that the Covington Catholic HS kids were being racially harangued by a group of racist adults (members of a recognized hate group, the Black Hebrew Israelites/BHI), who were joined by some old Indian (Nathan Phillips), who became upset when the teens drowned out the racial abuse from the racist BHI members, and feeling these kids "needed to hear this," proceeded to drum in their faces.

THAT'S your media America!

NO ONE should get their news straight from these sources.

That's why I get mine through filters like Mark Dice, High Impact Vlogs and others.

It's not only more informative, it's way more entertaining too.

From Anthony Brian Logan, a GREAT Video - Brilliant Trump Supporter Kids Wreck Adults In Atlanta Street Debate (RE...



Here's a video of s group of High School kids supporting Trump, confronted first by a bigoted black man in a "Black Lives Matter" shirt, then by a middle aged white woman, who steps in to 'save' the over-matched "Progressive" black man.

The teens have their facts together and refuse to back down to the adults, while remaining courteous and polite.

The BLM man, seems to actually believe that, "black people are getting killed every day by racist Police!" Apparently, this fellow isn't very familiar with the stats for homicides in America. There were over 7,500 black victims of homicide in 2018. 89.6% of those victims were killed by other blacks. In that same year (2018), there were 215 black Americans killed by Police - appx. 2.8% of all black homicides. Slightly over 90% of those were engaged in shootouts with Police.

He also made a number of other erroneous statements; claiming Melania Trump was not a U.S. citizen, that Trump wanted to, "Send all Mexicans back to Mexico." That's part of our current polarization. To some people EVERYTHING'S a racial issue.

At any rate, these teens DO give hope for the future. They're well informed and able to calmly articulate their views even in the face of screaming adults.

A GREAT video.

Even MORE Really DUMB Memes...

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Funny story, critics of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Evolution, in particular, DON'T challenge any "science," in fact, many of them seem to understand the science far better than the Arts & Humanities Leftist lemmings. Their issue seems to be with our misinformed, or disinformation media and our government.

CLIMATE CHANGE: The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), a coalition of 140+ climate scientists, economists, and engineers, in the “Core Principles” section of its website (accessed May 17, 2017), wrote:
“Global climate is always changing in accordance with natural causes and recent changes are not unusual...

"Science is rapidly evolving away from the view that humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ are a cause of dangerous climate change...

"Climate models used by the IPCC [United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] fail to reproduce known past climates without manipulation and therefore lack the scientific integrity needed for use in climate prediction and related policy decision-making...

"Claims that ‘consensus’ exists among climate experts regarding the causes of the modest warming of the past century are contradicted by thousands of independent scientists…

"Research that identifies the Sun as a major driver of global climate change must be taken more seriously...

"Carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions from human activity – energy production, transportation, cement production, heating and cooling, etc.- appear to have only a very small impact on global climate.”
"May 17, 2017 -International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)"
Also SEE:…/100-reasons-why-climate-change-…
EVOLUTION: Ironically enough, evolution has been embraced by many religious "Intelligent Design" adherents as a "Non random force of intelligent design."

Actual science has a very different view.
DIFFERENT from BOTH Intelligent Design adherents AND those who still think Darwin is some unimpeachable source (…/…/3/ten-major-flaws-evolution-revised/)
One of the main arguments against Darwin is the explosion of vastly different forms of life after each of the 6 major extinctions, events in which over 90% of the existing life on Earth perished at the time.

"The complexity of living systems could never evolve by chance—they had to be designed and created. A system that is irreducibly complex has precise components working together to perform the basic function of the system. (A mousetrap is a simple example.) If any part of that system were missing, the system would cease to function. Gradual additions could not account for the origin of such a system. It would have to come together fully formed and integrated. Many living systems exhibit this (vision, blood-clotting, etc.). When you look at a watch, you assume there was a watchmaker. A watch is too complex to “happen” by chance. Yet such living systems are almost infinitely more complex than a watch. They could not be random — they simply had to be designed and created."

VACCINES: While I support the fact that vaccines are overwhelmingly good (…/fact-or-fiction-vacci…/)
(, many question the explosion in the quantity of vaccines over the past 40 years. The problem most have with this explosion in vaccinations ISN'T over science, it's with a government they do not trust.

