Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Naked Truth About Diversity Training...

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I was recently very pleased to come across a great article by Peter Bregman (

In it, Mr. Bregman notes that, “Diversity training doesn’t extinguish prejudice. It promotes it,” adding, “At first glance, the first training — the one that outlined what people could and couldn’t say — didn’t seem to hurt. But on further inspection, it turns out it did.”

Bregman acknowledges that, “People aren’t prejudiced against real people; they’re prejudiced against categories. “Sure, John is gay,” they’ll say, “but he’s not like other gays.” Their problem isn’t with John, but with gay people in general, and adds that it’s categories themselves that are dehumanizing.”

Perhaps Mr. Bregman’s deepest insight is that, “When people divide into categories to illustrate the idea of diversity, it reinforces the idea of the categories.”

I largely agree with this article. Most petty bigotries are rooted in a nebulous "other," by the viewer and do not hold up when they meet actual individuals. Whereas “groups” and “movements” can seem threatening and contentious, most individuals are not.

The problem with diversity training is that it all too often unwittingly, or not, promotes a pernicious ideological and ethnic bigotry of its own. To be effective in truly promoting “inclusion” and “tolerance” it MUST BE non-judgmental in its approach to ALL ideologies, regardless of how un-inclusive some of those ideologies might be.

IF the idea is to get people to learn to "live together" (inclusion), that can't be done by demonizing SOME, as that approach itself is rooted in exclusion.

For instance, one of the problems with "race-based" diversity training is that it STILL insists on using racial constructs to oppose racism. IF racism and bigotry are wrong (and they ARE), then so is ALL "race consciousness," ALL "counting by race" & ALL race-based "remedies." Ending "racism" as we've come to know it, requires the end of the very concept of race and replacing it with a much more neutral concept of "ethnicity." This is why a Pro-Black Agenda IS every bit as "racist" & WRONG as a Pro-White one & why sanctioned "Black Groups," or "Women's Groups" are every bit as pernicious as are exclusively "White and male GROUPS."

Ending “racism” requires more than what Chief Justice Roberts said, “STOP counting by race,” but for us to STOP looking at race as the all-defining construct that it is not.

IF the problem is exclusivity (and it IS), then the antidote is NOT continuing to utilize exclusivity.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bought and Paid For Racial Unrest

With more “White Student Unions” popping up on campuses across the country and with so many numerous hoax ( anti-black threats and intimidation becoming more numerous on America’s College campuses (, racial polarization in America is actually MORE pronounced on its College campuses than elsewhere.

Ironically enough, the exact WRONG WAY to approach this issue is exactly how our Corporately controlled Media and Academia are inclined to approach it..."Good and 'oppressed' non-whites and bad and oppressive whites."

Incredibly enough, by almost every observable metric, it is precisely the reverse. Things have sure changed since 1955.
Blacks (12% of the population) have committed over 50% of all murders nationwide since 1976.

Whereas in 1955, some 9 stated STILL had "Jim Crow" laws that codified into law. Since at least 1974, blacks have benefitted from the ONLY federally mandated form of segregation - the segregated standards of "Affirmative Action."

Moreover, despite the HUGE advances blacks have made, BOTH our Corporate media and Academia have coddled and encouraged black racial grievances both real and (mostly) imagined in a generation of highly privileged blacks who've suffered none of the actual racism/bigotry early generations of blacks were subjected to. Every black person alive in the USA and under 40 years of age has lived their entire lives as the MOST privileged class EVER to have existed in America...the ONLY group to have ever benefitted from a national program of segregation.

The fact that that segregation has done little to advance the majority of blacks into places like Law Schools, Medical Schools, etc., is NOT the fault of “flaws” in those unconstitutional programs, nor of any latent, or “institutionalized” bigotry or bias against blacks.

As a result of such programs, the truly aggrieved group today are young whites, subjected to a pernicious and unjustified segregation of standards and, as a result, we have a HUGE problem brewing in America that we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg YET, and our Corporately controlled media and Academia continue to stoke that fire.

The truth is that this country never experienced any kind of national program of segregation UNTIL the mid-1970s when Affirmative Action morphed into the system if segregated standards that exists today.

