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How Dishonest is Our Media?

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James Allen Muhammad (L) and Lee Boyd Malvo (R)

“By creepy coincidence, the book arrived in the mail just as Washington had a real-life "shotgun stalker" on the loose, driving around shooting people in the head.

"Hunter," the novel, begins with a guy named Oscar Yeager cruising Washington area parking lots with a rifle by his side, looking for people to shoot in the head. He has a talent for this. Six shootings, 12 victims, in 22 days. The cops are clueless.

“But this fictional drive-by killer is quite different from the man D.C. police eventually arrested. The real-life suspect is black, and police believe he chose his targets randomly.(

With that last highlighted sentence, that’s how the Washington Post’s David Mills described “the D.C. Sniper,” John Allen Muhammad back in 1993.

Only the Police DIDN’T think John Allen Muhammad “picked his victims randomly.” In fact, early on John Muhammad’s accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo told Police that, “Muhammad, was driven by a hatred of America because of its "slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy" and his belief that "the white man is the devil." Malvo said that John Mohammad planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days and went on to say that Muhammad had said: "We are going to go to the Washington DC area and we are going to terrorize these people."  (

For those who control our media, “It doesn’t matter what the truth is, but who controls how the story gets told.”

The WaPo and the rest of the media KNEW John Allen Muhammad’s motives early on...and found them inconvenient, so they changed them.

America’s media ISN’T a free press it’s an agenda-driven propaganda machine.

Predators and prey. IF you trust America’s media, you’re among the latter.

James Woods is a FREE SPEECH Warrior!

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James Woods

Last weekend, actor and Conservative activist, James Woods got in a battle with an anonymous Twitterer, or so that anonymous troll thought. (

It began when a Twitter user @mattejacob — sent out a tweet to @realjameswoods saying "If I see you in the street I will hit you over the head with a 2 X 4." James Woods didn't mince words about what was about to happen to the goofball.

You are not going to have to wait to see me in the street. Your life just changed forever.

That’s when James Woods let him know how things would go down.

See the difference between me and some people is that when you threaten me, I'm in your life until you die. I never stop. Ever. #terminator … didn't take very long for Woods to ferret out the identity of "anonymous."

The guy threatens to bash my head in on @Twitter and then links to his @Instagram account with his bike with his license plates. #Idiot …

And in case you were wondering whether it was some 13-year-old punk, wasn't. It was a much older punk.

Wouldn’t it be funny if he turned out to be a government employee, Antifa supporter? There ARE too many of them around now-a-days.

And by the way he is not a kid. He closed his account, but...

So Woods reported the threatening troll to the police, pointing out the relevant laws he had broken.

I have been advised to keep the light on my stalker #MatthewEJacob as a way of inhibiting his acting on his threats. Here is relevant CA law

THIS is something many more people should do. DON’T exchange threats, REPORT those who cross the line. Same with aggressive drivers, DON’T react, REPORT! NY has a 311 hotline and New Jersey has #77 specifically for reporting aggressive drivers.

Most social media platforms have buttons to report such comments, but illegal (threatening) ones should also be reported to the authorities for action.

James Woods is a free speech warrior!

The AGE of Cynicism - They're Only in it For The Money

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Jason Kessler

We live in one of the most soulless, cynical ages in man's history. The truth is out there, but most of us don't want to believe, or can't accept the truth as "real."

Often when such truth is revealed, we dismiss it as, "He was just a musician, what did he know," or "That was just a comedy bit." (It WASN'T)

In College I had an incredibly opportunistic, to the point of being misanthropic roommate. He’d often boast of having gone to the College library to remove articles assigned by the Professors in his classes, so that others wouldn’t have easy access to them.

His view was, “This is a competition. The goal ISN’T ‘helping each other learn,’ it’s beating the other guy, just like everything else in life.”

Initially I didn’t like him, although I’ll admit he was merely “an acquired taste,” much like say, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O’Reilly, people who truly speak the inconvenient truths of life. Such people are indeed predators, BUT at the least they’re honest and upfront about it.

The BEST/most successful predators among us pretend to support “humanism,” while preying on the dumb and vulnerable.

In College this fellow started a minor cult, garnering at most, between 20 and 25 members, but he had connections and targeted people who had some means. Of course, the cult was ultimately a ripoff and he was sued by many former members, but he’d covered himself in that era’s much looser laws concerning “religious/spiritual institutions.” He had family members who were attorneys and they helped him make sure his scam fit those guidelines.

