Monday, May 25, 2015

Funny Sh*t!....OK, Not so Funny, But Kind of Ironic...

Baltimore bloods crips and noi 3…Police are struggling to stop violence in West Baltimore, where officers have been routinely surrounded by dozens of people, video cameras and hostility while doing basic police work since the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said Wednesday.

Empowered Thugs Rule The Streets – Post Riot Baltimore Shootings Skyrocket 70% – Murder Rate Increases 42% – Mayor “Disheartened”…


What's kind of sad is how the people who generate these disasters with their own disastrous policies are perpetually "shocked" at the (to everyone else) all too obvious outcomes.
It's kind of like an infant who slaps its own face with its flapping hands...and looks around as though someone else just hit it.

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