Sunday, May 31, 2015

Racial Supremacists Are as Much a Threat to Non-Supremacist Members of Their Own Race, as They Proclaim to be to Those of Other Races

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Often news events, especially those centered on crime and police reactions and overreactions are delivered couched in race.

It seems that these stories are actually intended to polarize and alienate people of different racial/ethnic groups from one another.

Sometimes it’s tempting for productive whites and blacks to take a cold comfort in the actions of militant black or white supremacists, as “giving the other side something to worry about.”

BUT it’s vital to know that ALL non-supremacist whites and blacks, virtually all productive members of those groups have as much to be concerned about from the supremacists of their own race as they do from the other.

In other words, the other race is NOT “the enemy,” it’s the supremacists of BOTH races that are ALL our “enemies.”

They wish the “race traitors,” and the “integrationists” of their own races as much harm as they do anyone of another race.

Individually people are, for the most part, the same –decent, hard-working and caring. There have been abuses against blacks (ALL of them historically well documented) and against whites (the ongoing disparate violent crime rates and the segregated standards and preferences of what “affirmative action” has morphed into), BUT those abuses were ALL implemented by government...from chattel slavery, to Jim Crow laws, to today’s various preferential policies. They ALL came from government.

The unfortunate thing is that we are often tempted to misdirect our frustrations and anger over bad policies at individuals, when that should be directed at bad government polices enacted by “bad,” or incompetent public servants (judges and legislators).

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