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Did Obama Just Commission The “Private Army” He Called For???....

Could Obama's "Civilian Army" look anything like THIS???

From Nancy Mathis (American Daughter:;

Remember when Obama said he wanted a “national security force”? Not the national guard, but a civilian one that has not sworn to uphold the Constitution? On July 2, 2008 in a speech in Colorado Springs, Barack Obama called for a police state.

Obama just got his private army...

...And no one seems to have noticed. It is buried in the Senate revisions to the health care bill."

And Kelly Wolf at RightSide News ( said;

Now, remember when Obama said this?

"...not continue to rely only on our order to acheive the national security objectives that we've set..."

So, what does that bring us to? Well, take a look at what can be found on page 1,311 of that "health care" reform bill that passed on Sunday...


Buried in the recently passed “Health Care Overhaul is this:

Subtitle C–Increasing the Supply of the Health Care Workforce

Sec. 5201. Federally supported student loan funds.

Sec. 5202. Nursing student loan program.

Sec. 5203. Health care workforce loan repayment programs.

Sec. 5204. Public health workforce recruitment and retention programs.

Sec. 5205. Allied health workforce recruitment and retention programs.

Sec. 5206. Grants for State and local programs.

Sec. 5207. Funding for National Health Service Corps.

Sec. 5208. Nurse-managed health clinics.

Sec. 5209. Elimination of cap on commissioned corps.

Sec. 5210. Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps.


Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204) is amended to read as follows:


(1) IN GENERAL.–here shall be in the Service a commissioned Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps for service in time of national emergency.

(2) REQUIREMENT.–All commissioned officers shall be citizens of the United States and shall be appointed without regard to the civil-service laws and compensated without regard to the Classification Act 2 of 1923, as amended.

(3) APPOINTMENT.–Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President and commissioned officers of the Regular Corps shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

(4) ACTIVE DUTY.–Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall at all times be subject to call to active duty by the Surgeon General, including active duty for the purpose of training.

(5) WARRANT OFFICERS.–Warrant officers may be appointed to the Service for the purpose of providing support to the health and delivery systems maintained by the Service and any warrant officer appointed to the Service shall be considered for purposes of this Act and title 37, United States Code, to be a commissioned officer within the Commissioned Corps of the Service.

(b) ASSIMILATING RESERVE CORP OFFICERS INTO THE REGULAR CORPS.—Effective on the date of enactment of the Affordable Health Choices Act, all individuals classified as officers in the Reserve Corps under this section (as such section existed on the day before the date of enactment of such Act) and serving on active duty shall be deemed to be commissioned officers of the Regular Corps.

[Note here that those personally appointed by BO - without advice and consent of the Senate - automatically become a part of the Regular Corps. Ed.]


(1) PURPOSE.–The purpose of the Ready Reserve Corps is to fulfill the need to have additional Commissioned Corps personnel available on short notice (similar to the uniformed service’s reserve program) to assist regular Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.

(2) USES.–The Ready Reserve Corps shall–

(A) participate in routine training to meet the general and specific needs of the Commissioned Corps;

(B) be available and ready for involuntary calls to active duty during national emergencies and public health crises, similar to the uniformed service reserve personnel;

(C) be available for backfilling critical positions left vacant during deployment of active duty Commissioned Corps members, as well as for deployment to respond to public health emergencies, both foreign and domestic; and

(D) be available for service assignment in isolated, hardship, and medically underserved communities (as defined in section 399SS) to improve access to health services.

(d) FUNDING. — For the purpose of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioned Corps under this section, there are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to the Office of the Surgeon General for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2014. Funds appropriated under this subsection shall be used for recruitment and training of Commissioned Corps Officers.

What could possibly be the purpose of a "civilian Armed Forces," controlled by the Executive Branch?
Didn't Hitler have such a "Civilian Army?"

The "Brown Shirts"???

Rasmussen’s Polls Show More Americans Identify With Tea Party Views....

