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Boris Slams Labour and Insures BREXIT

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In honor of Stewart Loeb, a Hunter Thompson fan, I figured I'd start this off with a bit of Thompson-Lite, in the form of a sort of "Fear and Loathing in London" report on Britain's recent elections. So here goes;
The other night, on the eve of Britain's most important election in decades, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn appeared to be in the throes of a really bad acid trip.

Instead of doing those Nixonian belly flops from the high board, Corbyn took to trying to light his own farts on fire.
That didn't go so well.

Because he was so out of it, he kept screwing up the flame-to-fart timing and wound up lighting his ass hairs on fire.

It all made for a somewhat disturbing and...a rather smelly scene, made even more surreal by Corbyn's shrieking like a South London schoolgirl, "My tusch! My TUSCH!!!"

No matter, Labour just KNEW they had this election in the bag. Surely, the English people would know England NEEDED the EU. They'd never fall for Johnson's 'Trumpian' fear mongering.

Sadly, they couldn't have been more wrong. They probably should've shared some of Jeremy Corbin's acid. After all, he DID offer.
All of this, of course, was well before the roof caved in on Labour (…/boris-johnson-claims-powerful…), well the roof, the upper floors, the chimney...Boris Johnson's Torries brought the whole house down on them.

The election results SHOCKED Labour, even if they surprised no one else.

Corbyn, after coming down from his ill-conceived acid trip, began stuttering angrily, blaming stupid voters and calling the results “ve-ve-very di-di-di-disappointing.”

While resisting calls to resign in disgrace immediately, he did say he wouldn't lead Labour into another election.

Media pseudo-elites, both in the UK and the U.S. had laughed at Boris Johnson's call for an early election (nearly 2 years ahead of schedule), but Johnson got the last laugh, as Britain's Conservative Party won a clear majority, in taking 364 out of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. Maybe our media should resign in disgrace...or, is that too much to ask?

Once ratified, this will be the largest Tory majority since Thatcher's 1980s' heyday, and Labour’s lowest number of seats since 1935!

In Scotland, the results were even more stark, with the Scottish National Party winning 48 of Scotland's 59 seats, up from 35 in 2017 (…). That's a result that'll almost certainly embolden its demands for a new referendum on Scottish independence.

Somewhere William Wallace is smiling.

In England, the Conservatives took a swathe of seats in the post-industrial northern English towns (England's "Rust Belt") that had long been Labour strongholds.

Labour did much better in increasingly non-English London, where that party DID manage to grab the Putney seat from Conservatives.

During all of this, I was playing some spirited table tennis with the Dalai Lama, who prefers to call the game, "Pong of Ping."

Much like myself, the Dalai Lama has been a stalwart Nationalist for a very long time, like...well, forever. He's recently said that, "Germany MUST remain German. It's imperative that the refugees look to return to their own lands to rebuild them."

Denmark feels likewise, as does Hungary, Poland, Italy, etc.. Denmark has even consigned Somali refugees to an island in the North Atlantic, while demanding they prepare to return home. They recently passed one of the strictest immigration laws in Europe (…/denmark-refugees-immi…/431520/)

Europe has overwhelmingly voted to maintain, well EUROPE!

All of this made the Dalai Lama giddy, so giddy, in fact, that he lost 8 straight games of "pong of ping" to me and at 50 Ren minbi's/game (Ren minbi is what Tibetans call the Chinese Yuan), or about $7(U.S.)/game, I accrued a tidy $56 profit on the evening.
HELLO Dalai!

So now, BREXIT seems assured and with BREXIT assured, how long will the EU be able to stand?

What's more, does it even matter?

Even NOW, Italy's Matteo Salvini is looking to take control of the EU with a decidedly Nationalist platform.

Europe is fighting for its cherished heritage, culture, traditions and customs.

Europe is fighting for its LIFE.

The Globalists (these Anglo-American Globalists/One Worlders) are Neo-Colonialists. They DON'T merely want to see humanity melded and unified, what they really want is to eradicate every vestige of Asian, African and Arab culture. They want the rest of the world fully Westernized. They want that because they see those others as "ahistoric" and without culture.

That's some good'ol Colonialist racism, right there.

Nigeria has been battling it's own Nationalist struggle in seeking to stop "the Asianization of Sub-Saharan Africa," for years. Perhaps Europe's fight will embolden them!

No wonder the leaders of Anglo-American Globalism/One Worldism, like Jeremy Corbyn are having bad acid trips.

I'd suggest belly flops from the high board, but we've all seen that before, or at least read about it in Thompson's "reports."

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