Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Difference Between UNETHICAL and ILLEGAL

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Jimmy Carter was almost certainly the worst (most incompetent and ineffective) post-WWII President, despite the fact that Carter was/is a great American.

Richard M. Nixon was actually one of the most effective Presidentsof that period, despite being a deeply flawed person.

Nixon was a largely amoral and unethical man, but he was an effective POTUS.

Oddly enough, Jimmy Carter was a very moral and highly ethical man, but a very ineffective POTUS.

Nixon opened up China to the West, started the EPA, signed Title IX into law, forged the SALT & ABM Treaties. UNFORTUNATELY he also instituted wage and price controls that worsened a weakening post-industrial economy, signed Affirmative Action's preferences and set asides into law and ended the compulsory Military Draft.

Paranoia aside, Nixon was a far more effective POTUS than LBJ, Carter, the Bush's Sr & Jr, Obama, even Reagan.

Carter's response to "Stagflation" (double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates) was, "Oh well, I guess we're all gonna just have to tighten our belts." An attempted rescue of the hostages in Iran was aborted because the Helicopters wouldn't take off in a desert sand storm. He was mocked over his canoe apparently being attacked by a rabid beaver on a canoe trip.

Bill Clinton, like Richard Nixon, was also an amoral and unethical man. Clinton's sexual tryst was certainly "coercive," under existing laws, but I've always had an issue with such presumptive charges. A CEO having a liaison with an underling is not necessarily coercive. I think Due Process is vital. The person making the charge has the burden of proof. It's only "coercive" if it can be proven to be coercive.

Joe Biden got his goofy kid (Hunter) a position with Burisma (a Ukranian Oil & Gas company). He later boasted about threatening to withhold aid if a prosecutor investigating Burisma wasn't fired. He bragged that the Prosecutor was fired within 6 hours.

That's unethical, it's NOT technically illegal.

Likewise, Trump suggesting that the new Ukrainian President reopen the Burisma and Crowd Source investigations probably wasn't even unethical, as those investigations had already been reopened before his calls were made. It's certainly NOT illegal.

Many people use those two words unethical/illegal interchangeably. They are NOT synonyms. They are two vastly different concepts.

Many things that are UNETHICAL are not ILLEGAL.

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