On top of this, many Academic stooges continue to encourage racial grievances, NOT among today's dispossessed and disenfranchised whites, but among highly privileged minorities!
It should come as no surprise then, that white resentment and hostility is at an all-time high.

I've said for years, what this issue requires is the SAME approach uses to address equally legitimate grievances by blacks in the 50s and 60s; "Outreach and assistance to make sure these disenfranchised whites have their legitimate grievances addressed, the way others had theirs addressed earlier on. Let's look to make the feel "welcome and comfortable." Let's recruit them and offer them remedial classes, pipeline poor whites from Appalachia and elsewhere into the Ivy Leagues and seek to redress their grievances, BUT let's avoid the stupidity of subsequently stoking their own feelings righteous hostility and only leads to a very dark place!

In truth, we SHOULD be looking to get past racial/ethnic grievances and beyond “counting by race and gender.”

Those days are mired in the past and way OUT of that morass is NOT to dwell on past grievances but to look forward and put such antiquated bigotries and policies behind us.

Here's PROOF That You CAN'T Save People From Themselves...

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A recent Gallup poll shows that significantly more Americans who've had heart attacks continue to smoke and are obese! (
What such studies show is that it's impossible to legislate "good health," or a "better world" because you just can't save people...from THEMSELVES.

Hard as it may seem to accept for those who desperately WANT a world where everyone makes the most of the life they’re given, that CAN’T be controlled by us...from the outside.

The ONLY person that any of us can change is ourselves. Anyone who’s ever had a family member lost to drugs and/or alcohol knows, or eventually comes to know that ONLY the afflicted person (often, only after hitting “rock bottom”) can change him/herself.

We CANNOT change others and all too often, our attempts at “help” only prolong the other person’s agony, by “enabling” their addictions and delaying the inevitable crash.

More often than not, “tough love” is the ONLY path that offers ANY hope.

Looking to legislate or make policies that seek to equalize people is as hopeless as seeking to legislate morality. Laws against violent crime, even murder have done nothing to reduce the murder rate, because such laws and policies do nothing to actually change those they target.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Blind teacher loses job after rinsing his mouth with Listerine
Beloved Gym Teacher Steven Sloan

This is how disgusting our obsession with "political correctness" has become - a beloved 60 y/o gym teacher (Mr. Steven Sloan) with 30 years experience was recently sacked (albeit allowed to retire) over charges that he was caught drinking on the job and "sexual harassment." (

Steven Sloan's nightmare apparently began when a parent, who was helping set up for a party in P.S. 102, last year complained she smelled booze on his breath. Mr. Sloan claims it was the alcohol-based mouthwash (Listerine) and colleagues who knew him well, attested to his obsession with cleanliness and hygiene, saying he rinsed religiously with Listerine, which does have an alcohol base.

Despite testimony from parents and other teachers, the Department of Education charged Sloan with drinking on the job and sexual harassment because he had asked a group of moms that day, “Anybody want to go on a blind date?” Sloan said he has often used the joke to put people at ease about his disability.

At any rate, in August, Sloan settled with the DOE by agreeing to retire.

This whole incident stinks. It seems that someone, or some influential group had it in for this guy, but lacked the guts for a frontal assault, ergo the coward's "sneak thief" attack from behind.

Nice job!

The DOE has scores of actual pedophile teachers and teachers who've assaulted students drawing salaries in "rubber rooms," but this beloved, blind gym teacher who is a testament to overcoming adversity and dealing with such severe disabilities with class and dignity gets forced out.

There's something horribly wrong with the City's priorities and the DOE's apparently arbitrary and capricious judgment.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today’s “Black Rage” is Rooted in Black Dysfunction and Self Hatred

Afrikan Black Coalition
"Afrikan Black Coalition" Bigot at Rally

First, some inconvenient FACTS: The ONLY reason the world has had the Industrial Revolution was thanks to Northern Europeans. That’s a FACT, like it, or not. Ditto for our current and ongoing "Information Age." In fact, one of the primary founders of our current Information Age is Dr. William Shockley (inventor of the transistor, the cornerstone of the digital age), a noted and historically accurate racial theorist, aside from also being a brilliant engineer.

