Saturday, December 28, 2019

Hate is a Contagious Disease That Reduces its Victims to Fools


Nearly 3/4s of a Century ago the world recoiled in horror at the targeted hatred the Nazis inflicted upon Jews and some other groups (Gypsies, etc.).

Of course, no generation has ever taken the right lessons from history, so why should we be expected to, today?

The dehumanizing of "the other" has continued unabated to the present day. Whether the targeted are Christians ("Christofascists"), Leftists ("Pinkos"/"Commies"), Conservatives ("Fascists"/"Oppressors"), or different ethnic groups ("the others"), far too many people fall prey to the SAME targeting of "others" as the Nazis did.

More troubling is that currently, it's allegedly "educated" (mostly miseducated) Westerners that are among the most prone to eagerly embrace this dehumanization and hatred of..."others."

Some stubbornly insist that, "Hating the 'haters' ISN'T illegitimate hate."

ALL hate is illegitimate. ALL hate is self destructive and corrosive to the spirit. Hate is so easily rationalized because such rationalizations are a comfort. It's comforting and preferable to see ourselves as "noble" and "good" and those we disagree with as "evil," just as it's disquieting to consider we may be wrong...or at least partly right and partly wrong and just as guilty of relishing such hatreds as those "others."

That's probably why, in the deeply polarized U.S. today, a seeming majority of people actively dehumanize and revile "the others," as "enemies."

GW Bush was reviled more than any previous POTUS up to that time. Though GW Bush, despite coming from a notorious family, was himself, by all accounts, a genuinely kind and gentle man and yet he was portrayed as a would-be dictator, as "McChimp," and as a man, who, "If elected, more black Churches will burn."

While President Obama suffered significantly less abuse than GW Bush, largely because the existing national media overwhelmingly supports those it perceives to be Liberal Democrats, he too was reviled by a large segment of the population, DESPITE mostly delivering GW's 3rd & 4th terms!

Ironically enough, while Barack Obama won while running on a promise of "Hope & Change," he quickly befriended the banksters he'd campaigned on punishing. He continued GW Bush's big Bank and Corporate bailouts, as well as supporting, even expanding the post 9/11 Surveillance State he'd campaigned against. He even presided over the largest expansion of American oil and natural gas in nearly a Century, with the Fracking Boom!

The current POTUS (Donald Trump) has actually delivered on that "Hope & CHANGE," at least for those who revile and oppose the existing, establishment political-media class.

Trump is far more despised, especially by the media than Bush and Obama combined were, BUT the real antipathy is reserved for those who support Trump.

The media's hatred is understandable, as they're part of this political-media class, fully owned by a consortium of international banks and multinational conglomerates, BUT the hatred from Americans who identify as "Democrats," is far less understandable. After all, Donald Trump himself, is a lifelong, NY Democrat who hijacked the GOP and he's governed as a traditional "JFK Democrat" - a tax-cutting, Nationalist, anti Collectivist.

Kennedy, much like Trump opposed a Jacob Javits-backed "Immigration Reform" bill, that had been first introduced in 1960 and again in 1962, a bill that he knew was designed to change the demographics of America. Like Trump, JFK liked and preferred America's traditional demographics.

Why ANY Democrat today opposes such a platform is, to say the least, puzzling.

The market economy has never failed America, while no form of Collectivism has ever worked anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Trump's done absolutely no harm, to date.

The radical Left has had to contort itself to things like defending border trespassers, which is especially bizarre considering that from January, 2009 until January, 2017 those same people loudly applauded a President who, from the start, boasted of being, "The Deporter-in-Chief." In fact, Barack Obama deported over 3 MILLION border trespassers over his first 3 years.

Donald Trump, by comparison, has deported just under 1 MILLION over his first 3 years.

Trump has governed like a traditional Kennedy Democrat and, ironically enough, has been pilloried by members of the Democrat Party, for those efforts!

Worse still, this polarization of the public along class and ideological lines bodes ominously for America. Amidst talk from both sides about "Civil War," we've seen actual skirmishes with hate groups like Antifa and some radical elements of the BLM movement primarily targeting women and the elderly, as the Black Hebrew Israelites targeted a group of schoolchildren from Covington Catholic earlier this year. Most ominous of all is that there is very little condemnation of such groups by "traditional Liberals."

There's far too much of THIS kind of nonsense today ( This woman felt completely justified in assailing an older white (Jewish) gentleman who was minding his own business, drinking coffee in a Starbucks, while wearing a MAGA hat. She called him a "racist" and a "Nazi," and tried to get the rest of the customers to chase him out of the store. That didn't happen. In fact, the other customers turned on her.

In a hardly surprising move, NONE of those in the political-media class that gin up and legitimize such hate were there to defend her when she lost her job, over promoting the doxing of her victim.

Hate is a disease that turns ordinarily decent people into fools...and it's highly contagious.

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