Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WTF?! - Moronic Rosie O'Donnell - 'Geometry' Proves Need For ObamaCare

WoW! Where to start....OK, "Hey STUPID, geometry doesn't PROVE any "Need" for universal, government-run health care"....and claiming, "It's a 'GIVEN' " doesn't make it so, any more than starting out a physics problem with "Let's pretend we have a perfect vacuum," makes the real world...a "perfect f*#cking VACUUM!"

Get it?!

Stop trying to use math to make your emotionalism seem more pragmatic! You only embarrass yourself further. Ironically enough, trying to apply math to emotionalism, only makes those arguments seem MORE emotional!


Paul Mitchell said...

HA! Did she complete the fifth grade? Holy cow, a "given?"

Disclaimer: I only took through Cal IV in college with Physic I and II to boot. Maybe my math background is not good enough to understand her "geometric equation."

JMK said...

No, no....I think you math skills are fine Paul, it's Rosie's inane presumption that the concept of "a given," as in "We are given that one angle a triangle is Y-degrees," means that you can, in the real world, argue anything/everything from a "point of presumption," such as "Presume we have a perfect vacuum."

Perhaps it's not ALL her fault, considering that the pseudo-scientists over at East Anglia University's Climate Research Unit (CRU) , did much the same thing - they seem to have operated FROM a desired conclusion and worked their way back.

Then again, Rosie is the one who said of the collapse of Bldng 7 on 9/11, "This must be the first time in recorded history that fire melted steel."

Uhhhh, wrong again, Rosie. For one thing, STEEL does indeed MELT at 2800 degrees Fahrenheit and secondly, it DOESN'T have to MELT, in order for the steel supports of a building to give way. Steel loses 80 percent of its strength at just 1800 degrees!

Given THAT, it's pretty hard NOT to come to the conclusion that "Rosie O'Donnell is an idiot."

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, so far I have seen two different times you responded and now they are not here. What gives?

JMK said...


I never had comments vanish like this before.

I'll have to look into it.

But your math is fine Paul, it's Rosie's insistence on believing that geometry somehow allows us to act on "presumptions."

Although that may not entirely be her fault, considering the pseudo-scientists at East Anglia University's CRU did pretty much the same thing - they proceeded FROM a desired conclusion and worked back TO the start point, mainly on a bunch of unfounded presumptions....the way Rosie DID!

Dan O. said...

Pop quiz:

Who is more ignorant?

A. Rosie O'Donnell
B. The people who keep putting her on TV and radio to spew her ignorance
C. The people who listen AND believe the ignorance she spews
D. It's too close to call

JMK said...

Whoa! That IS way too close to call DanO, although I do BLAME those who put this moron on TV/radio as more culpable, as they both enable the delusional Rosie and delude her few and dwindling "fans."

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