Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sliwa Calls Out Big Bird and Andy...

The other day, Curtis Sliwa slimed and shamed the shameless Andy Cuomo and Warren Wilhelm Jr./Bill DeBlasio for their part in making the recent rash of anti-Semitic attacks far more likely to happen, than not. Their failed Bail & Criminal Justice policies have emboldened violent offenders.

As you might expect, they've made no response. No attempt to defend their pro thug "criminal justice reforms," not even a retaliatory response against Sliwa for....I don't know, maybe, "fear mongering," &/or "promoting violence." THAT would seem to be up their alley.

So far, neither has said ANYTHING. Which is not surprising, since they've done NOTHING in response to the recent upsurge in violent crime in NY.

While the addled and incompetent Andy Cuomo and hipster dufuss, Warren Wilhelm Jr. (Big Bird) preen over their eradication of bail and giving criminals gifts upon release from custody, they've done nothing about the recent wave a violence targeting Jews and nothing about the recent upswing in murders in NYC.

Cuomo may actually be worse, as only a decade ago he referred to urban thugs as "cowards" and "animals," but now, with the Democratic Party's nod in favor of lawlessness....well, "Bird is the word" - Big Bird, that is.

Cuomo's first assessment ("cowards and animals") was correct. It can be reliably predicted that none of the urban Jew-haters will confront anyone with the Guardian Angel's present, because they are cowards, after all, just like Big Bird & Andy!

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