Saturday, December 28, 2019

Multiculturalism is Anglo-American Globalism/One Worldism

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Gay Byrne
Religion has been horribly abused for ages by the ignorant and dimwitted, ESPECIALLY the ignorant and dimwitted in GOVERNMENTS around the world.

It's intriguing to look at this ongoing, "Catholicism as sin" campaign (…/confessions-of-a-collapsed-d…). If you're Muslim, Sihk, or Hindu, you should find this especially interesting, as THIS is the new Colonialism and it's coming your way.

"Multiculturalism" is part and parcel of Anglo-American Globalism/One Worldism. "Welcome to the West and prepare to be fully Westernized." The Western Leftists don't believe any other cultures are viable, let alone valuable. This is the new, softer Colonialism, rooted in the condescending view that, "Inside every 3rd World wog is a proper Englishman trying to get out."

That view isn't just bigoted, that entire view is an expression of Western bigotry toward 'other'/lesser cultures and peoples. Yes, the Irish Catholics are part of that "other." That's part of the sales pitch to other unwanted belief systems.

I stopped believing in Catholicism at around 9, stopped going to Church by age 11. Today, I AM spiritual, just not religious.

As a result, today I'm equally skeptical of modern religions like Anglo-American Globalism/One Worldism and Cataclysmic Environmentalism.

As stifling and repressive as many ancient belief systems are, multiculturalism and Anglo-American Globalism/One Worldism are worse...way, WAY WORSE!

Where previous Colonizers sought to convert at the point of a gun and eradicate those who wouldn't comply, today's new Colonialists use mass media to shape/manipulate public opinion and "Colonize" minds.

It's a more insidious, dangerous and effective strategy.

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