Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Autumnal Equinox...

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Today marks the Autumnal Equinox for 2019.

On the autumnal equinox, the day and night are each about 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days after the autumnal equinox).

This is the result of the Sun crossing the celestial equator going southward, as it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

In many Northern Hemisphere cultures, this marked the start of the great harvest ahead of Winter, which culminated in late August and what the Celts called Samhain (pronounced sow-wein), which centered around remembering and honoring the dead.

Joe Biden Spins Yet Another Yarn...In This One he Confronts a Gang Leader Named "Corn Pop" - Did Joe Biden Fend Off A Knife Gang With A Steel Chain?


Joe Biden is seemingly always up for telling self aggrandizing tales of his alleged "tough guy" youth. It's really hard to believe that THIS guy is leading the Democratic field. That doesn't say much for the rest of the lot.

I don't get the point of this particular yarn, but here it is...Joe Biden confronting the legendary "Corn Pop."

Try not to laugh...

The Revolutionary...

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A young student asked his teacher, "How does one follow the truth?"

The teacher replied, "When everything is filtered through our perception, WHAT is TRUTH? THAT is our dilemma."

The student looked confused, "Isn't all that is pure and good and loving truth?"

"That would depend," the teacher responded.

"Depend? Depend upon what," asked the student.

"In the rightness of one's perceptions," answered the teacher.

The student left that school deflated and dejected.

Years later, that student would lead a revolution seeking to set that country right. The primary demand of that revolution was to make everyone "Love one another"...requiring the most productive to share with the least, willingly and gladly, and to assure that no one had more than anyone else.

The revolution had popular support at the beginning, among the free and largely educated public, concerned over the seeming intractable inequalities between people and so, the group took power.

Once in control, they faced challenges they hadn't considered before. Those who had skill sets that were difficult and expensive to master, felt cheated to share equally and suffer losses over their inequitable contributions - "Why should I learn such skills, at my own expense, toil longer hours and accept greater responsibilities for no more compensation than the lowliest worker gets?" Workers wouldn't work extra hours without more compensation, that would've enriched them beyond their fellow workers - "Why should we work longer and harder for no benefit to us?"

Within the revolutionary committee there arose deep divisions between the pragmatists and the idealists, like himself. The idealists believed human nature simply had to evolve and be changed, while the pragmatists saw that nature as fixed.

Among the pragmatists arose the most ruthless and power hungry men and the idealists were swept from power and jailed, as the most ruthless opponents busied themselves forging a thugocracy.

The people were no longer free. They were also, no longer as good and decent, nor concerned with the inequalities, once so evident, when they were all free.

The one time student, turned idealistic revolutionary found himself facing the death penalty. Worse yet, the common people, who once loved him, now cheered his fate.

As he awaited his execution, he sought the answer to HOW this horror could've happened. HOW could his idealism and good intentions have come to this?

Lost within his thoughts, he could hear his old teacher's voice, "It'd depend upon the rightness of one's perceptions." Then he heard the teacher add, "Free people are never equal and when the people are made equal they are no longer free."

And so the once free people who cheered him for addressing the natural inequities between free people, now cheered his being hung.

THANK YOU North Carolina!...

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Yesterday, BOTH North Carolina's Special Elections for two Congressional Districts, the 3rd & 9th went GOP!

Rep. Greg Murphy won NC's 3rd 62% - 37%, while the 9th went to GOP challenger Dan Bishop by about 2% (51% - 49%) with NBC News projecting Bishop the winner shortly after 10:00 pm, ET.

She Should Know - Condoleeza Rice: 'Let's Drop This Notion That We're Worse With Race Rela...




Here, Condoleezza Rice educates an NBC reporter on the "America is Racist" narrative.

The problem is that NO ONE, black, white, or other alive today has ever experienced real racism.

In fact, American blacks have grown up within a system of segregation (the segregated standards of Affirmative Action) that benefits them, without any apparent acknowledgment, let alone appreciation for the sacrifices made for them. Segregated Standards have had a HUGE economic cost. They should, after nearly half a Century, be winding down.

Condi Rice is right about this...

Yet Another Flawed Meme...

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Funny story...maybe not so funny, the message of this meme has ALWAYS been and REMAINS UNIVERSALLY TRUE among all humans. It's just NOT true in the way this meme makes out.

In fact, Asia, the Arab-Muslim world and Africa are all far MORE xenophobic than the West.

That tribalism/xenophobia is the nature of always has been.

Thomas Jefferson believed that Jesus was a "great philosopher." I would add, "an impractical one."

Jesus said, "Treat others as you'd want to be treated."

The "best" humanity can seem to muster is treating people "the way they treat us."

Jesus said, "Before you would remove the splinter from your neighbor's eye, first remove the mote/pole from out your own."

Most humans insist on looking OUTWARD and criticizing their own OTHERS.

That's why I'm no longer a "Progressive" (I was...way, WAY back in College). I've both grown up and read voraciously (educating MYSELF) since then.

Today I think entirely independently and often piss off many people on both sides, as a result.

I've seen the judgmentalism of religious "Conservatives," but, in my view, it actually pales in comparison to the sanctimonious, self-righteousness on the Left.

One thing that Jesus character got right is that there's no path forward in looking outward, criticizing others and seeing those we disagree with as "enemies" instead of as fellow searchers.

That is something most people tend to do, but nowhere is it done as recklessly, thoughtlessly and maliciously as it is with today's Left.

More DUMB Memes...

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As a public service announcement, I'm offering to highlight the egregious flaws in so many of the memes floating around THIS one: Ike as Antifa...

Where to begin?

Well, how about with the basic facts, Eisenhower was pro Police, pro Military. He was a big law & order President. (Ironically enough, Trump is the first President Since Ike to lavish such praise on our Law Enforcement and Military).

Eisenhower was a Republican and despised the Left.

Eisenhower DIDN'T support non-European immigration.

He DIDN'T oppose immigration laws, nor the enforcement of our very strict immigration laws at that time.

Ike ordered "Operation Wetback" to deal with America's Southern border.

Enough said...
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