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THIS is ALL You Need to Know About the Cowardice and Calumny of the Self-centered, Isolated, Western "Global Elite"

Wonder why the Tories took back England and are being pushed further Right, why LePen and Wilders are leading all polls in France and the Netherlands respectively and why Merkel’s Party is out and she's on the run?

Listen to this report from France.

The Nationalists smell blood in the water, they see the "global pseudo-elites" as weak and cowardly.

I believe they're right and it looks like we're just going to have to let things run this Nationalist course.

TERROR: French Government Coverup:

Another Globalist Outrage!..

Geert Wilders reacts to conviction:

Hopefully it will be rectified when the Dutch people elect Geert Wilders Prime Minister.

Brussels needs to be convicted in the court of public opinion.

Brussels has betrayed the people of Europe.


No! That's NOT What the Major Media Means by "FAKE News"...

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ALL of these are examples of "Officially Sanctioned FAKE News." They mean the increasingly Nationalist, anti-Internationalist rabble (us) putting out views that don't agree with their failed ideas.

Reason #3,587 For Why I've Always Despised White "Liberals" (a/k/a Leftists)

Even though I stopped going to Church regularly early on and gave up on religion, I've never reviled religions, religious people, or any God, BUT I have despised atheists...those smug, arrogant ghouls who are so dumb they don't even understand one of the basic tenets of the scientific method, that, "The absence of evidence constitutes no 'proof,' in and if itself"...and yet they consider religious people dumb and "anti-science" for their "blind belief."

Believing there is no God is every bit as faith-based as any belief that there is one.

It's probably why I've met far more actual "searchers" (those seeking the truth, no matter what that truth may turn out to be), among the religious and few to none among the "atheists" I've met across the years.

SAME with so-called "Liberals." I say "so-called" because true Liberals are Libertarians, like Ron & Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell, etc.

Today's so-called "Liberals" are actually Leftists, or pseudo-Marxists. I've rarely met any decent, tolerant, kind-hearted Leftists...especially among white Leftists. First, they seem to mistake pity for empathy and compassion.

Empathy puts US in the same place, or space/condition as those we empathize with, while pity always allows us to look down upon those who "need our help."

The intolerance of the Left is all around us, from "safe spaces" on College campuses for those who can't defend their own beliefs, the constant blaming others for their own personal failures, to the avalanche of "Hate Hoaxes" swirling all around us, to our predominantly Leftist national media that likes nothing better than stories that polarize and alienate various ethnic/racial groups.

Here's an interesting video by Ami Horowitz, where the same man interviews self-proclaimed (white) "Liberals" about why they oppose voter ID laws (HINT: it's all about "helping those poor, dumb black people"....who they seem to believe don't know where the DMV is, nor how to get online), then shows those responses to black people in Harlem, NY.

While the responses from all are largely predictable, they're worth seeing, if only to see the condescending face of real ethnic hate and racial bigotry.

That’s why this is a reminder of the 3,587th reason I really, REALLY don't like Leftists...whites in particular, but not exclusively, for sure.

Hey! Lookee Here...Germany's Mass Media is as Beholden to Globalist/Internationalist Pseudo-elites as Ours is.

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Maria Ladenburger

Here's all the proof you need;

German State Media Defends Not Reporting Girl Raped and Murdered by ‘Refugee’ (

Germany’s leading news programme has been slammed for failing to report the rape and murder of the 19-year-old daughter of an EU official by an Afghan ‘refugee’.

The Tagesschau show, produced by ARD, the world’s largest public broadcaster, claimed that the story was “too regional”. Others, however, blame political correctness and an establishment desire to silence criticism of mass migration.

Could the Jill Stein Recount Really Shed Light on Massive Voting Irregularities?...

Image result for Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton

Maybe the DNC got suckered...hard to tell, YET, but early indications are showing that in Michigan's largest county (Wayne), which votes heavily Democratic, as many as 59% of the ballots may be improper and unable to be counted! (

No wonder Pennsylvania looked to shut down the recount with a hastily pressed "deadline." ALL the more reason to scrutinize PA...especially eastern PA (ie. Philly) where previous accusations of numerous voter issues have been routine.

