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The NFL Protests...And the Retort

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NFL Protests...Last YEAR, and THIS Year

I heard some of Stephen A Smith's radio show earlier today, he was RIGHT that, "Few players got behind Colin Kaepernik when he first knelt...they didn't want to have anything to do with it."

He was also RIGHT that there are TWO separate protests, Kaepernik's protest against his perceived "black oppression" and the NFL's and its ownership's protests AGAINST Trump, as THAT was what last week's protests were all about.

He was 100% WRONG that, "Whites commit as many heinous crimes as blacks, but we don't talk about that." (more on that later)

He was MOSTLY WRONG that, "The protest had nothing to do with the flag, or the National Anthem."

They WERE initiated as a protest against "black oppression" and "Police brutality," BUT the flag & the Anthem were critical to it, as Kaepernik made clear, "I will not respect a country that doesn't respect black people."

This was always a dicey proposition for the NFL, an organization that controls EVERYTHING associated with it. It's banned American flag decals, 9/11 Memorial insignias, even fined Marshon Lynch for wearing a non-NFL approved cap during Super Bowl week interviews a few years back.

Trump's criticisms may have baited them into a massive mistake, but that on THEM. By doubling down on all this, this past weekend, the NFL now owns all of this.

What was once an annoyance is now a potential disaster.

Sponsors are getting skittish as Direct TV offers refunds for those looking to drop NFL Red Zone. NFL ticket sales are down a reported 18%..."REPORTED" is the operative word there.

The NFL and the players have no easy way to "walk back from this," short of finding some event, real, or imagined, that they can construe as a signal of racial progress and declare victory.

That too, is a dicey proposition and something like that would have to be well calculated and very well orchestrated.

Green Bay's highly popular Aaron Rodgers sought to engage fans by having everyone link arms ahead of last night's game as a symbol of unity and that angered fans even more...with a clear majority seeing it as a call to capitulation, rather than compromise, or "coming together."

No, right now, the Nationalists among us, those of us who love "our America," are spoiling for this fight.
I think the NFL miscalculated badly on this.

This has morphed into something other than people standing up for what they believe in. The players, wittingly, or not threw down a gauntlet...and that challenge has stirred up a hornet's nest in response.

It does all come down to perception, or "interpretation." If you condition yourself to believe "racism is behind most of the things we don't like," then you'll see racism everywhere.

That becomes part of a crippling "victim's ethos" that some have found to be an easy path to free stuff.

The problem with "free stuff" is that it's not free. One of its costs is an internalized feeling of entitlement. Another is a crippling, internalized stigma that leads that person to believe that they can't compete...can't get ahead without that crutch.

That's why affirmative-action has produced few super-successes, and geniuses.

Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson (they all got into College BEFORE 1970, ahead of Affirmative Action's preferences, which began in earnest in 1971) all had grades that would get anyone into College. They were, by ALL accounts, exceptional students.

Most of the real recipients of affirmative-action wind up placed in environments their grades wouldn't have gotten them into (the guy who'd have done well at Syracuse is admitted to MIT) and crushed by disappointment.

The The idea that people of African descent are unable to compete equally with any other group is not only bogus, but malicious.

So the NFL now owns these protests, begun by Colin Kaepernik over perceived "black oppression."

Here is my retort;

"Oppression? As in a half century of segregated standards called Affirmative Action?

"The ponderous price of that privelege is unfathomable, moreover it's been received without a drop of gratitude. It's accepted as "expected," when the U.S. and the UK are the only two nations on earth ever to embark on such an ill-conceived program to "improve race relations."

"Ironically enough, that is in keeping with the West (England, France and the U.S) being among the first nations in the world to ban chattel slavery, STILL rife in the Muslim Mideast, throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and in large tracts of Asia.

"The U.S. banned the importation of slaves in 1805 (look it up)...some 200 years and counting ahead of much of the rest of the world.

"We're tired of this talk of "oppression," in the midst of one of the more generous social welfare programs/social safety nets in the world, in the midst of a virtually singular, on the globe, program of, what the Brits less euphemistically call, Positive Discrimination (discrimination against whites and Asians).

"We're tired of complaints about failing schools, when, in dozens of instances around the country once "failing schools" when they had an overwhelmingly black clientele, have become, virtually overnight, with the SAME buildings, books and teachers, "high performing schools" when those same areas become predominantly Asian.

"NO...there is no "black oppression." The truth is, the majority of African-Americans who've supported this meme are, wittingly, or not, part of that cadre of anti-Americans, led by far-Left whites, who really have no concern at all for blacks.

"If anything, it has been the "black underclass" that has been allowed to victimize/oppress poorer Asians and whites.

"Since 1976, African-Americans have committed over 50% of all the homicides nationwide! THAT is a staggering statistic...easily verified with the FBI's violent crime stats online. That’s why homicide is the leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 16 & 36. Homicide is NOT in the top five causes of death for that age range in any other group.

"Colin Kaepernik referenced BLM (Black Lives Matter), a movement based on a LIE ("Hands up, don't shoot") and one that has continually championed thugs, who've attacked Police as part of their anti-cop and yes...anti-white social agenda.

