Monday, February 19, 2018


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Joy Behar

By now, it's well known that ABC suspended Brian Ross for erroneously reporting that, General Flynn told investigators that, "Candidate Donald Trump asked him to speak to the Russian ambassador."

THAT turned out to be false, or in some people's parlance, "FAKE" news.

It doesn't matter the source, when false and misleading information is reported, it really IS "fake news."

The "Hands up, don't shoot" narrative from Ferguson was false...or "fake news."

So, Brian Ross was either mistaken, or deliberately misleading. In either case, he gave false hope to many who desperately want to see Trump impeached.

There's NOTHING wrong with hating Trump, any more than there was anything wrong with hating Bill Clinton, GW Bush, or Barack Obama. People have a right to hate others for ANY reason, or no reason at all. That's called individual Liberty...and that's a wonderful thing.

There is, of course a difference between reviling Trump and being obsessed with his though he'd come into your home and taken a shit in your favorite cereal bowl.

Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Debra Messing, Whoopi, Robert DeNiro, and Joy Behar are numbered among the obsessed.

The morning after Brian Ross's erroneous report, Joy Behar read the transcript of that report on "The View," further misleading many viewers of that show.

Here's the reality. It was perfectly legal for citizen Trump to do business in Russia and the Ukraine, Turkey, etc. That complicates any investigation. Trump's business dealings are outside the scope of our legal system. To paraphrase AlGore, in 2000, "There's no overriding legal authority." Hell, GE's CEO Jeff Immelt (when GE owned NBC/MSNBC) violated our sanctions against dealing with Iran and as a result, many of the IEDs used in Iraq had GE components. That was NOT charged as treason, nor any other wouldn't have been, had it been Trump, or almost ANY private citizen who'd done that either. As a general rule, we DO NOT conflate commerce with treason. After all, Calvin Coolidge was and remains right, "The business of America IS business."

Moreover, it was perfectly legal and appropriate for President Elect Trump to reach out to Russia, China, Turkey, England, Azerbaijan, etc., etc., ostensibly to set up lines of communication with the incoming administration.

Hillary Clinton approved the sale of the company Uranium One to Russia. I'd say, "that wasn't charged as a crime" either but in light of a major paid speaking engagement in the Ukraine for Bill Clinton, shortly after that sale, Trey Gowdy's Committee is looking into pursuing charges against Mrs. Clinton. Apparently NOT treason charges...however.

The truth is, it's a VERY difficult, uphill fight, with long odds against indicting Donald Trump.

AND, even if impeachment proceedings were brought, he'd certainly do what Bill Clinton up (at taxpayer expense) and run government as his legal team fights impeachment charges, a fight which could easily take until the next election (or after) to conclude and making a martyr out of him to tens of millions of voters in the process.

In other words, WHY bother?

For those obsessed over the idea that, "Donald Trump stole the 2016 election"; (1) he DIDN'T and (2) get used to disappointments.

I'm from NY, and I don't really like Trump all that much (although I LOVE that he hijacked the GOP...and REALLY LOVE what he's doing to this political-media class), but I can see the realities. After hijacking the GOP. He was handed the election by a misguided DNC that decided to stay with an extremely flawed and gravely ill candidate (HRC) that even a full bore mass media campaign couldn't salvage.

So, to paraphrase those mobsters who killed Joe Pesci's character ("Tommy DeVito") in "Goodfellas"....He won..."and dats couldn't be helped and der's nuttin we could do about it."

Jack Phillips and the Perils of Religious Liberty...AND Private Property Rights...

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Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips is the Colorado baker and owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd., whose case is being heard in the Supreme Court over refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple. (

It is the SAME issue, as a Muslim being sued over not serving pork and alcohol, or a Muslim baker refusing to bake a cake with the image of Mohammad on it, OR an Orthodox Jewish store being forced to sell non-Kosher products, OR a Jewish baker being forced to bake a cake adorned with Swastikas on it.

That is, of course, very different from a Muslim employee refusing to handle/sell alcohol or pork products in a store they're employed by. The key and vital difference is PRIVATE OWNERSHIP.

Would it be alright for the owner of a Halal shop nestled in a predominantly Muslim area, like Dearborn, MI. to refuse to sell pork products, or alcohol?

If Jack Phillips loses this case, the answer is unquestionably YES.

