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Own It!

FDNY recruit failed her way into $81,000 desk job
FF Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder

Today’s New York Post has the following article, “FDNY Recruit Failed Her Way Into $81,760/Year Desk Job” ( In it, the author noted, “A year ago, a classmate called Doirin-Holder “the most pathetic specimen of physical fitness I’ve ever seen,” saying she failed to run a required 1.5 miles in 12 minutes, stopping to walk, and got winded walking up stairs.

“Doirin-Holder gets top firefighter pay, a base $76,488 after five years, because she is one of 282 “priority hires” who Brooklyn federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered must get preference.

“Two other female priority hires in Doirin-Holder’s first academy class, now ages 41 and 44, did well, sources said.”

The FDNY and the City of New York have recently gone apoplectic over such “leaks,” but WHY?!

First, supporters of the view that the existing physical and cognitive standards for the FDNY are “arbitrarily and unnecessarily too high,” SHOULD BE happy to defend that view and use such cases as examples of BOTH their compassion and their ongoing dedication to inclusiveness even in cases where some recruits don’t quite measure up to the existing (“arbitrarily and unnecessarily high”) standards, as these standards are ultimately altered.

There is a large constituency in New York City that is predisposed to support that view, and the administration and FDNY does themselves and that constituency a disservice by refusing to proudly and openly advocate for that position. ALL such instances SHOULD BE seen as "teachable moments," where the case for NEW and DIFFERENT standards can be made to those who are skeptical, reluctant to accept change and suspicious of government's motives due to the furtive actions of previous administrations.

In my view, the ONLY thing that could mar such an agenda would be some kind of double standard, for instance holding some recruits to an “arbitrarily and unnecessarily high” bar relative to others.

After all, it wasn’t white, male firefighters nor certainly any present day white, male candidates who created those existing standards, DCAS (the Department of Civil and Administrative Services) created ALL the previous written and physical exams with precious little (if any) input from the FDNY...NONE, I dare say, from the rank and file.

Look, whether the proponents for lowering the existing physical and cognitive standards are eventually proven right or wrong, is ultimately immaterial, what’s important, at least in terms of respecting those ideals is “owning it.” Stepping up and at EVERY turn defending the view that traditional standards were unnecessarily and all too often arbitrarily high and that newer, less stringent standards are both necessary for greater inclusiveness, without jeopardizing the quality of the workforce.

In THAT regard the “leakers” SHOULD BE seen as co-advocates, helping to highlight the “New, More OPEN FDNY,” instead of as pariahs.

Even if many of those in the administration don’t much like “the cut of their critic's jibs,” at least "take care of them" (ie. put them out on 9/11 related PTSD pensions)...the “gift that keeps on giving.”

And it's NOT AS IF the city hasn't "cashed out" numerous "misfits and malcontents" before, it's been pretty much routine, just ask anyone who's worked over 10 years in the FDNY.

"Taking care of" these critics would be a boom to the city in a number of ways 
 - for one thing, such a solution would undermine the credibility of such "critics" going forward AND, what's more, it costs the city NOTHING (the feds pick up that extra quarter), while making them appear far less petty and mean-spirited.

It's a "WIN-WIN-WIN!"

After all, these "critics" have actually afforded the proponents of these policies a chance to advance and defend those policies.

AND that’s a gift that’s worth its weight in GOLD!

A Closer Look at Brian Encinia’s Arrest of Sandara Bland

Image result for Brian Encinia
Brian Encinia                    Sandra Bland

There’s new dashcam video from the arrst of Sandra Bland in Prairie View, Texas ( and it doesn’t much help Officer Brian Encinia, although nothing much can be done to make that incident look any better.

Encinia told other officers that he “tried to de-escalate the situation,” but that it didn’t work.

THAT appears to be a lie...or at least a mis-statement. When Brian Encinia demanded that Sandra Bland extinguish her cigarette in her own car, he was actually ESCALATING that situation and that order was illegal, or at least UNLAWFUL, as Ms. Bland had every right to smoke (it’s LEGAL) in her own car, no matter how much Officer Encinia may not have liked her smoking.

This is the full dashcam video of Brian Encinia’s arrest of Sandra Bland ( and here is a minute and a half of cell phone video shot of the encounter (

He also illegally/unlawfully demanded that a by-passer cease filming the encounter. The courts have ruled numerous times that citizens have a right to record interactions with police.

