Monday, May 22, 2017

NO! Your Fat Ass is Making You Look Fat!

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MSNBC's Brian Williams

THIS is priceless. Recent polls show most Americans DO NOT trust the "U.S. media," some claiming as many as 96% don't trust our media any more, but Brian Williams thinks it all Trump's fault. (

That's NOT new. It's NOT a recent, or even relatively recent phenomenon...AND it ISN'T Trump's or Obama's's the fault of those in the media.

It's things like this (…) a major newspaper running 2 divergent headlines on the very SAME day. It's the media's running with the obviously false narrative out of Ferguson, "Hands up Don't Shoot," AND it's folks like Brian Williams embellishing his own actions and fictionalizng "news reports."

Who does he think he is, Hillary Clinton?

It would be smart of Brian Williams to keep quiet on an issue like issue so close to home for him, but Williams has never been known to do "the smart thing."

I can't believe this lying hack found work in the minor leagues (MSNBC)...the "news porn" station.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Fundamental LIE of Black Lives Matter...

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The Late Michael Brown Shot and Killed Assaulting a Police Officer and Struggling to Wrest the Cop's Gun Away

How RARE are Police shootings? In 2015, there were 10.8 million total arrests made by Police in the U.S. and 965 people were fatally shot by Police. 564 of those killed were armed with a gun, 281 were armed with another weapon, and 90 were unarmed. “Unarmed blacks,” comprised 4% of the total number of fatal Police shootings. As shown, most of those shot while unarmed were attacking Police, like Michael Brown who tried to wrestle Officer Darren Wilson’s gun away. Some others were shot while refusing to cease attacking a victim.

With roughly 1,000 fatal shootings in appx 11 million arrests, that’s LESS than 0.001% given that 1% amounts to 1,000 fatal shootings per 100,000 arrests. 0.01% = 1,000 fatal shootings per 1,000,000 arrests and 0.001% = 1,00 fatal shootings per 10,000,000 arrests.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WHY the Intelligence Community/Newsmedia Panic Over Trump?

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The Late Seth Rich

Something’s amiss here.

Donald Trump is not a politician. That’s a big part of why he was elected, BUT there is a downside, there’s a steep learning curve with the archaic, Byzantine rules of Washington, D.C.

If you were a diehard, partisan enemy, you’d think you could just wait for an inevitable screw-up, but that hasn’t happened. Trump said a LOT of overlooked things on the campaign trail that many followers probably wouldn’t be that happy about, like “American workers are underpaid and under taxed,” and that he favored a Single Payer option for health care. The problem is “Single Payer, like the VA, or like Medicare?”

BUT Trump’s enemies DIDN’T wait. Maybe they felt they COULDN’T wait. If so, WHAT are they hiding?

From the day after the election, when the outright SHOCK of losing an election they “KNEW” they’d safely stolen, an election when the media WAS effectively Hillary Clinton’s campaign, when the Bush’s and Koch’s threw their money behind Hillary’s campaign once the GOPe candidates were all out, the Newsmedia has been on the attack!

The election was a major embarrassment for the Newsmedia, for the Intelligence Bureaucracies...AND for the global conglomerates and International Bankers who own them!

BUT there’s something behind their panic. Obviously NOT just the BILLIONS of USD Ben Carson found stashed at HUD, but more, MUCH MORE!

Recently the Newsmedia has ratchetted UP the phony attacks. FIRST we were sold the "Russians HACKED the DNC," despite Julian Assange, long ago having named the LEAKERS, one of whom is alleged to have been the late Seth Rich ( AND more recently on the "Trump leaked classified information to the Russians." The 2nd one is even more fantastic, given that it’s the POTUS who is the ultimate arbiter of what is "Classified" and what is not.

Moreover, even the National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster said Monday, "At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed, and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly." (

Worse STILL, the Washington Post indicted ITSELF with its report that, {The leaker} “is withholding most plot details, including the name of the city, at the urging of officials who warned that revealing them would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities.”

This is NOT the White House or on-the-record sources telling the Washington Post not to publish the details, this is “the intelligence leaker” directing the Post on what to publish and not publish. (

This statement from the Washington Post itself, a self-admission, indicates that current or former “U.S. officials” have (previously) leaked classified information to the Post and told them to retract part of the report being leaked and cited. Given that it's a CRIME for anyone to leak confidential WH conversations, the WaPo appears to have acknowledged aiding and abetting a criminal and helping that criminal commit a crime.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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Tolerance, inclusion, multiculturalism, reproductive choice, gay rights are hallmark Liberal values.

Unfortunately TODAY, those values are at odds...with each other. Tolerance and inclusion of Muslims means tolerance and “coming to terms,” or “making an arrangement with” Sharia law, which is fundamentally intolerant, non-inclusive, anti-gay and anti-democratic.

The source of so much of the Western Left’s misunderstanding of Islam centers around the fact that there is NO SUCH THING as "Radical," or "Fundamentalist" Islam, THERE IS only traditional Islam...that's all.

Any Muslim who doesn't adhere to traditional Islam and strict Sharia Law is NOT a practicing true Muslim.

The problem for Western Leftist and Liberal values is that traditional Islam intolerant, non-inclusive, opposed to women's rights and insists upon the death penalty for gays and apostates.

