Tuesday, December 31, 2019

This Better NOT Come to Pass...

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Virginia's Democrat majority statehouse has enacted some tough new anti gun laws...ALL targeted towards law-abiding gun owners.

NONE require house-to-house sweeps and confiscations in gang infested areas. They're targeted entirely at legal gun owners.

As a result a number of "Sanctuary Gun Zones" have cropped up, mostly in Southern Virginia, with many local Police and Sheriffs acknowledging that they WON'T comply with ANY legally mandated gun confiscations for those without felony or, mental health records.

In response, the Governor (Ralph Northam, who recently gleefully described the infanticide that abortion until birth allows) has said he'll call in the National Guard. As a result Militias began moving into the State in response, anticipating, "The first shots in a new Civil War." (https://www.zerohedge.com/…/virginia-activates-official-mil…)

More recently, the Virginia National Guard has refused to be used to impose Marshall Law within that State. (https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/national-guardsman-we-…/). Many of these Militias are comprised of Law Enforcement officials and Military Veterans.

I've speculated for a long time now, that if Left-of-Center politicians THINK they can use law enforcement and the Military on law-abiding citizens (gun owners, members of the "Patriot Movement," free speech purists, etc.) they may very well find that very FEW in such organizations are willing to carry out such commands.

The entire strategy seems ill-considered and ill-conceived.

For the Left...THIS is a war YOU don't really want.

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