Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Race Crime in D.C.?

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Daron Wint and the family he murdered, including 10 y/o

The police have just identified a suspect in the horrific home invasion, murder, arson crime in Washngton, D.C., in which the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper were all murdered.

His name is Daron Wint and he's been charged with first degree murder and police have offered a bounty of up to $25,000 for information that leads to his arrest. His DNA was found on a Domino's Pizza that was ordered the night of the attacks.

Savvas Savopoulos, 46; Amy Savopoulos, 47; their 10-year-old son, Philip; and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, 57, were all found dead. It's been reported that, "Investigators have not revealed a motive in the killing, but believe that money could be a possible reason."

OK, "money" is a motive for robbery.

Hatred, rage, jealousy, are the most likely motives for murder.

Sorry, but as unsavory as this might seem, this has all the makings of a racial murder.
I am NOT a supporter of "hate crimes laws" because they amount to thought crimes, BUT I do acknowledge what few pro-hate crimes supporters seem to either understand or admit to...and that is, virtually ALL inter-racial violence is racially motivated.

AGAIN, I DO NOT believe in punishing people MORE for an alleged "hate crime" (especially given how unfairly applied those laws are) than for a run-of-the-mill violent crime.
For instance, James Byrd's murderes got the death penalty (which they deserved) for the MURDER of James Byrd, in Texas which had no "hate crimes" statutes on the books at the time.

Ironically enough, those murderes would've gotten life without parole max, in states like New York or California where "hate crimes" statutes have long been established.

Another thing that this sort of crime makes clear is the DYSGENICS of crime.\
WHY is violent crime so debilitatng to any society.

Simply put, because the victims are almost always far more productive and talented than their asailants.

Back in October of 2001, Investment banker Ted Ammon (a brilliant investor by all accounts) was murdered by a handyman named Danny Pelosi, who later married Ammon's widow Generosa.

The world lost an invaluable, irreplacable rsource in Ted Ammon and none of those involved in his death (certainly not the dull-normal Pelosi) could replace Ammon's contributions.

SAME here. It's not much of a guess to speculate that Mr. Wint is entirely unable (no matter how much money might be wasted on trying to educate this guy) to replace the incredibly productive gifts of Savvas Savopoulos, who was the CEO of American Iron Works, a supplier of metal to building projects across the region. Those two cases are merely instructive, they are NOT at all untypical of the dysgenic disposition of most violent crimes.

America's criminal justice system has failed on so many levels.

It's failed to properly deal with bias/hate crimes.

It's failed to prioritize violent crimes as seriosuly as warranted and it's failed to deliver the kind of draconian and public punishments that violent crimes cry out for, especially given how utterly any and all attempts at "rehabilitating" violent offenders has proven to be.

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