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Dawn Demry and TLHDW (The Little Hot Dog Wagon)

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There's nothing more difficult, nor creative than starting a business from scratch, to risk everything on an idea.

Dawn Demry has done that and it's an inspiring story.

Last year, she told the Hudson Kitchen, "I was laid off from The City University of New York due to budget cuts on July 30th, 2017. In early August 2017, I established my mobile food wagon and was vending in NYC and NJ. Listening to customers, I pitched my product to Harlem 125th Street Whole Foods Market and was accepted into their vending program. I then pitched my product to Key Food Market and have been blessed to stock my product in 200 Key Food Markets in NYC."

Most of us take setbacks and dislocations badly. It's hard not to feel down, even angry, but often such things open up opportunities we never considered before.

Many of us look, but don't see what opportunities are there right in front of us. 
(https://youtu.be/0511jkt315Y). Since that time, she was offered her old job back, but has accepted only a part time position, so she can devote herself to building her brand.

I was fortunate to have worked in a neighboring Bronx firehouse to Dawn's father, Gary, a long time Lieutenant in Ladder 27. She credits her father's love of cooking for inspiring her interest in this business.

Today she's created a unique condiment she calls "Kraut Salad." It's more sweet and less bitter than traditional Sauerkraut and it's been a big hit. Today she's marketing that in Whole Foods and has orders to sell it in 275 Keyfood owned stores! (https://thelittlehotdogwagon.com/product/kraut-salad/…). That is an amazing success story, considering the majority of new businesses fail within their first year. This is a testament to both the quality of Dawn's product and her own hard work.

I'm Glad I Was a Part of THIS...

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Proctor & Gamble has lost BILLIONS over Gilette's recent anti masculinity ads. (https://www.redstate.com/…/gillettes-woke-ad-insulted-men-…/).

I personally haven't bought a Gillette product since the first "toxic masculinity" ad aired (https://youtu.be/-4Qa9ZXTg2g). In fact, I'd been such a regular user, I had a recurring order/subscription set up on Amazon and I ditched that to move to one of its shave club competitors.

I'm NOT, nor ever have been much of a boycotter. I've almost NEVER done this before. I STILL like the NFL and I DON'T blame the players or the League for the Kaepernick Anthem protests, but I WON'T be lectured to by companies looking to sell me stuff.

Normally, I'd feel bad about a Company losing BILLIONS over a marketing faux pas, as I did over the failed "New Coke," BUT not this time. Not only DIDN'T Gilllette get the initial message, but they doubled down on stupid with their "Trans Man" ad (https://youtu.be/6FR2N7bvSf0) AND the company STILL steadfastly defends its ad campaign (https://youtu.be/8lXBs2Wy1OU) that derides, NOT merely bullying, harassment and abuse (who WOULD object to those things being derided?), but traditional masculinity.

So far, P&G has written down over $8 BILLION and Gillette is the only P&G sector that has lost money over that period.

Personally, I don't think I'll ever go back to Gillette. Yes, they've lowered prices, but that only highlights yet another major issue I had with them even before these scolding ads, blaming all men for the bad behaviors of a minority - their obscenely overpriced products.

Not only was this ad campaign offensive, scolding all members for the abuses of a few (I've never bullied, nor harassed anyone and I don't know many who have), but it only served to highlight Gillette's own hypocrisy on the issue in the pricing disparity between its male and female products. The Daily Mail wrote, "Its products for women are generally more expensive than its products for men. In Woolworths, for example, a Gillette fusion razor with five blades costs $14, while the Gillette Venus razor with five blades costs $17, a 21 per cent mark up."

Gillette is far from the first, or only conglomerate to go full on "Social Justice Warrior." Awhile back, internal memos within Citibank chided employees for using traditional terms like husband and wife, even brother and sister, encouraging workers to use more generic terms like spouse, partner, or sibling.

Many of us mistakenly believe governments have taken the lead on such social issues, even on, "Social Justice Societal Transformation," but it has ALWAYS been business and industry, specifically multinational conglomerates and international banks that have led the way.

It's those entities that control the government's and media and use the political-media class as their managers, so, of course, the push for such changes tends to bubble up in Corporate Board Rooms, NOT in Political groups.

Domestic Terrorism in the U.S.

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There were a total of 17,284 reported murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases in the U.S. in 2017.

On average, there've been appx 16,500 homicides per year since 2000.

"From Sept. 12th, 2001, to Dec. 31st, 2016 — there have been 85 attacks in the country by violent extremists resulting in 225 deaths.

"GAO reported citing data from the U.S. Extremist Crime Database.

