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I intend no offense, as I'm serious about this. I say that because so many people are so hypersensitive these days and I know this will rub many people the wrong way.

These are my thoughts on this. I have no problem with disagreement, but at the least, make a rational case for your disagreement.

At any rate, after reading THIS article (https://www.mirror.co.uk/…/transgender-man-gives-birth-non-…), doesn't it seem more likely than not, that traditional Islam might have the right idea about all of....this? (https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/06/14/countries-where-being-gay-is-legally-punishable-by-death/39574685/) EXTREME? Yes, but no less so than seeking to redefine gender, the family and a civilization that has worked very well as is for over 2,000 years!

Islam elevates the female as a "vessel of procreation," which is why, in many Arab-Muslim countries Muslim women aren't allowed out in public without a male and in many places, they're barred from mundane tasks like driving and work.

THAT is the essence of the rationale behind traditional Islam's death sentence for adultery (specifically adulteresses) and homosexuality (specifically male homosexuals), for according to Muslim Sharia Law, the worst, or most base thing a female can do is to "act as a man," displaying her lusts, etc. and likewise, the worst, or most base thing a male can do is to claim the elevated status of the female. It's treated similarly to "Stolen Valor," here.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, or even gets the right idea, wrong here, this is NOT some blanket anti gay assertion on my part. Homosexuals, even crossdressing, transgenders (like J. Edgar Hoover) have lived among us for Millenia and they've always been free (for the most part) to live lives of quiet fulfillment...on the "down low," or "in the closet," so to speak.

The watchword has always been TOLERANCE.

Now, some are demanding ACCEPTANCE and THAT is unacceptable, as that threatens to undermine Western Society as we know it.

What is displayed in this article is something different even than "gay acceptance." This movement seeks to redefine, even eliminate the traditional idea of binary gender and the purpose of that is to eliminate the traditional nuclear family, the foundation of Western Civilization.

If gender is successfully redefined, then the family is redefined. If the family is redefined, then Western Civilization, at least much of it is redefined...even eliminated.

If gender and the family are redefined, then, WHY NOT polygamy?

WHY NOT bestiality?

Indeed, WHY NOT the "buggery of boys?" That IS what pedophilia really boils down to, the "buggery of boys."

As sure as Western Civilization is the pinnacle of mankind's ascension, the nuclear family - the "Holy Trinity" (Father, Son/Child & Holy Ghost/Mother), is vital to that ascension.

Attacks on the family, which is reliant upon gender is something we cannot abide.

Now I've long supported the draconian, public punishments of the Arab-Muslim world for violent offenders (ie. a mugger, or armed robber loses one hand and one foot, death for murderers, human traffickers, pedophiles, etc.), but I've opposed them for apostates, adulteresses and homosexuals, BUT articles like this one...well, they're certainly fuel for some reconsideration...

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