Saturday, December 28, 2019

Jersey City Shooter Was a Member of the Hate Group the Media Ignored in the Covington Catholic Hate Hoax...

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David Anderson (L) and Francine Graham (R)
Last January, a group of Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) harangued a group of schoolchildren from Covington Catholic. In response the schoolchildren began singing their school song to drown out the vile taunts from those racist adults.

Nathan Phillips, a "Native American Activist," siding with the BHI, was outraged that these children weren't listening to the bigots and went up to the Schoolchildren, drumming in their faces.

The initial reports by the Washington Post and NBC, omitted the BHI from their narrative and reported the story as a group of MAGA hat wearing teens bullying an older American Indian.

That appears to have been a deliberate HATE HOAX perpetrated by those media outlets.

Now, David Anderson, a reported member of the BHI has murdered a Jersey City cop, a store owner, his wife and a worker, in what appears to have been an anti Semitic attack. (

The identities of David Anderson, 47 and his accomplice, Francine Graham, 50 was not made known until more than 24 hours after the attack.

It's doubtful this would've been the case had the suspects fit the media narrative - a couple of white supremacists...preferably wearing MAGA hats.

It's not hard to imagine the wailing and weeping in newsrooms across the country at an opportunity to link Conservatives to hate and add a bit of Trump bashing to boot.


Oh, how to cover this disappointing turn of events? That had to be the question facing America's "Newsers" over the past 24 hours, or so.

If it had only fit their narrative THIS would've been a lead story for a month. Instead tonight, CNN & MSNBC went back to...impeachment coverage.

It's got to be extremely inconvenient to cover a mass murder/hate crime committed by someone who belongs to a hate group the media only recently covered for, in their Covington Catholic hate hoax, a hoax that only came to light when cell phone video embarrassingly showed the world what really happened in that incident.

So now, what would've been a major national news story, must now be consigned to a local one. If you doubt that, the Covington HATE HOAX was a featured cable news story and front page news mere hours after the incident, the Jussie Smollett hoax was reported on as a NATIONAL story just hours after it allegedly occurred.

DON'T expect the names of Officer Joseph Seals, nor Mindy Ferenz, Moshe Deutsch, nor Miguel Douglas to be memorialized in national news accounts.

This hate crime DIDN'T fit the media's favored narrative.

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