Sub-Saharan Africa (where ALL the enslaved blacks originated) did not even have the wheel until around 1750, when Europeans introduced it to that region. They had no written language until the Portuguese codified Swahili into written form. The peoples of that region lived as animals, foraging for food like other more primitive primates. THAT is why the humans from the rest of the world saw that group as, “So primitive as not to be fully human,” during that time period. The once prevailing “black inferiority” viewpoint DID NOT develop in a vacuum.

Interior black Africans were enslaved by more advanced Coastal Africans and first sold to the Arabs in the Zanzibar slave trade. I am mostly European with some Arabic admixture...the Maadis (on my Mother’s side), who derived from the Mahadis, who were among the early principles in the Zanzibar slave trade, which began in to 1300s and went on until the late 1800s.

The European/American slave trade was relatively short-lived by comparison, beginning in the 1600s (until 1700 there were more Irish slaves in the Americas than blacks - Oliver Cromwell conducted a very successful genocide in Ireland, dropping its population from over 1.6 MILLION in the early 1600s to under 500,000 by 1670) and ending in the early 1800s. The USA banned the importation of slaves on March 2nd, 1807. England did so the year before that.

The West (NORTHERN Europeans, "The LIGHT of the World") were over 200 years (and counting) ahead of the rest of the world in abolishing chattel slavery. That primitive practice STILL thrives in large tracts of Asia, throughout the Arab Middle East and, of course, throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Computer studies (the SAME kinds of computer models that have tracked the expected effects of global warming) show that left on their own, the people of sub-Saharan Africa would NOT have anything like an Industrial Revolution for more than 5,000 years from now. Since our computer projections don’t go any further out than that, it’s impossible to accurately predict when, or even IF, that group might have been expected to advance to where Europe was during the 1700s.

That does NOT mean that sub-Saharan Africans would've remained in that primitive state. There are other possibilities. There is the possibility that they may have even skipped over certain steps that the Western path took to reach an even more advanced state, at an earlier point in time. Such computer models can't account for such possibilities as they are programmed by Western minds (even blacks educated in Western schools have "Western minds" today), so certain "other" possibilities tend to be overlooked.

Certainly EVERY group has its strengths and weaknesses. The outrage today is that American blacks under 50 years of age, who’ve suffered no actual, overt bigotry, and in fact, over the past 4 decades, have benefited from the ONLY NATIONALLY institutionalized form of segregation ever to exist in America – the segregated standards/racial preferences of “Affirmative Action” - harbor such inane racial animus from their position as privileged beneficiaries of such longstanding, national programs.

In NYC some black Civil Service exam candidates have actually been given the answer keys to various upcoming Civil Service Exams...and STILL failed them in epic numbers. It actually happened in the FDNY, on the 1985 Lieutenant’s exam and it's occurred on a number of other Civil Service exams, as well.


In my view, “Who cares?” I certainly don’t. I am not of that group. Moreover, IF one is a high achieving black, who cares why others fail and then wallow in their own misery? “It sucks to be them,” simple as that.

Today, slightly over 70% of black Americans are middle class, or above today. The other nearly 30% have failed themselves. Moreover, American blacks continue to inflict genocide upon themselves. At just 12% of the population, they’re having 36% of the abortions nationwide, year after year. Murder (retroactive abortion) is the leading cause of death for black males age 16 thru 36. As a result, TODAY, fully 1/3rd of the blacks in America are immigrants and their descendants from the Caribbean &/or Africa. Without that immigration pattern, American blacks would today total just 8% of the population today...and they’ve done that to themselves!

Long the 2nd largest ethnic/racial group in America, today blacks have fallen to the 3rd largest ethnic group, as Hispanics have taken 2nd place after whites and Asians are quickly gaining, and are expected to become the 2nd largest ethnic group by the turn of the 21st Century, and putting blacks in fourth place somewhere around 2020.

If blacks want to see the face of their real enemy, all they need do is look in a mirror.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Quentin Tarantino Doubles Down on Stupid...