THIS (Below) is Perhaps the Dumbest Meme EVER!

Both men are irreligious.

I'm irreligious too, so that's not an insult coming from me.

The reason so many Leftists/Globalists have lost there minds is a very simple one. They don't seem to understand where all this opposition to everything they hold dear is coming from.

Why has Nationalism become resurgent around the globe? Why are so many deriding multiculturalism in Europe and America?

NOT because of Trump, nor even Bannon! They merely tapped into an existing passionate hatred of Globalism/One Worldism that's long existed in the people.

The world has changed.

The triggering event for the West was the migrant crisis in Europe, especially the "Rape of Cologne," and the rape epidemic in Sweden, which have made the argument against multiculturalism without words.

THANKFULLY (for us opponents), NO ONE has ever made a compelling argument FOR Globalism/One Worldism & multiculturalism, nor for Marxism's "Share and share alike" viewpoint. Its adherents have always foolishly believed those things are "self evident," so are now too lazy to make arguments for them.

Its opponents have always known, "NOTHING is self-evident," so they've always felt they had to make compelling arguments FOR Nationalism and AGAINST Globalism & multiculturalism.

THAT IS why the "we are the world" crowd are losing...and can't understand why.

What's Offending the Left Nowadays?...

In a recent interview with Candace Owen's and her former fiance (now husband), George Farmer, writer, Tim Willis came away feeling he had to warn readers of their "offensive views."

His article in the Tatler begins, "Warning: you may find the opinions expressed by the controversial American pundit Candace Owens and her English fiancé, George Farmer, offensive."

What gave offense?

Well, according to Tim Willis, "Can you imagine? Two intelligent, articulate, politically involved millennials – he, 28, she 30, both ‘Bible believers’ – who say things like, ‘the #BlackLivesMatter movement is based on a lie.’ "...(IT WAS...the Ferguson LIE)... "And ‘#MeToo? It cheapens the suffering of real rape victims.’ " ...(ALSO TRUE)..."And: ‘A lot of women who haven’t had children by the age of 40 seem to go crazy. If you don’t use your eggs, you get scrambled.’ (OK, I never heard that one...but 2 out of 3 isn't bad).

"...Over breakfast, these all come from Owens, the Connecticut girl who was raised in what she calls ‘gross’ social housing, suffered racial harassment from the son of the mayor of her town and was once a pro-Democrat who interned at US Vogue. Now she heads up the ‘Blexit’ movement, which aims to convert African-American and Latino Democrats to the Republican cause...

"...Her (Candace Owens) fiancĂ©, the English hedge funder George Farmer – another Turning Point operative, ex-Bullingdon Club member and son of the self-made commodities baron Lord Farmer – comes out with his own zingers, too. Like, ‘The best life-chance that a child can have is to be born in wedlock.’ (100% TRUE)... "And, ‘There are only two biological genders. It’s a scientific fact.’ "...(ALSO 100% TRUE), "But what really rouses Farmer – who got a first in theology at Oxford – are the merits of low-tax, low-regulation British capitalism and the inequities of the European Union. ‘It’s a toxic, socialist, genocidal superstate,’ he declares – with some vigour, considering it’s only 8.30am." (THAT TOO IS...TRUE)
(Tim Willis, from…/george-farmer-candace-owens-interv…)

Soooooo, according to Tim Willis;

(1) "#BlackLivesMatter" is built on the Ferguson LIE" ("Hands up, don't shoot" NEVER was/IS a LIE)

(2) "The #MeToo Movement, predicated on mostly Hollywood women who've traded sex to steal parts from better actresses who wouldnt do that DOES cheapen the suffering of actual rape victims.

(3) "The best life-chance that a child can have is to be born in wedlock," is, without question true. That situation is optimal.

(4) "There are only two biological genders. It’s a scientific fact," is an obvious observation.
(5) That the European Union is, "A toxic, socialist, genocidal superstate," is also undeniably, factually correct.

So, WHAT exactly, "triggers" and "offends" the Left these days?

Apparently, the TRUTH!
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