For the record, I'm a HUGE supporter of greatly INCREASED surveillance

During the encounter, Officer Encinia appears to deliberately escalate the situation, evolving from a traffic stop for a minor infraction, which he claims (in the audio of his own dashcam video) to have intended to give Ms. Bland a warning over, to what appears to be an unlawful arrest.

The answer to ALL of this is MORE surveillance, NOT less. The people have a RIGHT to know. They NOT ONLY have a right to know about police actions at a scene, but publicly accessible cameras SHOULD BE mandated in both prosecuting and defense attorney offices/quarters, in police stations and ALL government buildings.

People act more civilly when they KNOW, or even suspect that they’re being recorded. IF you’re in government and doing/saying things that you wouldn’t want the public to hear, that’s probably because what you’re doing or saying is illegitimate, possibly illegal...STOP IT!

NO ONE in GOVERNMENT should EVER be ALLOWED to ACT, or even deliberate in the shadows.

Prosecutors should especially come under such scrutiny. In numerous recent and not so recent cases it’s been shown that prosecutors have withheld evidence from defense attorneys. (1) That MUST be made grounds for an immediate disbarment and (2) it shows WHY surveillance cameras in such quarters is a necessity.

The answer is NEVER restricting public access to information, the ONLY answer is MORE public access, even and especially when such access forces people to explain and justify their actions. If you can’t justify your actions then they’re probably illicit and you are engaged in corrupt and almost certainly illegal activity...again, just STOP IT!

In my view, Officer Encinia’s actions were unprofessional at best, and at points illegal/unlawful (demanding that a citizen extinguish a cigarette and telling by-passers to cease recording the encounter). In my view Officer Encinia, the Prairie View Police Department and the township of Prairie View, TX. are all culpable in what appears to be a wrongful arrest. The courts SHOULD give Sandra Bland’s family the standing to take that action forward on her behalf.

Holding individual police officers accountable (1) serves to undermines any existing support for them within those Departments and Municipalities, as they cost them money and (2) undermines the code of silence that allows some rogue officers to routinely get away with arrogant illegality.

The important thing to remember is that the percentage of bad/incompetent doctors, attorneys, CEO’s is about the SAME as the percentage of bad/incompetent police officers...AND the answer to ALL of it is MORE surveillance, NOT LESS. Certain career paths are too critical to afford members privacy. A prosecutor’s office CANNOT be trusted to ensure that the defense gets all the available evidence, because all too often SOME of that evidence might prove exculpatory.

So, YES, police officers SHOULD be subject to more scrutiny (body cams, etc.), BUT so should a LOT of professions...perhaps MOST professions today.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chicago Belatedly Begins to Address the Horrific Effects of Segregated Standards/Race-Gender-Based Preferences

Image result for Mikva Commission
Chicago's Mikva Commission

Last Summer (August 18th, 2014) the Chicago Tribune’s Editors published an editorial calling for a return to merit based hiring for firefighters in that city. (

“Ten years ago this summer, Chicago debated preferential treatment for some firefighters. In the wake of a killer fire at an office building owned by Cook County, a commission headed by former federal Appellate Judge Abner Mikva not only criticized several Chicago Fire Department commanders, but implicitly questioned how they got their jobs. Mikva's panel essentially said the department had ill-prepared leaders battling a blaze in which six people needlessly died. Commission member and retired Judge Sheila Murphy said several of the fire officials "did not know what they were doing."

“This was treacherous ground, as members of the so-called Mikva Commission knew when they called for promotions based on competitive exams and merit. We wrote at the time that acrimony over preferences — be they driven by raw patronage, ethnic politics, City Hall clout or affirmative action — is frequently evident in this sharp-elbowed city, although not often calmly discussed.”

That editorial ended with this reasonable call, “Any of us, trapped in a smoke-choked stairwell, would have three questions on our minds: Is the person who's assigned to save my life the BEST firefighter the city of Chicago COULD hire? Is his or her boss the best-qualified commander? And can I trust that neither one will let me die?”

Nor is this an isolated incident, Philadelphia is STILL investigating the December 9th, 2014 fatal fire that killed firefighter Joyce Craig, the first female firefighter to die in a fire in that city.