Right after College, he started what amounted to a Ponzi Scheme, multi-level marketing scam and DID do some time for that...but also made far more cash than he was ever required to repay.

When he got out, he changed his name and persona and briefly dabbled as a “spiritual guide” for the neuveau riche. Apparently that wasn’t lucrative enough, so he followed that up by starting an environmental group. It is today, a fairly visible one.

I ran into him a while after he’d started that environmentalist group and was perplexed that someone I’d known to be a committed misanthrope, who always reviled the people “dumb enough to believe him,” could have such a change of heart.

Well, turns out, he hadn’t. As he related to me, “Basically I, and other such environmentalist leaders function as paid lobbyists for BIG Energy. We collect donations, mostly from poor and working people to, in effect, lobby FOR higher energy prices for those same dopes, and bigger profits for BIG Energy. Yup, he still hated "the rubes." His claim that other such groups function in the SAME way is backed up by Tim Carney’s research published in a book entitled “The Big Ripoof” ( It’s a fascinating read.

Here’s the sad fact of life that all our institutions look to deny and hide from us. Life’s about PREDATORS & PREY...YOU are either one...or the other.

It’s like some of those TV Nature Shows, the ones depicting the interactions between Crocodiles and Zebras, or Lions and Gazelles.

And so it is with humans, some of us graze peacefully, others prefer to eat meat...or prey.

I left religion early, in my case, the Roman Catholic Church. When I was a kid the Masses were still said in Latin. I didn’t understand Latin and they didn’t teach it in school, so in Church, I spent an hour daydreaming.

That was supposed to be a “sin against God,” but I couldn’t help it. The harder I tried to resist daydreaming, the quicker they overpowered me.

Anyway, at age 11, I asked my Dad if I could just stop going. He asked, “You don’t get anything out of it,” and I replied, “Nah, I just daydream the whole time.” He just shook his head and said, “Then you probably shouldn’t go.”

Now, to be honest, I DID go when school required it, or for Funerals, Weddings, stuff like that, but I stopped going to regular services and stopped believing in that religion and in things like Limbo (the place where allegedly unbaptized infants go...instead of Hell), or that unbelievers, even those who’d never heard of the Bible of Catholicism, are doomed to Hell.

But it wasn’t until I read Friedrich Nietzsche’s “The AntiChrist” that I questioned the religious underpinnings of morality itself. Before that, I'd never questioned the sanctity of all life, nor whether or not Charity was a virtue.

I went through an extremely anti-social period for a while in questioning all that.

As time went on, I began to wonder why I had a much rougher time liking, even dealing with confirmed atheists than I did with believers. What I found is that I took issue with the fact that virtually all the atheists I've met have refused to acknowledge their own THEISM, or faith-based belief. As there is no proof of a “God,” there exists no evidence there isn’t.

The absence of proof DOES NOT constitute “evidence.”

That’s probably why most atheists are Leftists, they can’t do the math. That is, they don’t understand things like an absence of proof NOT being evidence, in and of itself.

What I found is that few, VERY FEW people give up religion without replacing it with another faith-based belief system. If you believe in manmade climate change, but don’t understand the studies, or deride those many scientists who dissent, YOU are an environmental theist.

If you believe in “Socialism” and that the Command Economy CAN work,” despite the USSR, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and today’s Venezuela, then YOU are a Socialist theist.

Most people NEED something to believe in, so IF they give up one belief system, they quickly replace it with a new one that they naively convince themselves is “rooted in science,” or “logic,” even if they don’t really understand any of the science, nor what data supports the ideas they choose to believe in. THAT’S faith-based belief!

The message of ALL Religions is; "It’s better to be a virtuous poor man than an immoral rich one." School teaches us pretty much the same thing. Interestingly enough, THAT TOO, is the message of Socialism and modern-day Environmentalism. In that way, ALL those belief systems make being PREY seem noble and virtuous. They also sell BOOKS (Bibles, Torahs and Korans, etc.) So do modern “hate groups”...and HATE sells...on ALL sides.

The world’s belief systems create food, or prey for the predators because those belief systems themselves have been created and moved forward by...predators.

How does HATE fit into all this?

Like virtually all human groupings, hate groups are led by predators, people who merchandise hate/belief. There is NO DIFFERENCE between any form of hatred.

In reality both the NOI (Farrakhan's Nation of Islam) and the Black Israelites ("The REAL Jews Are Black" crowd
are as anti-Jewish, if not more so than our so-called Nazis.