Of those 225 deaths:
• 106 individuals were killed by far-right violent extremists in 62 separate incidents

• 119 individuals were killed by radical Islamist violent extremists in 23 separate incidents

• The number of people killed in a given year ranged from one to 49."

In the 15 years between September 12th, 2001 and December 31st, 2016, there've been 106 people killed by domestic (non Jihadist/"far Right") terror attacks in 62 incidents. That averages out to appx. 7 deaths per year in appx 4 incidents per year.

Putting that into perspective that's 106 deaths out of the appx 247,000 U.S. homicides, or appx 1/25 of 1% (0.25%) of all homicides in America over that period.

THAT'S an accurate indication of the threat posed by (non Jihadist/"far Right") domestic terrorism and of the relative size and significance of that movement.

By comparison, urban gang violence accounts for more than half of all "black-on-black" homicides each year, somewhat over 4,000/year.

The focus on domestic (non Jihadist), especially "white supremacist terrorism" is a negligible portion of the homicides in the U.S.

So much so, that the total number of deaths by homegrown (non Jihadist) domestic terrorism from September 12th, 2001 to the end of 2016, 106 over those 15 years, is a negligible percentage (0.65%) of the 16,500 U.S. homicides in an average year!

In the past two weeks, we've had 3 mass shootings, resulting in a total of 43 deaths.

4 deaths, including the shooter, in California (by an apparent Eco Terrorist, Santino William Legan, who'd railed against "Paving over pristine places so that hordes of MEZTISOS and SILICON VALLEY WHITE TWATS can live here," 10 deaths, including the shooter, in Dayton, OH (by an alleged Antifa supporter), Connor Betts and 29 by an anti immigrant psychopath (Patrick Crusius).

Those 3 incidents alone account for 38% of the domestic (non Jihadist/"far Right") terror acts in the 15 years between September 12th, 2001 & the end of 2016.

This violence has been both inspired and encouraged by a malignant media that has continually hyped an ideological Cold Civil War, not merely since 2016, but with the media-inspired "War on Police," with the Ferguson Lie and its subsequent cheerleading for the Antifa violence that has plagued much of the country since.

A Sign of These Times...

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THIS is my FAVORITE sign of all time!

Yup, it's at Home Depot, of course and it reminds patrons that our every move is being surveilled in the store (fair warning), BUT I LOVE the line, "cameras are in use to help provide you with low prices," quickly followed by, "recordings will be used in the prosecution of criminal offenses."

So our movements are being recorded both to help provide us with low prices and for prosecuting criminal offenses, but I'm guessing it's MOSTLY to be used in the prosecution of criminal offenses, which is fair.

I think the line "to help provide you with low prices," is just, as they say, "A little Flayva."

That said, prosecuting pilferage (that's thievery) DOES help provide us with lower prices, given that in areas with high "pilferage" (AGAIN that's THIEVERY), the costs of those losses must get passed onto consumers.

At any rate, I LOVE this sign!

Are White Liberals/"Progressives" Fleeing America?...

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A recent Yahoo News article begins, "Eleanor Pelta has secured Polish passports for herself and her two sons. Stephanie Schwab is planning an escape route via Spain. Elie Jacobs has begun to keep enough cash on hand to buy last-minute plane tickets to Israel for his family. Alex and Aussa Lorens are applying for work visas in Australia, while Josh Lewin is aiming for New Zealand.

"And Kami Lewis Levin already has her bags packed and tickets purchased. She leaves next week, with her husband, three children and a dog, for a new home in Costa Rica." (https://news.yahoo.com/frightened-by-shootings-appalled-at-…)

First, in answer to the question, "Are white "progressives" fleeing the country?

Sadly no...I only wish that were the case, but no, they aren't.

Still, just as an interesting aside, what's the common denominator among Eleanor Pelta, Stephanie Schwab, Elie Jacobs, Alex and Aussa Lorens, Josh Lewin and Kami Lewis?

Come on, shout it out when you know the answers...

Yup, they're ALL...WHITE! It also seems they're all white and all seem to be of a specific, but unnamed religion often spoken of as an ethnicity AND they're all apparently relatively financially well off.

Seriously, let me frame this out a little more clearly; Can anyone picture Mexicans (or citizens of "Anyplace, Planet Earth") planning to abandon Mexico (or "Anyplace") because a President there cut their taxes, reduced regulations, improved a bunch of lopsided trade deals AND sought to secure their borders, to keep Mexico (or "Anyplace") from being transformed into a place unrecognizable to those same Mexican (or "Anyplace") people?

