Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Couple Things I DON’T Get About the Bruce Jenner Transition

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Bruce Jenner in transition

First, whatever Bruce Jenner is going through and dealing with is (to me) a personal, private matter. I have no opinion on that, right or wrong.

I saw some of his interview with Diane Sawyer and there were a few take-aways that I have to admit, I DIDN’T get at all.

The first is the disingenuous way that Mr. Jenner looks to make a for-profit “reality TV” show into a “public service” piece.

Foolish! VERY foolish.

I get it that there are a LOT of dopes out there that despise success and love to “count other people’s money.” FIRST, Jenner, the Kardashians, the Buffets’ and Gates’ have EVERY right to make as much money as they possibly can.

ONLY an idiot fails to understand that one person glomming tens of MILLIONS, even BILLIONS in cold hard cash does NOTHING to deplete the existing overall wealth (not even the currency supply), nor make it harder for others to succeed, nor even “create more poor people.”

How so?!

Because the economy AND our currency is fluid. It expands when wealth is increased (like when Mark Cuban brings another internet company into the fold) and contracts when growth stalls or falls.

Moreover, even a Bill Gates, receives only a tiny fraction of the value he produces. Microsoft has created well over $10 TRILLION in economic benefit and growth to our economy...and all Bill Gates got for starting all that was a measly $90 BILLION! That’s LESS than a 1% return for value produced! SAME with Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban.

Bruce Jenner has every right to “cash in.”

But the circus he’s about to create is NOT anything close to a “public service,” nor even a “teachable moment.”

For one thing, he seems to diminish the internal conflicts and struggles such people go through. Suicide rates among transgendered people are astronomical.

He makes all this seem like a mere “bump in the road.”

Another thing that I don’t get...and this is just me, is that he claims his natural attraction for women will remain. In other words, his sexual orientation will remain the same, and yet outwardly be reversed as he “transitions” FROM a heterosexual male INTO a lesbian female.

I don’t know, my gut reaction is, “WHY bother?”

Seriously, why go through all the hormones, the surgeries, etc., if your gender identity isn’t at odds with your sexuality? I mean, it would seem that as a “male lesbian” he’s best equipped to please his female lesbian counterparts.

But that’s just me. I don’t get the idea of going through such an arduous transition while maintaining one’s original sexuality. I DO understand those who claim to have been “born male/female in the opposite body,” looking to “transition,” in order to live the way they perceive their orientation (INCLUDING their sexuality) to be.

It’s much harder (for me) to understand someone at age 65 going through all the surgeries, hormone replacements, etc., to, in effect, become a “male lesbian.” After all, even “fully transitioned,” Ms. Jenner (at that point) will still presumably have an XY genetic makeup...ergo, “male lesbian.”

Moreover, there have already been far more controversial transgender cases made public. A CNN story about Ryland Whittington ( also addresses a much thornier issue; At what age can a child make such life-altering decisions for him/her-self?

From my perspective, all such things are personal, PRIVATE decisions and struggles that probably SHOULDN’T be used as “entertainment.”

But that’s NOT the culture we live in today. More’s the pity.

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