Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Robert Reich vs Reality...

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Robert Reich on the right...with some sex offender

According to Robert Reich, "Two years ago, Donald Trump and congressional Republicans slashed taxes, creating a massive give-away to the wealthy and corporations. Since then, Trump and the GOP have attempted to pay for their nearly $2 trillion tax handout for the rich by slashing critical services for working families. Just look at this New York Times headline:

"Trump Administration Unveils More Cuts to Food Stamps Program"

"The Trump administration is literally taking food off the table of hungry families, through $5.5 billion in SNAP cuts over the next five years. These devastating cuts will force nearly 10,000 families to lose all food stamp benefits.

"Trump’s ruse was that under his tax bill working families would see a $4,000 - $9,000 benefit both in individual tax cuts and through investments made by corporate America. Nothing remotely close to this has occurred..."
(Robert Reich)

Funny story, Robert Reich had promised "Armageddon" if the GOP tax bill passed back in 2017.

What really happened?

Well, wages rose 4.5% for the bottom 25% over the past year – compared to 2.9% for the for the top 25%. (https://www.wsj.com/…/rank-and-file-workers-get-bigger-rais…)

I believe Robert Reich also lauded Hugo Chavez' Command (government-run) economy and even now blames U.S. sanctions and Maduro's "incompetence" for Venezuela's failures.

THAT'S utter NONSENSE! Venezuela failed because neither Marxist policies nor Collectivist initiatives have ever worked anywhere.

By comparison, Milton Friedman advised Augusto Pinochet and, in the process, transformed Chile FROM Allende's "democratic Socialist" basketcase TO an economy praised as, "The Jewel of South America!"

Robert Reich seems like a very nice, but extremely naive gentleman.

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