What the ongoing recounts are uncovering is not as much outright voter fraud, but voting "irregularities," like many ballots being counted twice.

As badly needed as a full audit of the Federal Reserve is, a full investigation into our entire electoral system, from the local level up, seems even more necessary.

The shock of Democratic insiders and media people seems NOT because they were surprised by Trump's vote totals, but that they seem to have BELIEVED that they had this one safely "in the bag" (stolen. Most of the "insiders" seemed to believe it was "already won."

Apparently a few local election officials underestimated the amount of electoral malfeasance that would be necessary.

Jill Stein's targeting a few usually reliably Democratic swing states for her targeted recount, should open the door to a nationwide recount and reassessment of the election.

The primary issue should be reforming this to the extent it can never happen again and with the GOP of 31 State Houses they're just one state legislature away from being able to force the strictest of reforms. Right after reform must come arrests of those directly involved in any demonstrable malfeasance.

Jill Stein may have slipped a poison pill to the DNC & "the Clinton machine," and in the process done a LOT to bolster some apparently much needed electoral reform.

Uhhhhh....No, NOT True...

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OK, a not so funny story, Mao and his "Reformers" who murdered an estimated 100 Million innocent, productive Chinese civilians and Lenin, Stalin and the Bolsheviks, who murdered an estimated 60 Million innocents (as part of, according to Aleksandr Solzhenytsen, "the world’s largest Holocaust"), were very much "radicals," "rebels" & "dissidents," so were Hitler's thugs "radical outsiders" & "rebels" just before they each gained power.

Oddly enough, historically, "dissidents turned tyrants" has been the rule, rather than the exception.

What are they NOT teaching in history now-a-days?

More Ironic Irony...

Image result for CNN sued by black employees

CNN perhaps the most racially polarizing and rabidly anti-white network, the station that played a major role in pushing the bigoted anti-cop agenda of "Black Lives Matter," is being sued over racial discrimination by a number of its black employees. (

I'm not too surprised, as those who hate "their own kind," ultimately seem to hate EVERY "kind."

ALL it proves is that, "There's no bigot as vile as a self-hating one.


“Fake News” was born in Ferguson when the liberal media propagated the lie, “Hands up, Don’t shoot”  (Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke)

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...It goes all the way back to the 1930s when NY Times reporter Walter Duranty wrote about Stalin’s "Worker’s Paradise," from his Brooklyn abode, BUT this bit of fictional "news"...the idiotic mantra of, "Hands up, don't shoot" (which NEVER happened) is a good example of the latest version of "Official Fake News."

So WAIT! The Dems Want Blutto From "Animal House" to Run the DNC?

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"...Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

Well, he's a "Black Muslim," you know, so at least he's got THAT going for him! (

Friday, December 9, 2016

How POLARIZED Are We, Today?....

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Image result for james alefantis instagram

We even define "FAKE News" differently!

When I think of deliberately FALSE, MISLEADING and utterly "FAKE News," I think of Brian Williams’ whoppers about his heroism "under fire" in the Mideast, or Hillary Clinton's "Bosnian adventures," or Walter Duranty of the NY Times in the 1930s, writing about Stalin’s Soviet “Worker’s paradise,” from his Brooklyn home, a la Jayson Blair, doing essentially the same (writing reports “from Texas” in his New York domicile, OR the constant editorializing that goes on in virtually every "news" story put out by the NY Times, the Washington Post (WaPo), even the junior varsity NY Daily News, even the assault on a Coptic Christian film maker named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, whose short trailer (the full film "The Innocence of Muslims" was NEVER MADE) was scapegoated by this administration and a complicit FAKE News media (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, FNC, the NY Times, WaPo, etc.). The Nakoula video shown here on sites like YouTube is deliberately mistitled. The full movie INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS,NEVER existed, only this Trailer does ( The existing footage is a 13 minute "trailer" for a movie that was never made, and despite the American Left blaming all kinds of Islamic violence on it, the footage was neither known, nor viewed in Islamic countries before Benghazi.

