Saturday, December 28, 2019

I Was Almost Tempted to Believe This...ALMOST


"Pres motorcade this morning pulls into Trump Intl Golf Club in West Palm Beach. By my count, his 61st visit to this course. It brings the number of days as Pres he's been to a golf club to 224." (Mark Knoller CBS) PHOTO Accompanying This BELOW


...The great media critic Mark Dice noted;
"No, Mr. CBS White House Correspondent. The President was half way around the world serving Thanksgiving dinner to our troops stationed in Afghanistan." (Mark Dice)

Who to believe, CBS, ABC, CNN...OR Mark Dice, who admits to, "Making his YouTube videos in his kitchen"? Hmmmm....

For me, that was an EASY choice...Mark Dice EVERY TIME!
N.B. For those who STILL naively trust this media (all 6% of you), apparently Mark Knoller didn't coordinate his calumny with the other networks, as NBC had already reported on Trump's Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan (…/trump-makes-surprise-thanksgiving…)

What can you expect from a media that delivered the "Ferguson Lie" ("Hands up, don't shoot," never happened), used a missile test in Kentucky as footage of a "Turkish air strike on Kurds in Syria," the Covington Catholic HATE Hoax, etc.

It IS rough when you can't trust your country's own media...BUT, that's where we are today.

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