The leadership of such groups are comprised of predators, people who may, or may not hold any of the beliefs those groups espouse and certainly little of the passion that their devotees exhibit, but they are focused on ONE thing...making money. SELLING books, selling ideas, speeches, memberships, etc. They fund-raise, they spend the bulk of their energies “ripping off the rubes,” the simpleton believers who provide the passion AND the cannon fodder that keeps such groups going. The “rubes,” the prey, buy the books, pay the membership fees, help with the fund raising, and commit the crimes...and go to jail.

And for those dolts who “don’t consider BLM” a “hate group, THESE are their true core beliefs;…/blm-activist-says-white-people-do…/
 that should be enough, but there’s lots more, just ask.

How bogus are most of today’s racial hate groups? Hell, consider that America's Nazis now include Hispanic and gay members. How crazy is that? I mean that people from such groups would actually join such a group?

YET here's an example of an honest to goodness New York City "Nazi" (

“The Turner Diaries”, which has become a Bible to the Nazi movement, was brilliant marketing by William Luther Pierce/"Andrew MacDonald." He sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his self-published book, mostly through networking various hate groups. William Luther Pierce never committed any violence himself, but he became an icon (as Andrew MacDonald)...and made quite a bit of money selling a mediocre book with virtually no marketing expenditure, save his own time.

Worst STILL is that these hate group predators have a witting, or unwitting ally in our MEDIA and I don’t mean just fellow Leftists like Jason Kessler, but others from Farrakhan to David Duke. Our media personalities are obsessed with hate. Jake Tapper of CNN linked to David Duke videos numerous times and exhorted viewers to go to Duke’s website, on which Duke delivered the EXACT opposite message (that he "DID NOT support Trump"), then Tapper claimed. Why would Jake Tapper do that, except to bring more viewers to David Duke? So, it appears that our media is also comprised MOSTLY of prey (true believers), although I’m not nearly as sympathetic to the managers, editors and owners. I'm not even sure about the on-air personalities, like Tapper, Matthews, and others, but they COULD just be dumb enough to be "believers."

To date, MOST of this current (2017) racial lunacy is, in fact, media driven...and, funny story, our media is owned and run by the "global financial elite," a group in which some of the most hardcore racists on earth, comfortably exist...even hold sway. Even many in our political class, are and I’m NOT just pointing to Prescott Bush/Scherff (R-CT) (…/esp_sociopol_bush19.htm)
and Averell Harriman (D-NY) who had their bank (The Union Bank of New York) shuttered under the “Trading With the Enemies Act,” for their intimate dealings with Fritz Thyssen (“Hitler’s Banker”), but Nancy Pelosi’s family. Her Dad dedicated Confederate Statues (…/).

The sad thing is that so many of the rubes...the prey, don’t even know who their own enemies really are!

When you think about that, it’s actually kind of amusing.

The "leader" of the "Unite the Right," Jason Kessler, was an Obama supporter and a member of the far-Left Occupy movement until November, 2016. (…/report-splc-charlottesville-r…/amp/).
Charlottesville seems so staged that it looks very much like a "Made for TV" riot.

A recent article from Business Insider quoted a Conservative source, "Just did some digging and I found out that this little f--k (Jason Kessler) was a leftist operative until when? You guessed it - November 2016," wrote a commenter on the pro-Trump reddit group /r/The_Donald.

" 'Unite the Right' is a Soros-funded honeypot psyop that employs the 'Pied Piper' strategy to damage the Republican brand by insinuating that Antifa goons disguised as Nazis represent the views of the entire Right Wing in America," wrote another commenter." (…/who-is-jason-kessler-unite-the-rig…)

I see Charlottesville virtually entirely as a Soros/McAulife inspired, media-driven event. Some say that Kessler was actively working with the likes of George Soros, Terry McAullife and others to smear the “Right” in Charlottesville by seeking to forge a link between Conservatives and Nazis, Trump-supporters and Nazis, etc., but others who know him, claim that he saw the Occupy Movement waning and wanted...“NEEDED” a new outlet, so he reinvented himself as a white supremacist. Either way, Kessler, like McAuliffe, like Obama, like Hillary and the Bush’s, among many others, was an opportunist FIRST (a predator) who uses others, true believers (prey) for their own selfish ends.

PREDATORS and PREY. If you’re NOT a predator (taking advantage of “believers” and idealists”) then you’re most likely PREY...especially if you're a "JOINER”/ “Believer."

Religion is wrong, ALL religions! It’s far better be an immoral rich man, then a virtuous poor one.

If you’re going to believe in anything and wish to live a prosperous life...believe that.
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