Tarantino refuses to apologize for anti-cop comments
Quentin Tarantino

Rather than apologize, back track, or even just clarify his recent anti-cop remarks (calling police "murderers"), or even merely saying nothing...Tarantino broke his silence earlier today only to amplify those comments; “What can I do? I’m not taking back what I said. What I said was the truth. I’m used to people misrepresenting me; I’m used to being misunderstood. What I’d like to think their attack against me is so vicious that they’re revealing themselves. They’re hiding in plain sight.”

Unfortunately, the "Black Lives Matter" movement quickly morphed into an anti-cop movement orchestrated by groups that have become de facto "Thug Unions."

One of the basic principles embedded into Western Law (written into the Magna Carta) from which all other modern Constitutions have derived, is that, "The criminal class is excluded from participation in a democracy." In the U.S. a felon serving over a year in jail (1 year and 1 day) loses their right to vote. In short, the criminal class "does not count."

Theoretically, even in a nation in which 60% of the population were violent felons WESTERN democracy would acknowledge 0% of those violent felons as legitimate voters.

THAT is why the BLM movement is so warped, perverted and pernicious. It seems to seek, deliberately or not, to give voice to that part of society that disenfranchised themselves from civilization.

For Quentin Tarantino to lend his voice to it, is reckless and irresponsible.

NBC’s Faux Anti-Fascism is SICKENING

Image result for NBC

Here’s what I don’t get about NBC and the GOP, that network, more than any other profits off of our current Corporatist economy (the partnership between business and government – the economy of fascism) with its $7.2 BILLION in annual earnings! The GOP is every bit as fundamentally Corporatist as...well, as is their counterpart, the Democratic Party.

Moreover, recently CNBC has been the network that’s been the most “pipelined” into the (largely) GOP’s precious metals strategies – the ongoing push for gold/silver sales has been run almost exclusively by various Republicans and GOP supporters...and CNBC, more than any other “financial network” has steadfastly helped those folks hawk the “panic buying of gold and silver.”

Moreover, politics (Left or Right) have no bearing on our Corporatist economy.

While Progressivism (America’s name for its form of Corporatism) began with Teddy Roosevelt, it has taken even firmer root in the Democratic Party, especially after the death of JFK.

Today, BOTH major political Parties are firmly and completely Corporatist, the only thing that separates them is the teams of corporate entities that “own” each of them. The media is completely corporately owned (yes, including FNC) and academia is controlled and kept in line via grant money funneled through a Corporatist government. Those who support the “Company line” get grants, those who refuse...DON’T.

The saddest, most pathetic dupes are those who continue to believe things like, (A) “The Democrats are the Part of the people,” or (B) “The GOP is the traditional values Party” NIETHER is, nor ever has been the case.

Which brings me back to the strange case of NBC, and its affinity for far-Left political ideologies. Fact is, BOTH far-Left and far-Right politics threaten the established Corporatist structure, but today, the most serious threats have all come from the far-Left...the hate-filled “Occupy Wall Street Movement,” along with its equally well organized and well-financed subsidiary, the “Black Lives Matter” movement threaten the existing Corporate order. The media and entertainment outlets that lean Left, ARE merely projecting a false image...confirmed Corporatists presenting themselves as "Populist Anti-Fascists" to the "rubes."

Yes, cynically, some like Tim Carney (author of The Big Ripoff) and others have speculated that the Corporate media seeks to commercialize and subsume such movements, thereby negating any real, or lasting change such groups may seek to effect, and that’s almost certainly more likely correct than the idea that ALL the folks at such outlets are so addle-brained that they’re all die-hard Leftists.

Seriously, the only thing that makes fundamentalist “flat earth, anti-evolution” Born Agains look less imbecilic are the mouth-breathing dolts of the Left who spout “science” they neither understand, nor really care much about and believe that die-hard Corporatists like Hillary Clinton and other so-called Left-of-Center pols are “for the middle class.”

