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The VERY Troubling Texts of “Mattrees Girl” (Emma Sulkowicz)

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Emma Sulkowicz

OK, I’m assuming that everyone is pretty much aware that Columbia University coed, Emma Sulkowicz’ rape charge appears (by all accounts) to be a hoax.

It was fully investigated by Columbia and no evidence of rape was found. The NYPD also looked into the matter and found nothing of substance either.

Even more damaging were texts from Ms. Sulkowicz to her alleged “rapist” (Paul Nungesser, who is himself suing Columbia over their “creating a hostile learning environment for him”), AFTER the alleged “rape.”

Here is sampling of some of Ms. Sulkowicz’ texts;

“i’ve officially had sex with all of John Doe’ best friends,” did lotsa drugs – jk just got very drunk – well anyways – now i have an std i actually hate John Doe like if a girl is about to puke – don’t put your unprotected dick into her...I realy don’t want to be known as the girl who contracted an std because she was drunk you know? it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious – i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind...i was literally i puked all over the place.”

So there you have a nice sampling of Ms. Sulkowicz thought-process (such as it is) and her extreme difficulty in putting her thoughts together, along with her charming semi-literacy.

In court papers, Mr. Nungesser also provided a text from Ms. Sulkowicz that showed that it was Ms. Sulkowicz herself who first broached the possibility of anal sex with Nungesser, even though claims of forced anal sex were central to her claim of rape. One such text simply read, “fuck me in the but.”

Ah, a true romantic.

OK, so there’s a smattering of the texts from Ms. Sulkowicz.

Now I’ve seen dozens of articles that cast doubt on Ms. Sulkowicz claims and many that call the incident “another rape hoax,” but I want to broach another topic, to wit, Ms. Sulkowicz being completely unfit to attend Columbia University, or perhaps ANY College, due to her stunning, semi-literate ignorance.

Surely an “Ivy Leaguer” (at least someone who earned entry into such an institution) should have a better command of such basics as spelling, grammar and punctuation and putting one's thoughts together...and DON’T dare argue that “these were just text messages, hurriedly scribbled onto a phone,” because we are not only talking about how poorly constructed the messages were, but that they appear to be evidence of a very disorganized and, yes, dull-witted short, I believe they make a pretty ironclad case for the abject stupidity of Ms. Sulkowicz!

Now, the question must be asked, “Just HOW did Emma Sulkowicz find her way into this prestigious institution?”

Yes, I believe that’s a very good question and the most apparent answer would SEEM to be that she arrived there on some sort of preference (either alumni, donor, ethnic, gender-based, geographical, religious...take your pick), but it’s a fact that women have been a major, actually the THE primary beneficiaries of the preferences of “affirmative action.”

Now, I will also speculate with a virtual certainty that Ms. Sulkowicz is not the ONLY and probably far from the least qualified individual to enter Columbia under such conditions, which SHOULD send chills down your back.

But this is the end result of decades of a system that’s transformed higher education into a sort of “Wizard of Oz” styled paradigm under which the official stamp of “intellect” has been bestowed upon generations of “scarecrows”...a/k/a dolts. It’s very much as though many of the seats in our most elite Universities have been reserved for dimwits of one stripe or another, which kind of handily fits the explanation as to why our government, major corporations, etc. are in the sorry state of affairs they’re in today.

The upshot of all this may well be that not only did Ms. Sulkowicz not get raped, she and others like her have (probably unwittingly, the way she’s seemed to do most things) participated in the figurative “raping of America.”

The purveyors and supporters of “affirmative action’s preference system and segregated standards are the actual “rapISTS.”

Yes, once there was a time in America when dimwits knew their place...or were put in it.

Now they're put into elite Universities.

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