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of U.S. voters believe the average member of the Tea Party movement has a better understanding of the issues facing America today than the average member of Congress. Only 30% believe that those in Congress have a better understanding of the key issues facing the nation.

When it comes to those issues, 47% think that their own political views are closer to those of the average Tea Party member than to the views of the average member of Congress. On this point, 26% feel closer to Congress.

Finally, 46% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is more ethical than the average member of Congress. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say that the average member of Congress is more ethical.

By a 62% to 12% margin, Mainstream Americans say the Tea Party is closer to their views.

By a 90% to one percent (1%) margin, the Political Class feels closer to Congress.

Obama Supporting Shia Muslim Fired Shots Into Eric Cantor’s Office....

Is ANY of THIS at all surprising?

According to TPM

PHILADELPHIA - Today, a two-count complaint and warrant was filed charging Norman Leboon with threatening to kill United States Congressman Eric Cantor and his family, and threatening to kill Congressman Eric Cantor, who is an official of the United States, announced United States Attorney Michael L. Levy and FBI Special Agent in Charge Jan Fedarcyk. As set forth in the affidavit to the complaint and warrant, in or about late March, 2010, Leboon created and then transmitted a YouTube video to Google over the internet, in which he threatened to kill Congressman Cantor and his family. No harm came to the Congressman or his family as a result of Leboon's threats.

"The Department of Justice takes threats against government officials seriously, especially threats to kill or injure others," said Levy. "Whether the reason for the threat is personal or political, threats are not protected by the First Amendment and are crimes."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

U.S. Private Health Care System – The Worst in the World...EXCEPT For ALL Others....

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:

US: 93%
UK: 15%
Canada: 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month of referral:

US: 77%
UK: 40%
Canada: 43%

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

US: 65%
UK: 46%
Canada: 42%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

US: 90%
UK: 15%
Canada: 43%

“The majority of Americans still believe Health Care needs reforming...”  (a Liberal)

Yes, Conservatives want REAL Health Care REFORM – reform that reins in the COSTS!

I saw an article on cancer survival rates that put the USA's 5-year survival rates on early detected cancers at over 90% and Europe's and Canada's at under 85%.

The other thing I find endlessly amusing is how so many naive Leftists still think, "there's no mandate forcing you to buy health insurance in this Bill."

YES there IS!

And the fine is up to 2.5% of your income by 2016!

Yes, and businesses can opt out of paying health insurance premiums by simply paying a $2,000/year fee per employee to the government!

Let's see, a $2K/year fee to the feds against $15K to $25K per year in health insurance premiums per worker???....Hmmmm....Looks like an easy decision, "No employer-driven health-care for YOU."

THAT, by the way, is the "trigger" for the public option."

And again, I've said for a VERY long time, a "universal public option" CAN be made workable, IF (1) we roll Medicare and Medicaid into it, (2) bulk up the enforcement arm and ratchet up the penalties for fraud and abuse and (3) strictly RATION and RESTRICT that public option (by offering a max of 4 to 6 visits per year AND up to a max of, say, $10K/year in treatments), so long as available "gap insurance" is there for those willing and able to pay the premiums from private insurers.

That way, "the least productive people are rationed and restricted" and businesses and municipalities will be freed from the burden of providing BILLIONS of $$$ in free healthcare, making them much more profitable and competitive and thus making the American worker much more competi8tive in the global labor market!

The ONLY problem with America's current health care delivery system is COST, and that's because we simply GIVE too much costly and advanced health care away to too many people who don't pay any premiums for it.

That's the problem we must solve.

H/T to Skunkfeathers for some GREAT stats

NOTHING Proves My “Barack is a Hyper-Keynesian” Hypothesis Better Than THIS....


I’ve been saying that G W Bush was a Keynesian (on the order of a Hoover or Nixon – both Big Spenders and government expanders) followed, as the previous GOP Keynesians all were, by a Democratic Hyper-Keynesian, for a loooooong time now, but NOTHING proves that out more than this graph that chronicles America’s growing National Debt over the past fifteen years!