Perhaps I’m even more cynical, as I believe that rather than subsuming these movements into the commercialized mass marketing machinery, these groups may be seen as the vanguard of the Corporatist front, or its “shock troops.” I believe those movements have never needed to be subsumed, as they were created by and were born of the political/media class of the Corporatist hierarchy.

Corporatism NEEDS a scapegoat, at all times and everywhere. That scapegoat doesn’t always have to be an ethnic/religious minority, not at all. The machinery makes no distinction between the cogs in its wheels. Just as there were Jews (Capos...just ask George Soros) who aided the Nazis’ extermination machine, members of any given ethnic group can be incentivized to target their own. Many police and military personnel fear losing their positions far more they worry about whom they’re directed to target, let alone the immorality of targeting ANY specific group.

For those Corporatists who’ve vowed to “fundamentally change” America, what better way than to follow up changing the nation’s demographics with making middle class whites that targeted group for the “sin” of having been “historical oppressors?”

Why would predominantly white media people and politicians support targeting other whites? For one thing, those in the political/media class don’t see themselves as “white,” they see themselves as “transcendent,” and as such they have very little use, or regard for those “other whites.”

So, could the former white middle class, once “the backbone of America,” become America’s scapegoat, when the time comes?

Why not?

Any time we assess the world around us, we must first seek to determine “What is real?” That is especially vital today, when virtually all the “news” we receive is not merely “filtered,” but often “staged,” or “created.”

When a media outlet like NBC, that profits mightily off what many point to as a “commodities scam” (building a gold/silver bubble), through its collusion with members of the political Party it claims to revile, then things are not at all as they seem.

The two major political Parties have long been engaged in a prolonged piece of kabuki theater, with each Party playing its part as either “hero of the downtrodden,” or “supporter of the status quo,” when neither has any real enmity for the other, except perhaps that of rivals for the same plum positions in a rigged system. The only real enemy of the political/media class is those of us who don’t belong to it.

So, now the GOP is severing its ties with NBC after CNBC's hosts used questions as attacks.


The hosts at CNBC looked like dorks doing that. They embarrassed themselves and their station and now the GOP is given the opportunity to "stand up to the media," while looking like martyrs to a biased and out-of-control news media.

A neat trick. Whenever a media outlet abandons subtlety, they are attacking the Party they pretend to favor.

I might be wrong, but I doubt it...I think the media's tactic through 2016 will be to nakedly attack the GOP, making themselves look biased (they can always have an "epiphany" later) and thereby undermining the Democratic nominee.

Maybe they feel, "It's time."

Yeah, time to make sure the facade of a "viable two-Party system" still exists, as though both Parties aren't mere subsidiaries of Corporate America.

Quentin Tarantino is a Pathetic Punk-Ass Beeyotch!....

Image result for Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is an all too real ghoul.
He is a gleeful profiteer off of the misery of inner city dysfunction. (…/931-quentin-tarantino-johnny-cash-a…/).

There's no redeeming social value to Quentin Tarantino's celluloid masturbation over the misery, violent crime and abject human dysfunction that ruins so many other lives.

And, as to prove himself a monster this Halloween season, this past Saturday, he slimed New York City's police in the wake of yet another police assassination (that of Randolph Holder, last week) as..."murderers." (…/police-union-calls-for-tarantino-boyco…/ &…/quentin-tarantino-marches-in-police-te…/)

The dimwitted dipshit, Tarantino, is a true hardcore punk.

This is the SAME dope who made a film (Inglorious Basterds, 2009) which turned the Nazis into the the heroes of that film. In this absurd flick Christopher Waltz plays a dashing Nazi "Jew Hunter," but instead of putting Waltz' character in any kind of demeaning light, the addle-brained Tarantino makes Waltz's character a smooth sophisticate, compared to the raw, hillbillyesque Brad Pitt character (Aldo Raine). Even in a scene where one of the leading Jewish anti-Nazis ("the Bear Jew") is introduced, it is the German Officer, who goes to his death with honor and courageous defiance!

WHAT exactly is the message supposed to be, there?

It seems to come across as the exact opposite as to what the idiotic Tarantino claimed it was supposed to be...."Proud Jews inflicting revenge upon the Nazis."


