Thursday, May 14, 2015

Choosing Sides

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Mohammad Bijeh "the Desert Vampire's" execution

Ever wonder what a society would look like if those who supported violent thugs as "freedom fighters" and reviled the police were a majority?

THANKFULLY, we'll probably never know. The demographics are certainly NOT in favor of that. The community that most often seems to see police as "the enemy" (that is, "historically American-born blacks") are a shrinking portion of America's population. That's due to many factors, including that American-born blacks (at one time 13.2% of America's population), have consistently had over 35% of all abortions nationwide AND that the leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 16 and 35 is HOMICIDE...overwhelmingly at the hands of other American-born blacks.

Today, fully ONE THIRD of the now 12% of the U.S. population that is black are of Caribbean and African immigrant stock. For a host of reasons those populations are generally better educated, more productive and less violent than their America-born counterparts. Nigerian immigrants and their offspring, for instance, are the MOST educated immigrants entering America today.

However, there is no shortage of well-off, mostly white, so-called "anarchists" willing to use poorer, less educated America-born blacks as their "weapon of choice." That's why in every recent, major, incident of social unrest, from Ferguson to Baltimore, there has been a tremendous white presence on the street. The OWS, SEIU white radicals have found a new agenda - ANTI-POLICE.

It's a natural agenda. After all, police (along with prosecutors, corrections officers, judges, etc.) ARE "the business end of the establishment," and the goal here is to change, or upend the existing establishment and replace it with....themselves.

So, today, as New York City prepares to bury a young, heroic police officer, Brian Moore, the ANTI-POLICE radicals wear shirts emblazoned with, "What Assata Taught Me."

Assata is a reference to cop-killer Joanne Chesimard (a/k/a Assata Shakur).

Chesimard fled to Cuba and sought asylum to avoid her life sentence for the murder of NJ State Trooper Werner Foerster after her escape from prison.

America's criminal justice system has been broken for a very long time, BUT much of its "brokenness" is due to it being too responsive to community pleas, rather than less. America's draconian drug laws were a response to community pressure over the heroin, crack and Meth epidemics which have decimated various American communities from time to time.

FACT is America is far too lenient on violent crime and has been for a very long time.

The murder of NYPD Officer Brian Moore proves that. His killer (Demetrius Blackwell) has a long history of violent crime, including a five year stint in prison for a 2000 attempted murder charge in Queens.


Sorry, but a nation serious about violent crime would have a ten year minimum for simple assault, along with a fairly high bar to prove the assault was NOT self-defense (you DON'T want to lock away business and homeowners protecting their own property, or citizens defending themselves from attack). Crimes like attempted murder or armed robbery SHOULD get 25 years or more...for a 1st offense.

For more serious crimes, like murder, criminally negligent homicide of children, violent rape, home invasion, child molestation, or torture, we should look to the Arab Middle East, an area with some of the most draconian and public punishments (…/2005-mohammed-bijeh-the-des…/) AND among the lowest murder rates in the world!

The MINIMUM sentences that exist in our criminal justice system SHOULD be for violent felonies...we never should've warehoused non-violent drug offenders, but we SHOULD HAVE and STILL SHOULD warehouse our violent felons.

Contrary to inane arguments like these from The Economist (, the FACT is that draconian punishments and exceedingly long incarcerations DO work! With recidivism rates for both pedophiles (97%) and violent felons (over 95%) so incredibly high, the ONLY deterrent to such crimes is warehousing such criminals until they eventually "age out" (become too old to commit such crimes), or in the most egregious cases, made public spectacles of, such as what was done with Mohammad Bijeh.

The West is weak, the West is overly squeamish. The West continues to look to "fix" the unfixable. Sometimes the old (time proven) ways are, quite simply, the best.

At any rate, it's time for each of us to choose sides. We're either in favor of eliminating the violent predators from our society....OR we either openly or tacitly (really doesn't matter which) support those Demetrius Blackwell, who murdered P.O. Brian Moore.

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