Some have called that fire a “perfect storm of errors.” In that blaze, firefighter Craig was paired with an inexperienced young firefighter who’d reportedly struggled through the Fire Academy. That woman, sources said, is related to a highly placed member of Mayor Nutter's administration.

That firefighter, who has not been named because she hasn't been charged with any infractions, was immediately transferred to fire headquarters after Craig's death, according to reports

These aren’t isolated incidents, they are trends. Trends that result when well-intentioned people embrace the notion that basic cognitive and physical standards amount to mere “barriers to diversity.”

Black Confederate Flag Supporter Murdered?

Anthony Hervey
Anthony Hervey

That there are a LOT of historically ignorant people in America is proven every time some radio or TV show does a "Man on the street" interview. Listening to those, it seems very few Americans know much about their own history, the geography of the country they live in....or much else that's unrelated to our toxic celebrity culture.

Apparently many of them are blithely unaware of the fact that many freed blacks proudly fought for the Confederacy in what Walter E. Williams describes as "A war for Independence, that is wrongly called America's Civil War." (

Today there are STILL some academics who refuse to accept that very well-documented fact. (

That's problematic enough, but even worse is the current and ongoing tyranny of an ignorant minority, that's embodied in the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

(1) The very essence of the "Black Lives matter" campaign is racist to its core, especially in light of the fact that DESPITE a HUGE disparity in violent crime rates (blacks commit over 50% of the murders nationwide in the U.S. and are disproportionately represented in ALL other types of violent crime), far more whites than blacks are killed each year by police ( and (2) the focus on black deaths at the hands of police in the face of such disparate violent crime rates amounts to a blatant and disgusting anti-white bigotry in a nation that remains majority WHITE. Ironically enough, blacks, once 20% of the population and 13.2% as recently as 1985, are now 12% of America's population AND fully 1/3rd of those are African or Caribbean immigrants and their offspring! That drastic decline in historically black Americans is due to two main factors, (1) American-born blacks now account for 36% of all abortions nationwide and (2) homicide is the leading cause of death for African American males between the ages of 16 and 36. No other ethnic group in America has homicide among the top 5 causes of death for that age group!

Those are terrible stats that ONLY the members of that ethnic group can address

Now comes the story of Anthony Hervey, whose death is being investigated as a homicide after being allegedly run off the road after attending an event in support of the Confederate Battle Flag.

A passenger in that car, named Arlene Barnum, survived the ordeal and has now come forward ( with details about the incident.

That a culture based on accepted ignorance poses an extreme danger can readily be seen in ISIS' adoption of "Political Islam," (the Shariah-based society), the SAME kind of ignorance is being manufactured right here within the "Black Grievance Industry."

They BOTH must be confronted.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Martin O'Malley: Another Craven Left-wing Coward

Image result for O'Malley and TrumpImage result for O'Malley and Trump
Martin O'Malley CAVES.............Donald Trump DOESN'T

There's a lot of old saws that are generally all too true. Some go back to Elementary School; "No one likes a tattle tale." Others are just universal truths at ANY age; "No one respects a coward."

At a recent "Netroots Convention," Martin O'Malley made a perfectly neutral statement and one that is obviously true, "Black lives matter, white lives matter...ALL lives matter."

Apparently we're all supposed to believe that somehow O'Malley forgot where he was?


AS IF he didn't know that the "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) segment of the Netroots is peopled almost entirely by virulently anti-white bigots?

IF he didn't know that, he SHOULD'VE immediately walked off that stage and strongly condemned that blatant bigotry/racism, rather than cravenly court the "bigot vote."

Instead, in typical white-liberal/progressive style, Martin O'Malley disgraced himself and caved in...and promptly APOLOGIZED for offending the bigots in the audience!

“I meant no disrespect,” O’Malley said in a recent interview, “That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect. I did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.” (…/polit…/martin-omalley-all-lives-matter/)

THIS is precisely WHY most voters are sick of "professional" politicians and WHY wildcard, non-politically correct, "NON-Politicians," like Donald Trump, are able to do what most "professional politicians" CAN'T - galvanize the public.

Martin O'Malley SHOULD'VE stormed off that stage and condemned that blatant bigotry. He had ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose. Those bigots aren't going to vote for the likes of O'Malley anyway.

