Thursday, May 14, 2015

The CLOSER You Look....The MORE DISGRACEFUL This Appears

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Rte 15 Closed During Picatinny Arsenal Evacuation

As a follow up to last month’s full scale evacuation of the Picatinny Arsenal in northwest, NJ it turns out that the "threat," that couldn't be determined before someone decided it best to evacuate that facility and shut down local highways (some 3 HOURS after the fact) was nothing more than a truck's oversized batteries. (

Aside from the apparent incompetence, there's that pesky bit best to put this(?)...perhaps panic. A panic that smacks of a chaotic cowardice on the part of the leadership at that facility.

WHY haven' those folks been fired yet....or have they been(?) Since there's no word that they have, I'm assuming they're still there.

Picatinny needs new leadership AND new priorities.

For the folks working there, YOU signed on for jobs in this defense Unit. YOU are the first line of defense....yes, secretaries included.

Shutting down local highways comes off as a "RUN for your lives! Too bad for all you other to be you!" Which, of course, comes off as disgusting cowardice.

Don't mean to beat a dead horse, BUT, if you CAN'T do your jobs, then quit, but this kind of incompetence is inexcusable.

How many other DHS facilities would've acted in the SAME way?

I HOPE not that many.

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