Nakoula, whose work was wrongly blamed for touching off the Benghazi attack, today lives in obscurity and poverty, in a homeless shelter run by First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif. He’s served time in prison, been shamed publicly by the White House and threatened with death.

Although Obama and Clinton were later forced to acknowledge that the attack was an organized assault by Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, Nakoula was soon charged with eight counts of probation violation, jailed without bail and deemed a “danger to the community.”

Nakoula had previously been convicted of charges relating to bank and credit fraud, and federal prosecutors found his use of the Internet to post the video violated his terms of probation.
Nakoula, who is in his late fifties and has been in the U.S since 1984, declined to elaborate on his post-jail experiences, but said he plans to write a book about his ordeal.

ALL of those are examples of officially sanctioned, deliberately FALSE and MISLEADING "fake news," by outlets that have specialized in filtering the facts about actual events, lying about statistics (ie. violent crime stats) that DON'T say what they claim, even staging fake news events.

So, I was shocked (I KNOW, I shouldn't be) that what our Leftist political-media class is calling "fake news" are reports on massive voter irregularities (much of it goes beyond actual individual "voter fraud") in places like MI ( and WI (, which is probably why PA quickly shut down its recount before it got started, or the "Pizzagate" stories (

Interestingly enough, contrary to many reports the Pizzagate story DID NOT come from WikiLeaks, it came right off of Anthony Weiner's laptop, the content of which is STILL being investigated.

To fight for stricter content regulation on the internet, the networks have brought out their BIG guns, most notably, a faked news comic (our major media’s “The Onion” ripoff), turned late night TV host (Stephen Colbert:

Apparently, our “officially” fake news major media want us to believe that the Pizzagate allegations are so absurd on their face that they have to be false. As in, who ever heard of a pizza parlor being used as a front for high profile pedophiles linked to high-level government positions?

EXCEPT that the SAME fake media DID report on exactly THAT type of absurd allegation (a Savings & Loan CEO running a child-staffed brothel for high-level politicians, etc.) back in 1989, when Tom Brokaw reported on the infamous “Franklin Scandal” ( or was THAT “fake news” too?

Nebraska State Senator, John DeCamp’s 2011 book The Franklin Cover-Up ( is, by all accounts, an even more bizarre tale than "Pizzagate" seems to be. The Franklin Scandal revolved around a Nebraska Savings and Loan run by Lawrence King, who allegedly, according to reports DeCamp complied from alleged victims, provided child-escorts/prostitutes from Boys and Girls Town to high ranking government officials for pedophile parties and Satanic rituals. How weird does that sound?! An English film did an excellent documentary on this that was supposed to have aired on Discovery Channel, but never made to airing. It’s here (

Certainly the Franklin scandal was a LOT weirder and wilder than "Pizzagate" least, so far. (See DeCamp’s interview:

BUT "Pizzagate" is being fronted for an assault on reports and opinions that our Leftist major media and their political allies don’t much like. Hillary Clinton has breathlessly claimed, “Lives are at stake” over the "false allegations" of Pizzagate ( AND the owner of Comet Pizza (the establishment alleged to be the center of all this, James Alefantis has given interviews that seem mostly policy suggestions, citing the Pizzagate allegations as a reason why “fake news must be shut down.” He also wants laws past that would allow anyone who reposts his public Instagram posts to be prosecuted. A brief note to James Alefantis;

[“OK stupid, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts are the electronic equivalent of billboards, or more like handmade signs posted along PUBLIC highway. People posting these things in a public space have no “expectation of privacy” related to those posts. They CAN legally be reposted, just as anyone can ripoff your cleverly worded road sign because it’s public domain.”]