So, he COULD HAVE stood up against bigotry....but, in the end, he just didn't have the guts, even when it wouldn't have cost him any votes!

Howard Kurtz (of Media Buzz) has it exactly right: "The former Maryland governor was at the Netroots Nation conference over the weekend when a group of demonstrators began demanding that he talk about police brutality. They soon began chanting: “Black lives matter!”

"O’Malley, who had been talking about civilian boards to oversee police, responded with this:

“Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

"What could possibly be objectionable about that statement?

"But the mostly black protesters didn’t like it and began booing the Democratic candidate.

"O’Malley might have responded by taking them on, by making an impassioned plea for justice for all races.

"But he did not. And in a subsequent interview with the online show “This Week in Blackness,” he apologized:

“I meant no disrespect. That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect. I did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.”

"Seriously? He’s sorry for saying white lives also matter? That all lives matter?

So, O'Malley just proved that he's NOT exactly the kind of guy you'd want to have in in your WHY would ANYONE actually vote for the guy?

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is NOT an "Immigration" Issue, IT'S an "Economic" Issue - The In-SOURCING of Cheap Labor Hurts ALL American Workers

Signs that GET IT...

Here's where Donald Trump is WRONG - illegal immigration is NOT primarily a criminal issue, it's an economic issue. It’s IN-SOURCING, or bringing in cheap foreign labor to undercut American wage rates.

Here's where those who support amnesty or open borders are EVEN MORE WRONG - illegal immigration is NOT an "immigration issue," it's an economic issue. It's IN-SOURCING cheap foreign labor to undercut American wage rates.

Those who champion the rights of "undocumented workers" are much, MUCH dumber than they think Donald Trump is!

The vast majority of "undocumented workers' are only here for the migrant work. The vast majority DO NOT want to stay in the U.S. and become American citizens. They love their home countries, and rightly so. Their families live there...and they go back. They DO NOT, for the most part, want a "path to citizenship."

It is NOT "compassionate" to "welcome undocumented workers." It's actually a vehemently anti-Union, anti-American worker position.

Moreover, the vast majority of Hispanic citizens in the U.S. oppose illegal immigration and support an "Enforcement First" policy! (

How bad an economic problem is IN-SOURCING? Today, undocumented immigrants make up 5.1% of the U.S. labor force! Much of this is in low paying agricultural work, but increasingly H1B Visas are being used, especially in the tech industry, to gut high wage American workers! Disney recently tried to replace its entire IT Department with cheaper foreign workers using H1B Visas ( and other tech companies have done the same (!

This SHOULD BE an outrage to anyone who cares about American workers and maintaining America's vaunted middle class.

In ALL cases it's NOT about "filling jobs that Americans CAN'T, or WON'T do," it's entirely about unscrupulous and unethical companies (ILLICIT Employers) in-sourcing cheaper labor to do "jobs Americans WON'T do for low wages!"


Watt wants to slash city homebuyers’ down payment

Recently I read where FHA Chair, Mel Watt, has proposed another round of subprime lending (, with lowering the downpayment for a home to 3%. The very SAME subprime lending that triggered the mortgage meltdown of 2008.

IF this administration had cared ANYTHING about the economy, they’d have reinstituted Glass-Stiegal, broken up these HUGE banking, brokerage and insurance conglomerates and ended, by OUTLAWING subprime lending. It COULD HAVE done ALL of those things (it had a Democratic House and Senate its first two years), but didn’t...because it didn’t care.

Andrew Cuomo (back in 1998, as head of HUD) once called subprime lending, "Affirmative Action in lending," which it is, as it puts HIGH RISK (unqualified) lenders/workers into positions they don't have the means to pay back, or the skills to accomplish. That's NOT a particularly comforting analogy. (

So, there’s your proof (if any was needed) that “Joe the Plumber” (Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher) knew more about the American economy than John McCain AND Barack Obama!

I guess the first implosion worked so well, what with the huge bank and BIG Business bailouts, the massive mortgage relief and the subsequent skyrocketing unemployment and lower wages, that those politicians NOT named Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher can’t wait to try it again.

Looks like the Federal Reserve needs a!