Look at the debt line from 1996 – 2000 (The “Gingrich Years) was nearly flat!

Then, from 2000 to 2004 it sloped decidedly upward as GOP Keynesians began to overspend. Then, from 2004 to 2007, the incline grew steeper and from 2007 on (the dawn of the Pelosi-Reid debacle) it’s moved from an alarming 45 degree angle to its current ridiculously disastrous 80 degree angle, as our nation’s debt-load has increased FROM appx. $8.5 TRILLION (it was just $5.9 TRILLION in 2000-2001) TO the approaching $14 TRILLION by the end of this year!
Make no mistake, there's NO GOOD, or easy ending to this scenario!

A “End Days” Cult Becomes a “Christian Militia” in Dino-Media Parlance....

While the FBI labeled the Hutaree group, of which, nine were arrested in a raid this week, “an extremist fringe group,” the MSM insisted on labeling them a “Christian Militia”....I wonder why?

OK, not really. It’s really little wonder, given the decidedly Leftist tilt of the dinosaur media.

Still, it’s interesting contrasting the FBI’s definition of this “End Days cult” as “an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society.” According to Andrew Arena, head of the FBI's field office in Detroit, said the case, “The FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States.”

MSNBC’s “news service” defined the group this way, “Nine alleged members of a Christian militia group that was girding for battle with the Antichrist were charged Monday with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral — all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the U.S. government.”

The “Hutaree” are a radical fringe, as the FBI noted and their own website ( proves that.

One of its prominent quotes is, “Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.”

The group planned to attack a police funeral, among other targets.

Sounds far more akin to a "Bill Ayers strategy" than to any Conservative one, don’t you think?

What a MARONE!....

James (“Titanic”) Cameron (he and his huge mansion pictured above) has issued a challenge to the Anthropogenic Global Warming Deniers, “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads.”

OK, but here’s a FUN FACT, “Every dimwit Hollywood mogul produces a carbon footprint bigger than that of appx. 1 MILLION middle-class suburbanites!” That’s an actual Sierra Club FACT.

See link below for a map of Mr. Cameron’s HUGE Hollywood spread;

So, Mr. Cameron, how about YOU scaling back your “abusive opulence” to let more regular Joe’s and Jane’s live decently, if not quite as ostentatiously?

Man, when equally applied, socialism’s dictums can be a real bummer, right James?!

Mike Malloy Ratchets Up the Hate - Libtalker Calls For Death of Conservative Pundits

Apparently Mike Malloy is jealous over Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rosie O'Donnell taking the lead in the "Most Adorable Crazies" category, so he's apparently decided to power down the animal fat and ping the needle on the hate-meter by calling for the death of various Conservative Commentators.

What an ass-wipe!

I'd like to say that I hope Mike Malloy comes down with a vicious strain of hideously painful stomach cancer, but that would be impolitic....but maybe Mike Malloy will, in his own words, "do the honorable thing"....but sadly, I wouldn't count on that.

WTF?! - Moronic Rosie O'Donnell - 'Geometry' Proves Need For ObamaCare

WoW! Where to start....OK, "Hey STUPID, geometry doesn't PROVE any "Need" for universal, government-run health care"....and claiming, "It's a 'GIVEN' " doesn't make it so, any more than starting out a physics problem with "Let's pretend we have a perfect vacuum," makes the real world...a "perfect f*#cking VACUUM!"

Get it?!

Stop trying to use math to make your emotionalism seem more pragmatic! You only embarrass yourself further. Ironically enough, trying to apply math to emotionalism, only makes those arguments seem MORE emotional!

Monday, March 29, 2010

E. J. Dionne and the Liberal “Peter Pan” Mythos......

In a Commentary piece entitled, “Under-30 Americans: The Next New Dealers,” E. J. Dionne (pictured above) exhibits an awful lot of Liberal wishful thinking!