Alefantis has called his attackers, “conspiracy theorist, white nationalists, made up largely of racist, homophobic individuals who loosely tie together theories without trying to get at the truth.” (

OK, so maybe "Pizzagate" would sound too bizarre to be seriously considered, IF it were a "one off," that is a single, solitary charge, but given that it's but one more among a slew of such allegations, like the Franklin scandal, the Westminster and Belgian scandals, it's hardly a shocking set of allegations.

After all, Britain was recently rocked by its own political-class pedophile ring when a Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Dickens, originally handed a dossier on pedophiles, allegedly associated with the British government, to then Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, back in 1984. The whereabouts of the dossier is unknown, along with other files on organized child abuse that had been held by the Home Office.

In 2013, the Home Office stated that all relevant information had been passed to the police, and that Dickens' dossier had not been retained. It was later disclosed that 114 documents concerning child abuse allegations were missing. In July 2014, the Labour Party called for a new inquiry into the way that the allegations had been handled, and Prime Minister David Cameron ordered the permanent secretary of the Home Office, Mark Sedwill, to investigate the circumstances of the lost dossier.

On July 7th, 2014, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced a review into the handling of historic child abuse allegations, to be led by Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC, and the establishment of a public panel inquiry into the duty of care taken in the protection of children from paedophiles by British public institutions, led by an independent panel of experts and chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss. Butler-Sloss later stood down as chair of the inquiry. On September 5th, 2014, it was announced that it would instead be chaired by Fiona Woolf but on October 31st, 2014 she, too, resigned from the role. On February 4th, 2015 it was announced that the inquiry would be chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard, a New Zealand High Court judge. The existing panel would be disbanded, and the inquiry would be given new powers. (

Australia’s 60 Minutes ran a report on this in July of 2015 (

Even more recently England has been rocked by a pedophile ring comprised of Muslim immigrants in Rotherham. Authorities there claim it was “swept under the rug” out of fear by the investigators of being labeled “racists,” when in fact, the actual reason why it was covered up was that British authorities did not want this kind of publicity to bolster the already growing BREXIT support...too little, too late from that standpoint. (

AND finally, isn’t it odd that the criminal enterprises of former Bear Sterns financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his "Lolita Express" are mainstream knowledge, yet the public remains largely oblivious of the widely published, sordid details.

Bill Clinton’s name shows up on flight logs from Epstein's private jet at least 26 times; the same jet he used to procure child victims as young as 12 to entertain celebrities and billionaires on his 72 acre island called "Little Saint James".

The fact that Donald Trump was also close friends with Epstein should raise some eyebrows. It’s interesting, perhaps VERY interesting that our mainstream media attacked Trump on every conceivable issue EXCEPT for pursuing any kind of Trump/Epstein angle.

Where is the vast federal investigation into the people who frequented Epstein's wretched parties?

There is none, and Epstein, though convicted of molesting a 14 year old girl and selling her into prostitution, was only slapped on the wrist with a 13 month sentence.

Accusations of pedophilia seem to follow the globalists and elitist politicians wherever they go. Westminster, Brussels (, the Franklin Cover-Up, and now, depending on what comes of the Weiner laptop investigation, perhaps “Pizzagate.”

Here’s the real problem with the official purveyors of FAKE News’ attack on non-sanctioned “fake news,” in cases like “Pizzagate,” there’s no indication that it’s fake...or not. We simply DO NOT have enough information, unlike, say the absolute FAKE news story about Mr. Nakoula’s 12 minute Trailer for a non-existent film being responsible for the Benghazi attacks. We KNOW that that is “FAKE News,” we just don’t know enough about James Alefantis, Comet Pizza and “Pizzagate.”

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THIS is Probably the DUMBEST Shit I’ve Ever Come Across

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Stephanie Land

Headlined; “Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner” (…/trumps-election-stole-my…/…
) this pathetic loser, Stephanie Land, blames Trump for “ruining her dating life.”