Trump Thumps McCain...AND Loses by “Winning”

Image result for Donald Trump
Donald Trump

It’s kind of ironic that a vile insult of his own state’s voters, by John McCain brought out Donald Trump’s most egregious character flaw – “The Donald” is a bully,” who seems unable to rise above anything, by ANYONE, no matter how petty.

WHY didn't Donald Trump make the issue about McCain's dimwitted and short-sighted view of the folks in his home state?

Donald Trump CAN’T seem to help himself. After McCain derided those who showed up for Donald Trump at an Arizona venue as “crazies,” Trump responded in his patently petulant way, “McCain is not a war hero...well, he’s a war hero because he was captured. I prefer guys who weren’t captured.”

OK, as insensitive as that was, it IS true, in that John McCain is a war hero largely because he endured a long and very brutal captivity at the hands of the barbarous North Vietnamese, NOT, for instance, by taking out a machine gun nest single-handedly, or jumping onto a grenade.

John McCain APPEARS very much a war hero (see 2nd linked article below). He IS also a very Left-of-Center Republican (a “Country Club” Progressive/Corporatist) Republican.

Moreover, he ran an embarrassingly bad campaign in 2008. So BAD, in fact, that it appeared as though he actually threw that race, or in boxing parlance, “took a dive.” He didn’t seem to want to win.

In 2008, he was already a declining 72 y/o who appeared MUCH older and whose pathetic vaudevillian delivery made an absolute mockery of himself – “I don’t know much about the economy,” he infamously said, when “Joe the Plumber” (Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher) demonstrated a better grasp of the economy than either he, or Barack Obama!

That failed campaign SHOULD HAVE effectively ended his political career. His presence in the senate today is a national disgrace.

That said, Trump’s later charge that John McCain did nothing for veterans is, well, also apparently pretty much accurate. He was brought to account by a local Arizona newspaper after pillorying President Obama over the VA scandal last year; “But is it not also McCain's watch?

"Should not members of Congress display a little of that "leadership" and "accountability" McCain talked about?

"John McCain has been a U.S. Senator for a very, very long time. He has a strong connection to the military based on his own service and his time as a POW in Vietnam. He cares deeply about veterans and veterans issues.

"The crisis with the VA hospitals came to light because of problems in Phoenix - McCain's home city.
"So is it fair to ask: Where was John McCain when these problems were developing?

"He's a senior senator. He's the state's highest ranking federal official. He is deeply concerned with veterans issues. Should he or his staff have a strong connection to the local VA? Given that, does McCain feel as if HE bears any responsibility for not recognizing a problem?

"Should he?

"Or should members of Congress who represent communities where VA problems have surfaced bear no responsibility at all?

"And if so, why not?

"Serving their constituencies the most important job of elected officials."

AND the national media’s trumpeting that “Donald Trump has maligned all military veterans, especially former POWs,” doesn’t appear at all accurate either. In a very recent article in Veterans Today, by Senior Editor Gordon Duff, these sentiments were expressed; “Some of us have seen the reports about John McCain. I know what Ted Guy had to say about McCain and I know how angry POW activists have been at his betrayal of their cause. What I didn’t know and that few of us knew, is that John Holland, Rolling Thunder Founder, had called for the Republican Party to remove McCain from the ticket.

This isn’t a minor story and isn’t one that has gone away just because the election is over. Many of us who knew what McCain had done didn’t know how much power the money boys behind Palin and McCain could go to suppress this information during the campaign.

Rally after rally, fellow POW and controversial Medal of Honor holder, Bud Day, stood beside McCain, backing him up. With substantiated claims of hundreds of counts of treason, collaboration and aid and comfort to the enemy suppressed against McCain and a number of unnamed other POWs who were expecting to be prosecuted when returned, this entire act during the election seems sick.

Ted Sampley, Vietnam combat veteran, now deceased, wrote at length about McCain and Day. Sampley’s article on Day’s Medal of Honor is extremely revealing.

With McCain supporters continually touting his heroism and attacking Democrats that served honorably in Vietnam like John Kerry and Al Gore, the unavoidable embarrassment that their standard bearer may have been the biggest American traitor since Benedict Arnold, confidence in Conservative news sources has to disappear, at least with veterans.

A fair comparison to McCain would be Jane Fonda. Both spent time in North Vietnam.

(*) Both are accused of helping North Vietnam, Fonda by being photographed and McCain by doing many propaganda broadcasts and helping the enemy plan attacks on American soldiers.

