Sunday, May 10, 2015

REDUCING the WORKFORCE Will Ultimately Require Reducing the Human Population

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Menu Tablets in Restaurants

Technology is ALWAYS making the workplace more efficient, allowing MORE work to get done with FEWER people. When wages for workers are pressed upwards by higher minimum wages, mandated paid sick leave and the like, small businesses are forced to find ways to cut operating expenses and the most reliable method of doing that is through technology.

Recently, Chili’s, Applebees and the Olive Garden, among other major restaurant chains have begun using tablets with menus to cut back on wait staff ( In many restaurants, there is both a wait staff and a bus stuff. The wait staff traditionally takes the orders and the bus staff cleans the tables and often brings the heavy meal trays out, for the wait staff to serve.

With tablet ordering, you can effectively eliminate the wait staff by having the customer order from the tablet. The staff comes and delivers the food and buses the table at the end of the meal.

It’s the same with self-checkouts that have replaced many cashiers in supermarkets and other retail stores and ATMs that have cut down on the need for human bank tellers.

Yes, technology creates as many, if not MORE jobs than it eliminates, BUT these are increasingly high tech, high-skilled jobs that require an educated population. There are fewer and fewer jobs for low-skilled workers...ESPECIALLY in the West.

That leaves us with the thorny issue of an “excess population.” Those chronically dependent, semi-literate citizens content to spend their lives “on the dole,” are not only a drag on the economy, but they’re dangerous, as recent events in Baltimore, MD. And Ferguson, MO. have proven.

This IS “THE issue” facing the West in the 21st Century; What to do about those chronically dependent, virtually uneducable and disinclined to work citizens?

A two-pronged approach seems necessary. First, education and job-training must be offered to all those willing and able to avail themselves of it. SECOND, birth control must be mandated for the dependent poor as a condition of their remaining on these programs. FACT is, dependent people, tend to overwhelmingly breed dependent children. In this way, the chronically dependent population can be humanely reduced through attrition.

A smaller, better educated and more ambitious population is needed to enable Western nations to compete in the increasingly competitive 21st Century global economy.

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