In that piece E. J. Dionne asserts, “Americans under 30 include the largest proportion of self-described liberals and the smallest proportion of self-described conservatives of any age group: 29 percent of the under-30s called themselves liberal, compared with 28 percent who called themselves conservative.
"In every other age group," Pew notes, "far more described their views as conservative than liberal."

“Among Gen Xers (born between 1965 and 1980), the conservative advantage over liberals was 38 percent to 20 percent. Among baby boomers (born 1946 to 1964), conservatives led 43 percent to 18 percent. Among those born in 1945 or before - Pew uses the classic "Silent Generation" tag - the conservative advantage was 45 to 15 percent.”
Unfortunately for Mr. Dionne and other "Liberal wishful thinkers," the facts seem to assert the opposite.
According to one recent poll, “In 1989, 66 percent of freshmen believed abortion should be legal; and in 2003, 54 percent did. In 1995, 66 percent of students agreed that wealthy people should pay a larger share of taxes; in 2003 it was 50 percent. Students have traditionally favored stiffer gun control laws, but the study found that there has been weakening support for them over the years.”

Gallup’s recent findings have been even more stark; “Looking back at 2009, Gallup has singled out two trends: a growing percentage of Americans who identify themselves as conservatives and a decline in the percentage who identify themselves as Democrats.
“Forty percent described themselves as conservatives last year, compared to 36 percent who said they were moderates and 21 percent who called themselves liberals. In 2008, conservatives and moderates were tied at 37 percent each, with liberals at 22 percent. Between 1992 and 2002, moderates reigned as the largest ideological group..

“While the percentage of independents who considered themselves to be moderates held fairly steady in the low to mid-40s during the last decade, the percentages of Republicans and Democrats who described themselves as moderate declined. Forty-four percent of Democrats were in the moderate camp in 2000 compared to 39 percent last year, and 23 percent of Republicans said they were moderates, compared to 31 percent in 2000.

. Gallup's findings point to increasing polarization between Republicans and Democrats. The number of Democrats who considered themselves as liberals grew during the decade from 29 percent in 2000 to 38 percent last year. The percentage of Republicans who identified themselves as conservatives grew from 62 percent in 2000 to 71 percent last year.”

.      Gallup goes on to note that, “Despite the results of the 2008 presidential election, Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, say their political views in recent years have become more conservative rather than more liberal, 39% to 18%, with 42% saying they have not changed.

. “...In 2009 (from January through May), 40% of Americaans call themselves conservative, up from 37% in 2007 and 2008, and the highest level since 2004.

. “...In the latest survey, 38% of Americans describe their political views as conservative, and among this group 58% say their views have grown more conservative in recent years.

. “At the same time, political moderates are twice as likely to say they have grown more conservative as opposed to more liberal (33% vs. 18%), thus further tipping the scales in favor of conservatism.

.A look at how America votes on the issues proves that what Gallup and others have noted, is certainly true. Gun control has grown LESS popular across the board, there’s been no diminution of the nearly 70% support for the death penalty and support for abortion has shrunk each year

notes, “Have Americans' positions on major cultural, social, and policy issues shifted left accordingly? A broad review of the available trends suggests not.

 .“Gallup polling shows Americans becoming more conservative on gun control between 2004 and 2008, with opposition to banning handguns growing from 63% to 69%. And disagreement with making gun laws "more strict" grew, from 45% to 49%. 
  “Americans also became more likely to say the economy should be given priority over the environment when the two interests conflict - although that may reflect the difficult economic times, rather than an ideological shift away from environmentalism.”.

. Even African-Americans are beginning to trend more Conservative as they age. “According to the Joint Center's report, in 2004 - for the first time in recent years - younger African Americans became more Democratic and older African Americans became more Republican.

 .“African-American voters between the ages of 19 to 25 who labeled themselves as Democrats increased from 54 percent to 71 percent, and from 56 to 63 percent among those ages 26 to 35. But older African Americans were less likely in 2004 to identify themselves as Democrats and more likely to identify as Republicans, the survey found.