This is an interesting case because the plaintiffs are claiming Mr. Phillips' private ownership, and by extension, ALL private ownership of business and industry is de facto discriminatory.

Here's the rub, discrimination is not unjust. If it were, our Founding documents, that enshrined "freedom of association," the right to enter into contracts with whom you like and want to and NOT with those you don't, and form groups that admit only one group of people; women's groups (ie. mother's groups, etc), black groups (ie. The Association of Black Accountants, etc) and European American groups (ie. the European American Social Club, etc). would be unconstitutional.

IF private ownership of business and industry is discriminatory, then ALL private ownership, including home ownership is, as well. Private ownership DOES limit access to many lakes and other beautiful areas, BUT unfettered freedom of association and private ownership are the essence of individual Liberty, "non-discrimination," is NOT.

We ALL discriminate ALL the time. EVERY time we make a decision/choice, or express a preference (vanilla, or chocolate, beef, or fish) we are discriminating. Our choice in Marrying is rightfully and necessarily discriminatory, so is, who we go into business with.

Discrimination based on qualities aids individual productivity and prosperity, while petty discrimination based on someone's belief system, or looks, can be personally disastrous.


The purpose of the law is NOT to "save us from ourselves." If my competitor refuses to hire talent that is black, or Asian, or non-Christian, that's to my benefit. The law should NOT even inadvertently save that competitor from him/herself. One of the ironies of George Soros is that he made the bulk of his fortune from his Quantum Fund, which was run for years by the legendary currency and commodities speculator, Victor Niederhoffer, a devotee of the late, great Free Market economist, Milton Friedman. Profit makes for strange bedfellows.

Freedom of association, the unfettered choice/discrimination we have in friends, dating partners, business oartners, etc., and private property rights, the right to exclusive use of and disposal of our own property are fundamentally American ideal. Non-discrimination is not.

In Philadelphia, another assault on private property rights is being considered by that City's Legislature. City Councilwoman, Cindy Bass's Bill reads in part, But the bill proposed reads, in part: "No establishment shall erect or maintain a physical barrier." (

"Right now, the plexiglass has to come down," said Ms. Bass. That’s a law guaranteed to drive small businesses out of that area.

That too violates private property rights and the innate, or Natural Right we all have to self defense, as those are defensive barriers.

The Jack Phillips case is being watched closely with scores of activists from across the political spectrum poised to target Halal shops for refusing to sell beer and bacon to non-Muslims and Orthodox Jewish establishments that only sell Kosher foods. SAME principle, it's refusing to sell specific customers the items they want. Jack Phillips did not refuse to sell to homosexuals, he refused to sell a specific item (baking a custom cake, he offered to sell them anything else in that store...SAME as a Halal shop owner who refuses to sell alcohol and pork to a customer, but offers to sell anything else in the store.

Of course, if Jack Phillips wins, activists will seek out other cases of business bias.

THIS assault on private property rights is new. I don't mean to advocate any violence, but we, as Americans, should make life in this country extremely unsafe, even dangerous to those who seek to rein in private property rights for any reason.

As Vince Lomardi famously asked, "What the Hell's Going on HERE?!

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Vince Lombardi

I've always believed that any kind of utopia is impossible on earth, primarily because some people are just incorrigibly evil, some hopelessly dumb and some incredibly lazy. Those will always be with us, in one form, or another. Some will have to be carried, others will have to be punished.

Today, many of us have come to the conclusion that most of our political-media class falls into one, or more of those classifications.

Trump is a symptom of a disease within our political-media class. It is so bad, that they are not only "out-of-touch," but are all too often diametrically opposed to the will of the people. That hasn't given these dolts pause, as they arrogantly presume they're smarter than everyone else.

It is doubtful they can be reformed. It is far more likely that they need to be exposed and ultimately...destroyed.

Trump's an imperfect weapon in that cause, but he was the one that was available at the time.

The reason we have Trump today is a corrupt and inept GOPe that's abused, even laughed at its own base, an elitist and hopelessly out-of-touch DNC that uses "the poor" and "the children" as props for solely self-interested politicians and a monstrous Newsmedia that so habitually distorts, manipulates and omits, when "reporting" the days events, that the reality they offer has virtually no relation to that which actually exists.

They CANNOT be "saved." NONE of them.

This disease doesn't require some "reforms," it demands a complete overhaul.

