Tuesday, December 31, 2019

There's Just NO WAY to Defend Socialism..."Democratic," Nor Any Other Kind

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Milton Friedman (L) and Paul Krugman (R) Dr. Friedman was a brilliant economist. Paul Krugman was the other guy
The scorecards are IN on "The Market Economy vs Socialism" and...the Market Economy has won in a 1st Round knock out. Not only has Venezuela failed after abandoning the market, both Russia and China have experienced economic booms after abandoning Soviet Socialism and Maoism in favor of market economies.

Chile was a failed economy under Salvatore Allende's Socialist policies. It's economy became "The Jewel of South America," under Augusto Pinochet, advised by Milton Friedman.

Here in the U.S., all anyone needs do to compare the relative worth of Liberal vs Conservative policies is to compare thriving Texas and Florida to declining Leftist strongholds like NY & CA.

The reason NO ONE has been able to defend Leftist/Socialist policies is because they just don't work. There's nothing to defend on that score!

So WHY do some continue to advocate for Leftism/Socialism?

Bone ignorance, I guess.

As always, I welcome disagreement, BUT I've actually sought out examples of working Socialism. I've sought out people who'd defend Socialism, but to date, none have been able to do that.

Referring to the failed arguments of those like Robert Reich and Paul Krugman aren't helpful. They both lauded Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and look how that turned out.

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