Friday, May 22, 2015

Intolerance is ALL the SAME

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Scott Stringer (L) and Ruben and Leslie Diaz (inset)

It's interesting (actually odd, is a better word) that so amany people who relied upon 'tolerance," of new ideas, show little tolerance themselves.

As an example, the nation and increasingly, the world has become more accepting of homosexuality, with a slew of court cases advancing gay marriage, and other pro-gay causes.

However, in recent years, many of the purveyors of "tiolerance" have become increasingly intolerant themselves. THAT has got to change.

An example of that was highlighted a few days ago when it was reported that NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer's office had abruptly fired Leslie Diaz (wife of State Senator Ruben Diaz...the nepotism and cronyism evidenced there is sadly par for the course in many government positions) after having interviewed and hired her for a job in that office. She claims she was interviewed three times, offered a position, then resigned from her current job to accept that new position, before being let go two days before she was scheduled to report for work. (…/20150…/283046938061693/TextView)

Turns out that Ruben Diaz is also a Pentecostal Minister and, as such, condemns homosexuality as "sinful," and opposes same-sex marriage.

Scott Stringer apparently saw a video of Ms. Diaz alongside her husband at "a peaceful opposition to same-sex marriage." In the wake of that video, he rescinded the job offer to Leslie Diaz.

Interestingly enough, that is the SAME intolerance that would have an employer firing an employee for merely exprerssing pro-gay, or pro-samesex marriage views. BOTH are wrong.

Ironically enough our very 1st Amendment enshrines religious freedom, which protects religions from government action for things like preachingthat homosexuality is "sinful and wrong."

I am not at all religious, BUT I understand that tolerance is a TWO-WAY street. Religious freedoms MUST be respected AND they can coexist with personal freedoms, such as the freedom to express views that run counter those taught by various religions.

Tolerance IS a virtue. It's time we ALL start living up to it, by looking at ourselves first and our own intolerances.

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