Saturday, December 28, 2019 the UGLY Face of Leftism...


Recently England followed up BREXIT by re-electing their own version of Donald Trump! They did so by giving the Conservative Tories a big majority in Parliament and by a HUGE margin.

Apparently, since Parliament acted as though they couldn't hear the people the first time, THIS time, the people yelled!

Just as here, in the U.S. when some anti Trumpers howled at the moon, England's impotent Leftists demonstrated against Boris, as shown in this video.

Ugly people...ugly values and ideals...ugly, misanthropic sentiments by a group that can't actually articulate anything other than a visceral hate.

"F*ck Boris"?...."F*ck Trump"?....Nope, it's this useless, vile Left that is...well, f*cked!

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