"So, YES, we reject BLM, we reject its lies. We reject Colin Kaepernik's message, made clear with his "cops/pigs" socks and Che Guevara tee shirts...and YES, we reject the NFL for endorsing these fundamentally anti-American protests, when they've previously barred players from wearing American flag decals, or 9/11 insignias on their uniforms.

"THIS is where all the visceral anger you're seeing comes from.

"THIS is a losing proposition for all those supporting the protests over this false meme.

"Oddly enough...and for better, or worse, THIS issue plays GREAT for Bannon and Trump, as 2018 approaches, allowing them to frame Nationaism as "pro-American" and globalism/One Worldism as "anti-American" have at it."

More Proof You Can Say ANYTHING You Want...BUT You're NOT Protected From Consequences...

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San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich

At a press conference the other day, San Antonio Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich said, "America is an embarrassment in the world."

He had a 1st Amendment right to say that.

Of course speech/expression does come with consequences.

A Marine Vet who owns a large construction company was so incensed that he immediately returned $2 million in Holt-Cat equipment. The Spurs CEO owns and runs the large construction vehicle manufacturer: Holt-Cat.

That company owner then posted this; “After hearing Greg Popovich say that this country is an embarrassment, I finally decided enough was enough with the Spurs Organization. As a project manager for one of the largest excavation companies in Texas, I’m pretty sure I just ruined the Holt-Cat salesman’s day when I told him we were returning all of our rental and lease equipment until Popovich decides to apologize. I also have many contacts that are stopping operations with Holt-Cat. It’s probably not the best idea to piss off an entire industry that you rely upon to pay your players and coaches salaries.”

BOTH Popovich and the Marine Vet have a 1st Amendment right to free expression...and both utilized it.

Just WHAT is in That Kool Aid?

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MSNBC's Joy Reid

You've GOT to be kidding!

Did Joy Reid think this idiocy up herself...or did MSNBC's writers just sh*t this onto the teleprompter? (

How can you even deliver an opinion like this with a straight face?

Initially, one disgruntled NFL player knelt during the National Anthem in support of the false BLM meme, that "America is rife with Police racism and hatred for non-whites."

The NFL which has previously barred American flag decals, 9/11 Memorial insignias, even fined Marshon Lynch for wearing a non-NFL approved cap during Super Bowl week interviews, has tacitly endorsed this protest.

All of THIS belongs to the NFL now.

The players have NO 1st Amendment right to protest at work. No worker does. The employer has a right to set rules barring any political, religious, etc. speech, in the workplace.

The NFL hasn't taken a stand against players violating one of their rules, so THEY own it now.

Likewise, fans who don't much like the disrespect, have every right to protest via boycotts.

Is insanity a prerequisite for working at MSNBC?

Afterall, her predecessor, Melissa Harris-Perry, was also unhinged (…/melissa-harris-perry-dons-tam…/amp/
)...and the certifiable Keith Olbermann is, I believe, broadcasting from the 6th floor of Bellvue now-a-days with a guy who claims to be Napoleon Bonaparte serving as his producer.

Russian Trolls?

Since last November, we've been told of "Russian trolls posting fake news online. Some blame that for Clinton's loss."

Uhhhh nope, I think Bill Burr nails it here (

That said, there's little question that there was an organized fake news campaign used in 2016.


There's little evidence it had ANY appreciable effect on that election's outcome.

Hillary Clinton lost because of the two highly obnoxious candidates, she was far and away the most obnoxious, inept and corrupt of the two.

As Bill Burr noted, this loss "was ALL on her"!

However, there are indeed fake news outlets, and some even sound remotely, dare I say....Russian.

One such site is named
 (yes, with a second s), also known as "American President Donald J. Trump", which seems to be the newest domain name used by a site once known as
 but which has also gone under following names according to online sources:

 (that name can still be seen in the header)

The site has made a habit out of posting fake celebrity quotes and then asking their readers if they "support this" or if the celebrity in question should be arrested, deported or what have you. Often the posts contain errors in basic English, for example by asking if visitors "agree him" or if they "support deport of them".

The site has attributed a similar quote to various other celebrities, using almost the same headline (and not even noticing that Kevin Spacey and Blake Shelton are men):

Emma Stone to Jennifer Lawrence: "That's good idea, I will use American flag as toilet paper too. I'm proud of you Jennifer. Everything about America is disgusting."

Blake Shelton; "I Swear That American Flag Is My Toilet Paper, I Hate Everything About This Country". Would You Support Deport Of Her?

Kevin Spacey: "I Swear That American Flag Is My Toilet Paper, I Hate Everything About This Country". Would You Support Deport Of Her?

Jeniffer Lawrence: "I Swear That American Flag Is My Toilet Paper, I Hate Everything About This Country". Would You Support Deport Of Her?

Look, I'm no fan of our "news" and "entertainment" media, BUT I can't condone lying about people, or putting false words in their mouths.

As a general rule, of you can't substantiate a quote, or claim with additional sources, it's probably bogus.

THIS sort of activity should be criminalized as slander/libel and severely punished.
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