Saturday, December 28, 2019

It's ONLY Surprising to THIS Media's Supporters

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Christopher Steele
There's a reason polls show only 6% of Americans really trust this media and over 70% believe this media reports things it knows to be false (…/394352-poll-72-percent-say-traditiona…). This media hasn't earned that trust.

This media defended the FISA Warrants to wiretap Trump Tower, despite early reports casting doubt on the documents used to get those warrants (The Steele Dossier). In fact, they defended the disgraced Michael Steele, who now admits to, "Fabricating a document (the "Steele Dossier) for pay."

James Comey is now running from Steele, the man whose document, Comey and others used to get those wiretaps.

The now disgraced, James Comey is now doing the rounds, trying to get ahead of the FISA abuses story, by trying to explain it away as a "big mistake." (…/20191216202526-former-fbi-direct…/). The Horowitz report says NO.

Early on, media defenders, or "TV watchers," as I call them, vehemently defended this media, the FBI and these ill gotten FISA Warrants. (…/horowitz-report-steele-doss…/)



It seems no one's defending Comey, the tainted FBI, or the FISA Courts, that, as of yet, haven't filed either complaints, or charges against those who lied to them, not even Bill Heaney or Stewart Loeb.

Do you think it's changed the view of, nor diminished their trust in this media?

Not a chance...

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