Then WHY make the Nazis the more honorable and integrity-laden characters?

What a DORK!

Look, like him, or not, at least Mel Gibson knows how to do propaganda. In his films there is no moral ambiguity...ALL the English villains (in Braveheart & The Patriot) are disgustingly venal, petty, morally bankrupt characters. You KNOW Gibson's villains by their completely corrupted characters. Maybe Tarantino should've stolen a few ideas from Gibson...then at least he might have had some ideas. Tarantino couldn't help but make urbane, sophisticates out of barbarous Nazis, the same way he glorifies lowlife thugs in his other films.

OR perhaps it was an antipathy toward all religion. "Why should Judaism be treated any better, or more respectfully than the Hollywood reviled Christianity?"


Then WHERE is the Tarantino film that slimed Islam? The Tarantino film that depicts Mohammed?

It DOESN'T EXIST, because Quentin Tarantino us EXACTLY what I said he is....and a coward to boot. Yes, very much like the rest of "Leftist" Hollywood.

Tarantino showed the world very clearly what he was this past Saturday...a pathetic punk. Sliming cops under the blanket of the safety those cops provide ESPECIALLY for such well-heeled people as himself.

Moustapha Akkad's Most Successful Attempt to "Westernize" Islam May be Embodied in John Carpenter's "Halloween"

John Carpenter's Halloween

Moustapha Akkad, the Syrian-born film producer was killed in November, 2005 by an Iraqi homicide-suicide bomber in Amman, Jordan. (…/strange-death-of-moustapha-akkad.…)

In 1976 Moustapha Akkad produced the film, “The Message,” that starred Anthony Quinn. It was an attempt to tell the story of the development of Islam to a Western audience. Considering the huge cinematic obstacles he faced, that was no small feat, for in attempting to do that, he faced the Arab-Muslim tradition condemns any images of Muhammad. So, he was faced with having to find ways of intimating the Prophet Muhammad’s presence without actually showing him, such as with the shadow he cast. But even showing the Prophet’s shadow was denounced by some Muslim groups.

Ultimately Akkad was distressed by both the Arab-Muslim response to his attempt to communicate Islamic ideals to the West and with its poor reception among its target audience.

In 1978 he turned to financing a low-budget horror movie by then little known writer/director John Carpenter. The result was the iconic horror film "Halloween," which grossed close to $50 MILLION after being produced for just $300,00! (

BUT, more than that, in many ways it truly brought Islamic morality home to Western viewers, albeit probably not in the light that Moustapha Akkad would prefer to have cast it in.

The story starts with the a very young (6 y/) Michael Meyers killing his older sister with a butcher knife after she had sex with her boyfriend...the equivalent of an "Honor Killing" popular among many of the world's Muslims. Especially in the Arab world, a lack of chastity in young women is often considered to be such a dishonor to the men of the family that they are often "driven to" attempting to "restore that honor" by either killing the woman, throwing acid in her face, or other such atrocities.

The rest of the film takes place on a Halloween night fifteen years after the initial killing that resulted in the institutionalization of then 6 y/o Michael Meyers. Throughout the rest of the film, a nearly indestructible Michael Meyers slaughters numerous profligate, young women as he hunts for his youngest sister (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). The only men killed are those who seek to protect these ("impure") women - a hospital security guard, a State Trooper who looks to offer first aid to the stricken Michael Meyers, and the boyfriend of one victim who investigates a strange noise in the house. In that regard, the brutish, yet nearly indestructible Michael Meyers CAN be seen as Islam coming for the unchaste West.

It IS an odd testament to Akkad that a Halloween slasher film may have done more to accurately portray the moral sensibilities of Islam (Sharia) than any of the other more historical films he'd worked on.

It's also ironic that he was apparently targeted in that bomb attack by fellow Muslims as "an apostate," for merely seeking to make Islam more understandable to the West.

In that sense, even Akkad's strange death (at the hands of fellow Muslims) may be as instructive as the film "Halloween" as to the incompatible (with Western standards) moral code embodied in Sharia and the danger it poses to the West.

You GET What You Pay FOR....

