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Toya Graham's Plight Explains an Awful LOT

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Toya Graham getting her son away from rioting

Lost in the inane "Right" ("Mom of the Year") vs Left ("Child abusing parent") are some very salient facts that go a long way to explain the apparently hopeless mess America is in today.

Of course, the polarized discourse noted above explains a lot too.

Lately Toya Graham has been interviewed at length across the national media. She seems to wear her single motherhood as a "badge of honor," as do many young women today. (…/04/29/us/baltimore-mother-slapping-son/)

THAT is, in itself troubling. Victimization is NEVER something to brag about.

More troubling is that she admittedly has 6 children, by multiple fathers, none of which apparently contribute much, if anything to their children's upkeep.

THAT, is disastrous.

In at least one interview she's said, "I don't want to live like that no more," but after SIX children with not enough marketable skills to support them, it seems far too late for such sentiments.

Our lives....ALL of our lives are forged by the CHOICES we make...and DON'T make. Allowing life to just "happen to us" is a very real CHOICE...and generally a very, VERY bad one!

Her 16 y/o son Michael, who she famously pulled away from the rioting appears already lost. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, young Michael declared that he joined the rioting because, "some of his friends have been hurt by police."

When asked if HE'D ever been mistreated by police, he shook his head and answered, "No."

Already, young Michael seems headed down a path of state dependent self-destruction. Much like Michael Brown, young Michael (Graham?) appears to be an entitled and embittered young man, like millions of such disaffected youth, who blame some ethereal "white society" for a whole host of nebulous ills that are almost entirely self-inflicted.

Ever hear those conspiracy theories about a "global one-world government," often referrred to as "the New World Order"?

It's already HERE! At least the global super-structure is. Worldwide chattel slavery is a grossly inefficient economic system. Corporatism works just fine...and it's what we already have - governments controlled by multi-national corporate benefactors.

The idea of a "One World Government," or nation, except in the most nebulous way (like a UN-supervised amalgamation of competing nations), is also a foolish notion. Such a global, corporate "elite," would be much better served by a gaggle of competing, individual nations in perpetual economic and military war with each other and the people hopelessly divided ideologically, religiously, politically, etc. It insures that the "rabble" (that's us) never focus on those ripping us off.

The national media is entirely corporately owned and heavilly censored or filtered. Take CNN as an example. The ONLY thing CNN loves MORE than missing planes (missing planes = monster ratings) is poor blacks raging against poor whites.

The craziest thing about all those "New World Order" conspiracy theories is that they want us to be "on the lookout" for something that's ALREADY HERE!

As George Carlin so correctly put it, "We have OWNERS!"

Guess what?! He was right!

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