Sunday, May 10, 2015

The WIDE Chasm in Perspective That WON'T be BRIDGED by FACTS

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Michael Brown

Virtually ALL Left-of-Center whites claim some mythical and innate empathy for blacks...and yet, the FACT is that America's most diverse cities (virtually ALL of them deep BLUE, liberal/"progressive" bastions are also America's most segregated. ( To be fair, that's NOT always the fault of liberal/”progressive” whites (often it IS), but blacks too self-segregate.

Nor do FACTS have the power to alter the liberal/"progressive" faith-based mindset.

Like the FACT that police kill more whites than blacks, BUT black deaths generate far more outrage! ( I've pointed out about a half dozen very recent negative police interactions and noted that few (VERY few) people have heard of James Boyd (the unarmed homeless man shot by Albuquerque police over illegal camping), or Robert Earl Lawrence, the unarmed white man shot by Alabama cops after bringing a stray cat to a shelter and refusing to produce ID)...because they were WHITE.

Compare those shootings to Mike Brown’s, who was shot while attempting to murder a policeman (struggling over that cop's gun), or young Tamir Rice, shot while waving a very realistic pellet gun at approaching cops.

Well-meaning white liberal/"progressives" love style, almost as much as they revile substance. They love BELIEF, far more than they do FACTS.

For instance, Left-of-Center whites don't want to understand the dynamics of climate change...they'd prefer to claim some nebulous "consensus" that they perceive agrees or validates their own faith-based beliefs. When you don't understand the science, your beliefs are entirely FAITH-BASED.

That's why the inane claim that "thug" is the new N-word" resonates with people of that ilk. It sounds good. It feeeeels good.

FACT is a "thug" is an appropriate and very accurate description for a violent felon. Violent felons, black and white are referred to as....THUGS.

Moreover, FACT is police DON'T "police for profit.”


Local and state governments use summonses and fines to fill their coffers and to make up budget short-falls, they have virtually FOREVER.

The police are duty-bound to carry out the dictates of their local officials.

So, when state and local officials pretend to be “shocked and outraged” over such police actions, they ARE, in a phrase, “full of shit,” because THEY and their fellow politicians dictate the actions of the police in their localities.

Moreover, for whatever reason, African-Americans commit far more violent crimes than other groups. As an example, since 1976, blacks (overwhelmingly black males) have committed over 50% of the murders in the USA each year! That almost certainly explains why that group has a far greater number of very negative interactions with police officers.

The chasm between Left-of-Center whites and the other 82% of Americans is so wide that it CANNOT possibly be bridged by mere soul searching. The ONLY thing that could help at this point is some basic FACT CHECKING on the part of liberal/“progressive” whites.

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