Stage ONE is tearing down this disease-ridden edifice. THAT'S a very painful process.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Trouble With Utopia

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We already have "decreased individual freedom" right here in America.

Government CAN and (most of us claim "rightly") DOES mandate things like bicycle helmets, enforces seat belt laws, punishes public drinking (NOT "to excess," just public consumption of alcohol in many places), restricts smoking, etc.

IF we're going to have a healthcare system funded by taxpayer funds, then mandating restrictive, healthier diets, punishing unhealthy snacking and requiring a daily exercise regimen in order to deliver "maximum results for the taxpayer's investment in health" seems both legitimate and prudent.

When people accept benefits from any entity (an employer, for instance, or government) there IS a quid pro quo, whether it's stated, or not, whether it's enforced at a given point, or not.

The FACT CAN BE enforced at any given time.

Misinformed people just don't realize that.

It's like gun control. We actually HAVE more than enough LAWS to seriously restrict gun possession...we just haven't enforced them least, not yet.

Laws ALREADY ban mentally ill people from owning guns...NOT merely "buying guns," BUT even HAVING them.

Isn't PTSD a mental illness?

It sure is.

How about someone sentenced to "Anger Management" over a road rage, or domestic abuse issue? COULD they be classified as having a "mental/emotional illness," allowing that person's guns to be confiscated.

It would definitely seem so.

Much of this hasn't been done...YET, perhaps in order to preserve the illusion of "unbridled freedom," which we no longer have, nor deserve.

A dependent people (a people dependent upon government's business and education loans, grants, home mortgage and property tax deductions, Social Security, SSDI, Medicare, public assistance of all kinds, etc) are NOT and CANNOT BE a free people.

FREEDOM is the "fend-for-yourself" personal responsibility that a life without all those things (College loans, small business loans, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.) would entail.

So, yes, even though many of the quid pro quo's haven't been enforced...YET, doesn't negate government's right, nor ability to enforce them.

So what's the problem with greater government control over the economy?

We call the government-run economy the "Command Economy," and it's been tried many times, many ways and under varying conditions.

The primary problem the Command Economy faces is HUMAN NATURE.

Stalin killed all those Russians and Ukrainians over "land reform" because "none of those selfish bastards would just give up the land they owned and their family's developed. Mao killed all those small business owners because he KNEW they all were "incorrigible Capitalists." SAME with Hitler, the REAL sin of the Jews wasn't religion, nor their Leftist inclinations, it was that the Jew is incorrigible Capitalist at heart.

The biggest enemy of Marxists...true Marxists are owners/producers.

IF they would just surrender meekly and produce at maximum effort for minimum return, they could subsist under a system very close to chattel slavery...ironically enough, the enslavement of the producing class, the former ownership/landlord class, BUT people DON'T do that. They WON'T do, they have to be killed.

Marxism/Socialism/Collectivism CANNOT take hold absent the violent eradication of the producer/owner class.

After that, it's merely a matter of terrorizing the rest of the population to work 10, 12, 16 hours each day, 6 days a week to produce the bare minimum required for survival.

I have a Series 3 license. I've traded commodities and rarely currencies. I was once much less concerned about the Globalist/Unified Earth agenda. "How could it hurt?"

A single currency, a unifying set of laws, easy commercial access to trade across borders...SOUNDED GOOD.

Of course, I hadn't considered that a over 60% of today's world legitimizes chattel slavery, even more relegate women to a 2nd, or 3rd class status, most criminalize homosexuality. We WOULD NOT impose our morality on such a world in a "global democracy," THEY'D impose theirs on us!

There'd be a great chance for global tyranny, far greater than that of anything benevolent.

Generally religious people SHOULD BE Leftists. In fact, many are. That ALL aren't, I chalk up to poor outreach and poorer communication on the part of the Left.

I KNOW that I am NOT "my brother's keeper." We may have spiritual souls...who knows(?)...BUT we ARE corporeal beings, in these physical vessels and...."we all gotta eat," as they say.

I don't trust myself with much power over others, so I trust those who seek it (politicians) even less.

Weaponized Words

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There are people who look to "weaponize" words and use them to silence others (racist, Nazi, fascist, etc.)

Ironically enough, it's the people most prone to using words as weapons who most exude authoritarian ("Nazistic"/"fascistic") tendencies. They have a name for those who use such tactics, "Cry-bullies."