“Black seniors between the ages of 51 and 64 shifted from a 75 percent Democrat and 5 percent Republican split, to a 66 percent Democrat and 12 percent GOP split.” .

. Moreover, all studies show that people grow more Conservative as they get older, apparently as life’s realities begin to dawn on us all, no matter how na├»ve.. 

                              That’s a point that even Mr. Dionne seems to acknowledge in closing his piece with, “...since 2008, the Millennials' "enthusiasms" have "cooled" - "for Obama and his message of change, for the Democratic Party and, quite possibly, for politics itself."

 .Yes, even the most idealistic of 18-year olds eventually wake up.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let’s Go After Our Homegrown Domestic Enemy Combatants as Well....

Recently, about 20 color photographs of various CIA officials were found in the Gitmo cell of Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, one of the alleged financiers of the 9/11 attacks.

Many of the photos were apparently taken surreptitiously on the streets, probably by private investigators, apparently in an attempt to help some of the detainees identify their CIA interrogators.

Government officials were immediately concerned that these photos might have been shared among the Gitmo detainees, including KSM, whom a judge ruled, that since he, as some other defendants, are representing themselves, they are allowed to meet privately and share material relevant to their cases.

Even though the photos in al-Hawsawi’s cell didn’t have any agent’s names on them, there was still concern over the fact that they could be used to identify covert officers, making them targets of al Qaeda retribution.

As a result of all this, the CIA filed a criminal complaint with the Department of Justice, which dispatched FBI agents to Camp X-Ray to question the military’s defense lawyers. The military lawyers representing Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi were all cleared in the matter, but the remaining and primary focus of that criminal probe is now focused on (SURPRISE!) a number of civilian lawyers retained by the “John Adams Project” of the ACLU.

For their part, the ACLU has pretty much acknowledged its roll in the crime.

According to Newsweek, “Anthony Romero (pictured above), the ACLU’s Executive Director, confirms the project hired private investigators to track down CIA officers involved in aggressive interrogation tactics. “It would be an essential part of any defense to cross-examine the perpetrators of torture,” he says, adding, “To our knowledge, the 9/11 defendants were not told the identities of the CIA officers.” ”

As a result the Justice Department has turned the case over to one of the most feared prosecutors in its division, Patrick Fitzgerald, the man who secured the conviction of Scooter Libby for lying to federal officials, even though those lies had nothing to do with the Valerie Plame case.

Bottom-line, IF, as Anthony Romero acknowledges, the ACLU hired private investigators to track and photograph active CIA agents and then turned them over to enemy forces (Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi is a member of al-Qaida) then they aren’t just guilty of any crime, they are guilty of treason, in fact, they are as much enemy combatants as are any of the 9/11 conspirators were.

Here’s a little historical irony for the ACLU; John Adams supported the tar and feathering of both Torries (“American sympathizers of the Crown”) and captured British officers, one of the many barbarities that both sides employed against each other. The tarring and feathering of a subject was a rather hideous affair. First the prisoner was stripped naked, after that hot, molten tar was poured upon the prisoner and as the subject writhed in agony, the hot tar burning through his skin, feathers would be applied and the torturers would then try to light the feathers with candles.

One account of a Colonial tarring and feathering went, "First strip a person naked, then heat the Tar until it is thin, and pour it upon the naked Flesh, or rub it over with a Tar Brush....After which, sprinkle decently upon the Tar, whilst it is yet warm, as many Feathers as will stick to it. Then hold a lighted Candle to the Feathers, and try to set it all on Fire; if it will burn so much the better. But as the Experiment is often made in cold Weather, it will not then succeed - take also an Halter and put it round the Person's neck, and then cart him the Rounds [meaning around to certain places in the community and put on public display]."