(*) Fonda returned to be reviled and spit on while McCain returned to the Senate, spending years helping North Vietnam keep Americans prisoner and amassing a huge fortune trading on heroism and sacrifice we are now told never happened.

(*) Of the two, Fonda was the more honest and by far had done the least harm to the United States.

(*) According to sources, it was John McCain that fired the rocket that caused the Forrestal incident, the most serious disaster on an American ship. Stories make him out to be a “hero” and an “unnamed” total idiot is blamed. McCain is said to be that idiot with his daddy running cover for him. Thus far, Jane Fonda has never attacked one of our ships. We will be taking a look at both McCain and Fonda and try to verify claims. Perhaps they could have a contest to see who killed the most Americans. No tally as to how many pilots were shot down using intel McCain admits giving the North Vietnamese has been made. The Forrestal incident may be a huge cover-up in itself.

McCain’s cover story, that the plane behind him fired a missile into his plane is at odds with other stories that blame exploding bombs on some other part of the ship. The investigation and all records involving his military records were under the direct supervision of his own father.

We are going to look at Holland’s evidence and see if there are statements from people on the Forrestal.

Colonel Ted Guy was preparing criminal charges against John McCain when Nixon took Admiral McCain’s little boy under his wing. Where are McCain’s 32 propaganda tapes that were made during Vietnam and broadcast over the radio to US troops? (Colonel Ted Guy)

Why did McCain accuse American soldiers of war crimes during Vietnam? What did he get in return?

If our news media can go thru a presidential election hiding all of this from the American people, nearly putting someone like this in office, what else are they capable of? What else have they done? What else are they hiding?

Vietnam veterans are requesting that the records of the debriefing of all POWS be made public. Those who were heroes need real recognition and shouldn’t have to hide behind a presidential pardon they never needed or wanted.

BOTH of the above articles are troubling. So long as there are other vets who’ve leveled charges and the “exonerating,” or “exculpatory” evidence has been withheld, then John McCain SHOULD be seen, by thoughtful voters, as unfit for public office.

BUT, Donald Trump has shown and perhaps sowed the seeds of his own campaign’s destruction. IF he cannot do a better job of disciplining himself, of editing some of his off-the-cuff musings and if he cannot control and rein in his innate propensity toward bullying those he disagrees with, his chances of political survival seem very slim.

Our National Media Wets Itself...AGAIN!

Image result for Donald Trump
Donald Trump

After weeks of trying to bully, shame and otherwise get GOP poll voters to abandon the acerbic candidacy of Donald Trump, Corporate media giant AOL (as The Huffington Post) released this statement; “After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won’t report on Trump’s campaign as part of The Huffington Post’s political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign aspart of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.”

What the national media SHOULD the opposite – pretend they love Trump, because the public (BOTH Democrats and Republicans, both Conservatives and Liberals) absolutely revile the media!

AOL’s panic is laughable for too many reasons to count. First, it’s 16 long months until the 2016 Elections! John Kaisich, Michelle Bachman and other failed candidates have all led at this juncture.

STILL, what seems to scare our Corporate media is that Trump (1) does NOT need outside money, (2) does NOT need them (the corporate media) and (3) has apparently struck a nerve with some voters, especially those who look at an electoral calculus that seems rigged to deliver us a Clinton/Bush 2016 campaign.

On the GOP side, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina form a gauntlet set to weed out those who don’t get traction early and Florida seems set to be the battleground that’s supposed to coronate Jeb as the GOP Standard Bearer for ’16.

For the ABJ (“Anybody but Jeb”) crowd, Trump looks increasingly like the only GOP candidate who has a realistic shot at stopping the Bush juggernaut. The Corporate media dutifully does the bidding of its corporate masters, which, right now is – push Hillary and Jeb.

As usual, the corporate media has been too ham handed and two transparent and many voters have rightly chosen to ignore them.

They SHOULD just do “the opposite” of whatever their initial inclinations are...
ADDENDUM: It took just ONE DAY for AOL's Huffington Post to abandon the above policy and cover Trump's comments about John its election coverage!

What a bunch of DOPES!

Worse STILL, is the fact that John McCain seems to be about as popular with Vietnam Era vets as John Kerry is, which is to say...not much at all. (
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