Most often they're hopelessly ignorant. Hopeless because they're not open to facts. People like that often see facts (FBI crime stats, actual race and gender wage scales, the science and math that prove Socialism's Command Economy CAN'T work, etc.) as "racist, sexist, homophobic, fascistic," etc.

They're so easily angered because, facts/reality undermine what they want to believe. Ironically enough, these people often claim to "support science" without understanding it.

They deride "faith-based" religious thinking in others, while engaging in it themselves. Science is never "settled." Most Climatologists DON'T agree with the Al Gore viewpoint. When presented with the views of those scientists, faith-based, emotional thinkers react like 16th Century religious fanatics did to heretics.

While I think an openness to dialogue and tolerance of all views is generally a good thing, what CAN'T be tolerated are those who'd seek to shut down others with weaponized words. They need to be called out on that and countered with facts, NOT as much for themselves (mostly they're hopeless), but so that other "emotional thinkers" aren't encouraged/emboldened by their successfully silencing others.

It would be one thing if such people were merely confused, but they generally tend to be hateful and meanspirited, as well. A combination that leads to their hopelessness.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

On LOVE and LUST (For a good friend and young firefighter and family man, Eric)

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Eric Parker Waterville, Fire Department

Sometimes (actually often) life is hard. For some of us, it can even feel unbearable, at times.
I know it's easy to say, things will get better, that, "It's always darkest before the dawn," but that doesn't change the NOW.

There are times when we all really have to reassess our lives...everything in them. Sometimes it can be, "Am I in the right job?" Sometimes, it's "Am I in the right relationship?"

It's very hard to honestly question such things, because it seems like questioning our very essence...questioning who we really are.

Beyond all that, this (the Fall into the Winter) is a very tough time of year for all of us. The days grow shorter, darkness prevails and that has a depressive effect...more pronounced in some of us and at various times when we're more susceptible.

We need to be able to forgive OURSELVES, for only then can we truly forgive others.

Despite how unbearable things may seem it's almost never the right thing to think about escape through death. It takes much more courage to confront. In the worst of times, in the depths of despair...THAT'S when we need to figure out what's really important to us.

Sometimes jobs are lost, or changed. Sometimes relationships fail...but LIFE goes on, often, ultimately for the better.

In most relationships, the bulk of our problems are communication problems. We don't put things well, or we get frustrated and hurt those we love. ALL of us go through that. It's hard to see what we're doing wrong when we're doing it. It's like trying to see our own grammatical mistakes after having written something. Someone else can spot them right away, but we can't. We overlooked them when we made them and continue to do the same each time go over what we wrote.

One thing I believe I've learned along the way is that while lust is the magnetic attraction that brings people together, it is ultimately a poor imitation of LOVE.

Lust is all attraction, hedonism and pleasure, LOVE is duty and responsibility. It's HARD WORK. Lust fades under the monotony of the mundane and crumbles under the ponderous weight of the responsibilities of family. THAT’S when the hard work of real LOVE begins.

LOVE isn't something we "fall into," LOVE is something we build. It's earned with duty, dedication and loyalty...over time. When the lust is long gone, the LOVE we build will be there stronger and bigger than ever.

I learned what love was as a child, but I didn't understand the lesson until much later in life.

My Dad, raised through the Great Depression, serving in the Navy in World War II & Korea, then getting on the FDNY in time for its "war years," wore the same old coat for nearly 20 years, rarely got new shoes, and he WORKED...struggled...and STUDIED like mad to provide his family (his wife and kids) a better life.

I took that momentous act of LOVE for granted as a child, because, as a child I couldn't understand it. Many of us live out our entire lives without understanding that...many, MANY of us!

LOVE is duty, honor, dedication and the hard work of BUILDING something of value. Lust is the mere spark of attraction that, if the eventual connection is true, allows for LOVE to take root.

Lust fades, but a well earned, well built LOVE can last forever.

The FIRST principle is "Be good to YOURSELF." FIRST, love yourself enough to forgive yourself for all the flaws we all share as mortals. We each NEED to do that, before we can truly build a lasting LOVE with someone else.

The SECOND principle is to, "Be patient with YOURSELF." Nothing worth having comes easily...or quickly.

LIFE is hard...LOVE is work, but the value of life is found in what we build, NOT that which we "fall into."
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