“At this point the person was usually taken about the streets of the town in a cart surrounded by shouting people. In some cases he might be placed in the stocks, hanged or beaten. If he survived, he was finally left on his own. Most who got this far were barely alive, exhausted and severely burned. The tar was extremely difficult to get off the badly burned skin, which often got infected. Those that survived could not be helped by anyone. Giving comfort or first aid to a survivor often would result in the helper being attacked.

“Tarring and feathering was done not only by people who opposed the Crown and actions of Parliament. For example, in March 1775 Crown troops and Loyalists in Boston tarred and feathered a countryman.”


WoW! Sounds a LOT worse than water-boarding, doesn’t it? And a lot more lethal too, as most of those tarred and feathered either died after the ordeal by public hanging OR from the infections that soon set into the burn wounds.

So, the very man that the ACLU named its anti-torture task force after sanctioned and approved of....torture!

This latest action is just one more piece of evidence in a long string of seditious, treasonous and anti-American activities. They are not merely modern-day Torries, they actively assist the jihadists among us.

If tarring and feathering of the Torries was an appropriate punishment to their namesake, then it certainly should be available today for those actively assisting the military enemies of the USA....At a minimum disbarment and long prison terms would seem appropriate in this case.

Friday, March 26, 2010

This is Just TOO GOOD!....

Here’s some photos courtesy of their own “photo album” of the Coffee Party’s vaunted “diversity!” While the mainstream media has slimed the rather ethnically diverse Tea Parties for their "lack of diversity," they don't seem to have that problem with these lily white "Coffee Parties."

Wonder why...

Seriously, Left-wing loons are so damned cute at this age, aren’t they?!

OK, that one above was about Indiana?

Well, how about NJ? Lots of blacks and other ethnic groups there!


How about Missouri? Ole Miss MUST have some of that "Diversity," right???

I guess NOT.
Sooooo, maybe the mainstream media really meant to call out the Liberal Coffee Parties for THEIR lack of diversity?

Could be....given their penchant for getting the details wrong.

The Coffee Party's photo album is available online at its Flicker account:

Take a LOOK at THIS!!!...

Thanks to the great Captain Capitalism, who notes on this illustration of our free-falling GDP, that it's “Not adjusted in terms of Percent of GDP, duly noted, but even the KGB and Osama Bin Laden in their wildest dreams couldn't have done this kind of damage.

”You will enjoy the ensuing chaos.”

Somehow, I tend to doubt the “enjoyment” part.

Look out BELOW!

H/T to Cappy Cap:

He Said WHAT?!...

Perhaps he didn’t see this recent Rasmussen Poll...

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, conducted on the first two nights after the president signed the bill, shows that 55% favor repealing the legislation. Forty-two percent (42%) oppose repeal. Those figures include 46% who Strongly Favor repeal and 35% who Strongly Oppose it.”

...Because today, in Iowa, President Obama said of the GOP’s plan to run in November on repealing the recent Health-Care overhaul, "Go For It."

OK...But 55 – 46 looks pretty good!

Not AGAIN! - MSNBC's Ed Schultz - Time For 'Socialism' In Talk Radio

What a DOPE!

Ed Schultz is envious of Limbaugh's ratings but wants to blame an "non-level playing field."

WRONG's not any disparity in the playing field, it's the huge disparity in talent, THAT and the fact that the Conservative message resonates with more than TWICE as many Americans as the Liberal one does.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Commodities Are FREE, People AREN’T....

If you believe in “free things,” like free/government provided medical care, free/government provided education, free food, clothing, shelter, etc. than YOU believe in chattel SLVERY!

Commodities are produced by human labor.

In the private sector, a medical practitioner or an educator can sell their commodities (specified knowledge and skills developed at cost to themselves) to the highest bidder, PROVIDING that they are able to consistently deliver good quality service for the fees/prices they charge, so long as those fees are in-line with what the market will bear, or, they can work for the “prevailing wage” paid to those professions.

Whether you like the private enterprise system or not, it is the ONLY economic system that encourages, even allows HUMAN FREEDOM.