I haven’t heard anything this crazy since when I was five and my 3 y/o brother launched a turd into my cereal bowl, all over my Cheerios and in between two ripe strawberries...and since I didn’t want to blame my Mom’s latest (and favorite) arrival, I shouted...“Bozo the Clown used my cereal bowl for a toilet!”

Yeah, you probably guessed it, I got my ass beat anyway.

But seriously unlike this dumb millennial, “Bozo the goddamned Clown” REALLY DID ruin my childhood...AND I didn't hold a grudge, or anything....well, except that I DID murder about two dozen birthday clowns (I mean who really counts at a time like that) awhile back. BUT, (1) I was pretty drunk at the time and (2) I was really, REALLY young (like 24)...and (3) I did make it all look like an accident, so I think that doesn't really count. Oh, and just for the record, there's nothing sadder than a real bad clown-car accident. You know,the blood mixing with all that clown makeup, all those misshapen bulbous red noses, big broken clown shoes all over the road. It's enough to give anyone the willies.

Anyway, ALL better now! (No, just kidding...I'm not all better)

At any rate, here’s how this demented woman describes her reaction to the election, “Once it was clear that Donald Trump would be president instead of Hillary Clinton, I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to gather my children in bed with me and cling to them like we would if thunder and lightning were raging outside, with winds high enough that the(y) power might go out. The world felt that precarious to me.”

What a diiiiick!

Seriously, that is some unbridled and unmitigated (whatever the hell that means) batshit craziness right there...and unless I miss my guess, it’s pretty much open season on the mentally/emotionally ill.

Seriously, as whimsically whacky as Donald Trump might be, I can’t help but think we dodged a major bullet by NOT electing one of the world’s most corrupt kleptocrats...and that covers a LOT of ground.

At worst we had a choice between a rat and a snake...and this dolt chose...yup, SNAKE!

As they say in Brooklyn, “Goilfrawnd Puhleeez! I ain’t wakin’ up wid no cobra perched in my bed...I’ll take da rat, tankyou!”

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t be making fun of the emotionally stunted and intellectually crippled, right?

Wait a minute! Who am I kidding? I must’ve been looking in the wrong mirror just now, cause I always make fun of dipshits like this. Some guys like to schmooze and comfort them...and yeah fuck’em, but I prefer to keep such emotionally volatile people at a safe I mock and make fun.

If they STILL insist on getting close, I immediately switch gears and resort to violence...and NOT any kind of “in your face,” heroic “High Noon” kind of violence, NO, I specialize in the sneaky, slimey, kind of scumbag violence that you never see coming, partly because I’m a paranoid schizophrenic and partly because...well, I’m generally much too lazy for the other kind, but mostly it’s because I’m a paranoid schizophrenic, at least according to Dr. Phillip Lachsky, although I have my doubts about that shitbird’s sanity.

At any rate, enough about me, as they say (I DON’T say it, THEY do) the problem with idiots like Stephanie Land is that this moronic attitude is what begets THIS (…/ethics-professor-university-te…

A University of Texas-Austin ethics professor named Daniel Bonevac, has taught a course called 'Contemporary Moral Problems' for nearly 30 years and now says that it’s become nearly impossible for him to teach the course because of a small number of students actively attempting to stifle any discussion of “unpleasant topics.”

Bonevac said it’s generally not his own students that do so, but that a small, well organized group of "people outside the class" do not want and will not tolerate open discussions and debates on certain topics to occur.

Professor Bonevac has said that, "Certain issues [have become such] hot potatoes, that as soon as a controversial topic comes up without an approved politically correct opinion, students turn off," he said.

Bonevac discussed the fear of debate on a larger scale, in that there is apparently a trend toward stifling debate of topics the younger generation finds controversial.

That seems to be a very real fear given there are so many people that are so spoiled and so devoid of reason that they’re too fragile to even deal with uncomfortable FACTS.

Hmmmm...I’m beginning to change my view on euthanasia...only it seems we should start with the young!
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