Today, Corporate interests OWN ALL of America's national media.

The news isn't merely filtered, it's pretty much made up, or "manufactured."

Colin Flaherty has shown (via extensive video proof) that America is awash in black-on-white racial violence ( He's written four best selling books and the media STILL ignores that actual "news," because they apparently think they still control "most of the access to information." As a result, they haven't been able to figure out an effective way of silencing, or at least discrediting the likes of Colin Flaherty.

Well, that's what Corporate America gets after dumbing down the schools and flooding the national media with mediocre English Lit and Art History majors.

In short, you get what you pay for.

A contemporary case in point is how the national media has gone about remaking the Oregon shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, with a half-assed "media makeover."

The news media here (YES, including FNC) all paint an apparently erroneous picture of Chris Harper-Mercer as a troubled loner...very much like Dylann Roof.

BUT Chris Harper-Mercer appears to have been anything but a "Dylann Roof clone." Funny story, Dylann Roof wasn't even the "DYLANN ROOF" the media described after that horrific crime. The "racist," "gun-loving" Dylann Roof the media wrote about, apparently DIDN'T exist according to the multi-racial group of friends of that troubled teen.

In fact, Chris Harper-Mercer was part of a theater group that was in the process of putting on a Noel Coward play (Blithe Spirit). He was listed among the production assistants on a Facebook page for the event (…). That page has been deleted, but the screen shots (like this one) remain.

So, Chris Harper-Mercer DIDN'T appear to be a "loner" at all, since loners generally don't go in for artistic collaboration, ESPECIALLY in the communicative arts.

Despite the fact that the LA Times wrote, "The gunman was described Friday as a “hate-filled” individual with anti-religion and white supremacist leanings who had long struggled with mental health issues..." he INSTEAD appears to have been very motivated by SUPPORT for the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement. Apparently, Chris Harper-Mercer was a very troubled bi-racial suburbanite kid, with many of the anti-white, pro-Islamic leanings of BLM groups around the country. the BLM lie,The truth is the national media has marketed BLM as some sort of "Civil Rights" group, when it is really, a group that has tapped into the innately anti-authority voice of all youth. Few, if ANY teens like cops, and that goes for Court and Corrections Officers and all other forms of law enforcement, because, to us as teens, those professions represent "the establishment," and in some communities, they are, in many respects, surrogates for parents. So, to teens and those adults whose growth remains stunted in their teens, the police represent an authority they revile as much as they need.

When I was in HS, I remember driving through an extremely expensive area on Staten Island (Todt Hill) and remarking to my firefighter father, "See all these gates around here? They have them to keep people like me from taking all the stuff that they stole?"

I remember that ride because my father told me the truth, when he snorted, then replied, "Are you kidding? THESE are the people whom if ALL the wealth in the world were divided up equally, they'd have control of 80% of it within a year."

He was absolutely right. Producers produce...and win, while losers gripe...and sometimes set fire to their own areas. in other words, "Kittens DON'T f*ck cats!"

So what's going on here with the Chris Harper-Mercer reportage? Haven't corporations reflexively tapped into teen aged angst for decades? Isn't this an easy way to "fleece the rubes?" Only this time the rubes are, for the most part, mis-educated, urban/suburban youths.

While much of Chris Harper-Mercer's online profile has apparently been scrubbed and in some places highly edited (all of it AFTER his death), some poignant posts STILL remain on screen captures, like this one here (…/oreg…) Yes, that was Chris Harper-Mercer's response to the BLM assault on a Bernie Sanders speech in Oregon last month; "Good job! Fuck white racist pigs like Bernie!"

Does THAT sound like a "troubled teen with WHITE supremacist leanings?!"

NO, it doesn't! It VERY MUCH DOES sound like an emotionally disturbed supporter of the BLM movement.

So a corporately owned (bought and paid for media) CAN'T effectively whitewash a single individual's online profile more effectively than this?!

Yup, you get what you pay for. Apparently our corporate titans SHOULD HAVE spent more money on some engineering majors and a little less on all those English Lit & Art History majors.

Actually, I'm personally kind of glad they didn't...
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