Thursday, May 14, 2015

OK, What's Wrong With This Headline?

Two straphangers are in the midst of a verbal fight at the beginning of the video.
Cellphone Video of NYC Subway Spraying Incident

From the body of the article it seems like the guy was bullying the woman....and got what he may have deserved.

According to the article, while pepper spray IS legal, the spraying "could be a crime."

I'm a big believer in self-defense. Of course, the parameters of self-defense must be clearly defined.

The problem is that the standard, "You can only use the level of force necessary to effect your escape from a given threat," leaves a LOT to interpretation and it runs counter to normal human behavior - people locked in a battle (potentially) for their lives, are, more often than not, caught up in a storm of fear, outrage and anger, all initiated by the aggressor.

In short, it's very hard for me to blame this woman UNLESS it could be proven that she initiated the confrontation, which DOESN'T seem to be the case.

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