When all goods and services are run by/controlled by the government, the worker/commodity provider is, by definition, NOT free. When a government goes rogue and seeks to stamp out human freedom and initiative by exerting control over the economy, that government becomes a de facto “slave owner.”

Government is the ONLY means by which a monopoly can exist. In an open or free market, a given enterprise can only garner 90% or more of the market by offering goods and services at prices and of a quality that the consumer prefers over all others. Once that enterprise stops doing that, it will lose market share and lose it quickly.

ONLY government can maintain a monopoly because only a government can exert the force needed to circumvent and suppress the market. The Post Office only exists because the government bars competition in letter carrying. It has already lost huge swaths of the package shipping industry to more competitive rivals. AT&T was able to maintain its monopoly status only through government coercion and control.

The failure of government sponsorship is on display in two areas today; Right now, the USA has TWO failing “public options” for health care – Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare recipients paid into that system all of their lives, Medicaid is for the chronically poor. Those Medicare recipients who divested themselves of their assets before shifting to Medicaid, have NOT paid into that system. They paid their FICA taxes for their Medicare benefits, when they moved to Medicaid they willingly merged themselves with the chronically poor. Regardless, BOTH of those public options are now virtually insolvent – they owe more than they can possibly take in.

Moreover, many doctors (and the numbers increase annually) refuse to take on any new Medicare or Medicaid patients.

With less than 4% of all physicians going into primary care the newly signed health care bill will allegedly add 31 million new patients to the system. Not only is there a “doctor shortage” right NOW in the field of Primary Care, many doctors have looked at the reimbursement rates and found they could no longer continue in Primary Care medicine at those rates and under the new conditions/restrictions.

We appear to be heading for a “health bubble” burst that could be even worse than the ongoing subprime mortgage/global credit crisis.

And speaking of bursts, the second existing failing government sponsorship is currently on display with the Housing GSE’s (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as the “third GSE, the Federal Home Loan Bank System), ALL of which are deeply in debt because of their foolishly embracing inane utopianist schemes to equalize Americans and create yet another “commodity (housing) as a human right.” This was the result of a rogue government’s adhering to a blatantly unconstitutional concept (“disparate impact”) rooted in an equally unconstitutional concept of EQUALIZING people. Liberty REQUIRES IEQUALITY and the greater the inequities and disparities in wealth, the MORE FREE a nation is.

And yet, today there is neither any doubt, nor debate about whether these inept government policies (ie. looking to make sure that traditional lending criteria don’t “discriminate” against low income and poorer Americans) were completely responsible for the subprime mortgage meltdown and the subsequent global credit crisis.

So now, that same inept rogue government wants to equalize health care between wealthier and poorer Americans? The result would be even more horrific than the subprime mortgage disaster!

The ONLY right way to cut America’s health care costs is to offer a universal bare-bones “public option” that would take the onus of providing health care off the backs of American business and its Municipalities and put it back on the taxpayer and further upon the individual – as individuals would be responsible for paying for the privately available gap insurance needed to avoid the strict rationing and tight restrictions of that bare-bones public option on their own. That way, those least able, as well as the most reckless and irresponsible among us would be rationed and the health care system would be far less abused.

Commodities can’t be free unless the people are not free.

When home ownership is given to the poor via 0% down, subprime mortgages, the productive, working Americans pay the ultimate price. It’s the same thing when high tech, high-cost health care is given to those unable/unwilling to pay the premiums for it, that guarantees the abuse and overuse of that healthcare system and the same kind of crushing “bubble burst” we just saw with the collapse of the housing market due to a number of ill-conceived, government-inspired policies designed to make home ownership available to “Americans it hadn’t been available before.”

We DON’T need any more hair-brained schemes designed by hair-brained political hacks set up to equalize people in violation of a Constitution that enshrines inequality (freedom is inequality) and “disparate impact” (individualism mandates disparate impact between BOTH individuals and groups), we NEED to accept the inequities that individualism, private property rights and economic Liberty inevitably result in, for those inequities are, in fact, the mainspring of human progress!
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