No...I can't either, BUT that's what this writer (Lisa Belkin) is selling?!

WHY are the subjects of the piece all white Leftists/"Progressives"?

Well, probably because THAT'S apparently the only kind of people Lisa Belkin KNOWS!

Hmmm, I can't help but notice that relatively well-off white "progressives" always seem to like OBSERVING "diversity" from their own decidedly non-diverse high-rises and gated communities. Yeah, they all "love diversity," so long as they don't have to get much of it on THEM.

It's actually kind of funny, although in a pretty pathetic sort of way.

I'm not too sure, but isn't that pathos?

Inexplicably THIS is TRUE...

After Greg Steube (R-FL) resurrected a previously defeated bill via a "motion to recommit," that would require ICE be notified any time a Border Trespasser/"ILLEGAL immigrant" legally seeks to purchase guns, 26 Democrats voted for HR8 that would expand gun background checks with the Steube amendment included.

These background checks would be performed with newer technologies, thus making the data of those citizens and non-citizens trying to purchase guns available to law enforcement officials.

Congressional Democrats initially rejected the amendment that would alert ICE whenever a Border Trespasser tried to purchase firearms earlier in February.

However, House voting results from Thursday (August 8th), showed that 26 Democrats voted in favor of the bill with the amendment and HR8 passed 220 - 209.

Of the 26 Democrats that supported the Steube Amendment to that bill, 22 represent districts that Trump won in 2016, and 18 were first elected in 2018. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez has threatened those 26 Democrats with Primary challenges.

If law enforcement is to be notified whenever people with felonies or documented mental/emotional health issues attempt to purchase guns (and they ARE), then WHY would Democrats seek to keep the proper authorities from being notified when people here ILLEGALLY seek to purchase guns?

There can ONLY be TWO possible reasons the Democrats would support expanding gun background checks EXCEPT for Border Tresspassers/"ILLEGAL immigrants," either they really DON'T care all that much about gun safety, or they really support Border Trespassing...OR BOTH!

Border trespassing/"ILLEGAL immigration" is NOT an immigration issue, it's (1) a migrant worker/ ILLICIT employer issue and (2) a criminal justice issue (human trafficking, drugs and gang members also cross that porous border).

By OPPOSING authorities being notified when Border Trespassers attempt to purchase guns, the Democrats show where they REALLY stand on guns.

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Monday, August 12, 2019


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Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attempted suicide on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 (https://www.nbcnewyork.com/…/Jeffrey-Epstein-Found-Injured-…). He was reported to have been on suicide watch (24 hour surveillance), but now, after his 2nd (and successful) suicide attempt, it's been reported that he was taken off that watch on July 30th!

The NY Times reported, "The law-enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said that when the decision was made to remove Mr. Epstein from suicide watch, THE JAIL INFORMED the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT that Mr. Epstein WOULD HAVE A CELLMATE and that a guard “WOULD LOOK INTO HIS CELL” EVERY 30 MINUTES.

"But that was apparently not done, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the death was still under investigation." (https://www.nytimes.com/…/epstein-death-manhattan-correctio…)

NONE of that, especially his being taken off suicide watch just a week after an alleged suicide attempt, his being assigned "a cellmate" AND the surveillance breakdowns make any sense.

The Night the Suicide Watch Broke...

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Garabaldi: Sir! SIR!!!"

Nameless Government Official (NGO): "What is it Garibaldi?!"

Garabaldi: "It's the Suicide Watch! She's BROKE!!!"

NGO: "Are you sure, Garabaldi? I mean that's a pretty nice watch!"

Garabaldi: "Yes come see! The Epstein...he's dead!"

NGO: "Hmmmm, yesss, I can see that...very sad...VERY SAD indeed. So you say the suicide watch just...broke."

Garabaldi: "Look for yourself, it clearly broke."

NGO: "Well, Garabaldi, no harm done. He was 66, which is, after all, a pretty long life for such as him. We'll just change this cause of death to heart attack in his cell."

Garabaldi: "Still...he died in our custody! Such a disgrace!"

NGO: "These things...they happen Garabaldi," (as he hands Garabaldi the want ads).

Garabaldi: "What's this for?"

NGO: "Those are for whoever was assigned to watch that bank of Surveillance cameras...they'll probably need them."

Garabaldi: Glumly responds, "Yes, yes...I'm sure he will."

NGO: "Best to put your most junior employee on that assignment, Garabaldi."

Garabaldi: "But a...yes...YES (brightening), I'll do that right away."

And just like that 22 y/o Nunzio Borelli lost his dream job...
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