Islamic Jihadism is an unlikely, even an unwilling ally to Western Nationalists and anti-globalists/One Worlders, but they are, at heart, anti-globalist and are diametrically opposed to many of the core tenets of Western Liberals, like tolerance, multiculturalism, reproductive choice, gay rights, etc.

Most Western Leftists are in denial. There are few Bill Maher's, far more Gloria Steinem's, who, on Bill Maher's show said, "There are many Arab-Muslim feminists in the Middle East."

The truth is, few, VERY FEW Muslim women object to Sharia’s “protections” for women, just as there are NO/ZERO "gay Muslims." Homosexuality is not merely a sin in Islam, it’s a crime under Sharia Law.

For Left-leaning, globalists/One Worlders BOTH paths forward for humanity look bleak, either a hard-right Nationalist future that is at least Western, in outlook, OR one rooted in the harsh realities of Sharia, death to female adulteresses, homosexuals, apostates, among other crimes, along with Honor Killings prescribed for promiscuous females and third-class social status for non-Muslims.

Traditional Islam is a devout enemy of Leftist Western Globalism/One Worldism. Western Leftists have made clear that they revile Western Nationalists far more than they do Jihadists. They DO NOT oppose freedom of speech for the most extreme Jihadists (and they SHOULDN’T), but they DO oppose free speech for the Ethno-Nationalist Right! For their part, Western Nationalists SHOULD BE even more opposed to Leftist Western globalists/One Worlders than they are to Islamic Jihadism.

Sadly, that’s just how this dynamic will ultimately play itself out.

Our Seen...and Unseen Enemies

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Rep Anna Eshoo

A Democrat from California (Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) told a committee last week just how much she despised ‘middle America’ when she referred to it as “Podunk USA”

Some have called her an idiot!   

Sadly, she's NOT an "idiot," she's worse...much, MUCH WORSE, she's an anti-American globalist/One Worlder. There are many like her in our political-media class.

The "Venture Capitalists" she speaks of, are international business people who see nations, borders, language and culture as "roadblocks" to their commerce.

EVERYONE who loves THEIR country, THEIR culture better realize that Nationalism is THEIR cause.

Some dismiss this as a mere “lack of patriotism,” but this isn't just lack of patriotism, Tom.

In many regards, the Left-wing globalists truly ARE much smarter/DEVIOUS than us regular Americans. They are generally better at articulating (selling) their positions and MUCH better at demonizing others.

Conservatives use cute terms like "Lefties," "snowflakes," "libturds/libtards," while Leftists label patriotic, Constitution-loving Americans, "fascists," "wing-nuts," "Nazis."

They are far more effective in demonizing their enemies, because they are fascistic scum.

They (especially the rarely seen "elites") have a strong, unifying goal..."UNIFYING the planet under a grand global hegemony." They are ALL onboard with the view that this can ONLY be accomplished by controlling/subjugating whites...the most productive, but also the most Independent and freedom-loving group on earth.

There's really nothing dumb about that plan. In many respects it's been brilliantly conceived and masterfully orchestrated. They've managed to turn various fringe groups (BLM, radical gays, anti-male feminists) against "the system."

We focus on Hollywood and media personalities and the army of fringe groups, which are set to be eliminated once their manipulators get enthroned. We don't even see the real "masters of the universe," and if Conservatives DID see them, many of us would probably even like and admire them.

Funny story, many of us already DO, in liking and admiring the billionaire sports teams owners.

Look at How Openly Globalism/One Worldism (Merging Nations) is Spoken About here...

The political-media class has been getting more upfront about the goals of their owners (the multinational conglomerates.

THIS should outrage ANYONE who loves their nation, their people, their culture and heritage (a/k/a/ Nationalists).

Perhaps this piece in the Last Refuge put it best;

Monday, May 15th, 2017
By Sundance @ Last Refuge…/multinational-finan…/

"To understand the larger objectives of the G7 Financial Ministers meeting it is important to understand the three-decade global financial construct they seek to protect. Global financial exploitation of national markets:

 Multinational corporations purchase controlling interests in various national elements of developed industrial western nations.

 The Multinational Corporations making the purchases are underwritten by massive global financial institutions, multinational banks.

 The Multinational Banks and the Multinational Corporations then utilize lobbying interests to manipulate the internal political policy of the targeted nation state(s).

 With control over the targeted national industry or interest, the multinationals then leverage export of the national asset (exfiltration) through trade agreements structured to the benefit of lesser developed nation states – where they have previously established a proactive financial footprint.

The ‘America First’ Trump-Trade Doctrine upsets the entire construct of this multinational export/control dynamic. Team Trump focuses exclusively on bilateral trade deals with specific policy only looking out for the national interests of the United States.

Under President Trump’s Trade positions exfiltration of U.S. national wealth is essentially stopped. This puts the multinational corporations, globalists who previously took a stake-hold in the U.S. economy with intention to export the wealth, in a position of holding interest of an asset they cannot exploit.

If you can see the ramifications, and can grasp the inherent anger, you can begin to understand the severity of the opposition to President Trump."

G-7 Finance Chiefs Meet on Trade, Currencies and Economy

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