Monday, September 17, 2018

"THIS is NOT a Midterm, It's a Re-Elect" (Steve Bannon)

Everything is at stake for both Globalists and Nationalists alike, in these 2018 Midterms. (

Steve Bannon is right, "This is NOT a Midterm, it's a Re-Elect!"

It's hard to put ANY faith at all in what you hear/read from the Corporate Globalist media. Their polls, like their "news reports" are all too often fictionalized.

That's why Conservatives, Libertarians and Nationalists of all stripes MUST ignore the noise and get out and vote, November 6th...AND, if possible, to DONATE.

Today, a little over fifty days from Election Day, the Senate looks more likely, than not to remain in GOP hands, with only 8 seats in contention, with FL, AZ, ND, IN UT & MO looking good for the GOP, and NJ & TX, surprisingly both tossups.

West Virginia and Montana are also very tight races.

In the House, there are allegedly 39 seats that are up for grabs. Most of those in traditionally Red areas.

Will the Democrats be able to pull enough of those out to win back the House?

The GOP absolutely needs the Senate, but as Steve Bannon says, "Losing the House would effectively ground the Trump Presidency to a halt."

What can you do if you live in a reliably Red, or Blue district?

First, you can DONATE.

Money wins elections, because money sways votes.

You can also volunteer. Look around for nearby contests that might be close and, if you have some time, volunteer.

Florida is leaning Red, and NJ is very close, with Billionaire, former Marine, Bob Hugin putting heavy pressure on the vulnerable Bob Menendez. In Missouri, Claire McCaskill has never been more vulnerable and now, supposedly trails Josh Hawley in the polls.

We SHOULD NOT TRUST these media polls.

2016 was a shocking upset that put a political outsider in the White House. That’s a BIG problem for our multinational conglomerates, international banks and their bought & paid for political-media class. It is NOT A PROBLEM for average citizens, either Democrat, nor Republican.

Bannon has been freed to sell Nationalism in Europe and around the world and he's been doing that very effectively.

There are NO "globalist interests," for any average working people. A Nationalist outcome WILL NOT harm you, Left, or Right.

It would almost certainly bolster the stock markets, strengthen the USD and lead to more balanced trade deals that will help both European and American workers.

In short, the Globalist agenda is NOT for you.

You have NOTHING to lose if the EU implodes, the Euro crashes and America's Globalist political-media class is effectively replaced.

The same can't be said if the Anglo-American Globalist agenda is revived.

2016 was a shock, but 2018 is THE fight. Winning means keeping BOTH Houses of Congress.

Winning means real...longterm change.

Bono's Globalist Bigotry...

My new favorite Vlogger, Henrik Palmgren, very accurately lays out Bono's "circus monkey" act on the part of the Multinational Corporate Globalists. (

In Bono's latest incarnation, "MacPhisto," Bono insinuates that the Swedes who voted for the Swedish Democrats, a Nationalist Party that won nearly 20% of the seats in Sweden's Parliament, are "Nazis."

His inane, racist rant begins, "Tall, blonde, blue eyed....boring."

Is that the worst the diminutive (5'4") Bono and his Corporate masters can come up with against the Swedes?

This is NOT merely an attack on the Swedish people, nor even the Northern Europeans. It is an attack on all the many disparate cultures, heritages and ethnicities of all mankind. It is a Corporate plan to remake mankind and the world over in an image they prefer.

Henrik Palmgren is a true anti-Globalist hero.

Scarcity and Poverty...

Scarcity (finite resources, coupled with unlimited human demand) is a basic reality of our physical existence.

Many have noted that poverty ISN'T due as much to scarcity, as it is to non-productivity, and that is largely correct.

The poor, are poor, for the most part, because they make poor decisions. In fact, ironically enough, the SAME traits that violent people are prone to (recklessness, irresponsibility, the inability to plan ahead, poor impulse control) are the same traits that inevitably lead to poverty.

Scarcity is a related, but somewhat different issue (

IF someone...ANYONE could show that, "the rich glom too much wealth, creating more poor people by their greed," they'd; (1) expose a fatal flaw in the market system and (2) show that, "Not only can Socialism's/Marxism's Central Planning work, it must work, as it's our only hope."

Of course, that is NOT the case.

While there IS a finite amount of currency in circulation at any one time, there is no such shortage of wealth.

Real wealth is NOT currency, although it's measured in dollars, etc., it's ideas.

Bill Gates doesn't have $90 BILLION in the bank, nor does Jeff Bezos have $150 BILLION stashed in a bank...they both have a combined, nearly quarter of a TRILLION in VALUE.

In a very real sense, wealthy innovators like them create more wealth, just as Henry Ford did with the assembly line and mass production.

Ford DIDN'T invent the car (that was Karl Benz). Ford invented something far more valuable - mass production. That's why Henry Ford made far more money in his life then Karl Benz did. He sold more cars through mass production.

Currency isn't the primary source of wealth, value is.

Value is found in ideas.

Scarcity...of resources and currency is very real and not at all artificial. It's a basic reality.

Real wealth is created by new ideas, which is why those who merely work, tend to subsist, while those who innovate thrive.

Those who do not work, whether through lack of skills, infirmity, or detesting drudgery are charity cases..."wards of the states." Public assistance is neither a "right," nor an "entitlement" (entitlements are paid for, like Social Security and Medicare paid into through the FICA Tax) it is charity. It's the status of "wards of the state" that make that population most vulnerable.

While innovators like Ford and Bezos hold very real leverage over all of society, the dependent poor, neither idividually, nor collectively , hold any leverage at all.

While there is no shortage of ideas, there IS a shortage of resources that must always be taken into account.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

God's Plan?...

I occasionally hear from some 9/11 survivors, the belief that the reason those who survived that day, did so, because "God had a plan for us." That's NOT an uncommon belief.

The reason I take issue with the idea that those who survived, did so because, "God had a plan for them," is that it insinuates that God had no plan, nor use for those murdered that day.

I understand how survivors try to make sense of their survival, while so many others perished, through such beliefs. It IS completely understandable. I recently saw a video of interviews with survivors from the USS Forestall fire (1967). Many of those men expressed the same kinds if thoughts.

While I AM spiritual, in that I believe in some form of Creator, I am NOT religious, so I see things quite differently.

I DON'T think God, "just didn't have a plan" for the guy carjacked and killed yesterday, or that "His plan" was to use that guy, or those murdered on 9/11 as some sort of "cautionary tale."

I believe in free will and self-directed action. I DO NOT believe in predestination, nor any specific "Divine plan." Then again, I don't believe in an anthropomorphic (manlike) God. From my view, the Creator, is more likely to be an energy source, perhaps consciousness itself. Who can know such things?

In many ways, those suffering Survivor's Guilt, and other debilitating physical and psychological ailments have been effected worse, at least in terms of more long-term suffering, than those killed that day.

I'm not claiming that my view is "right," and those of other's "wrong," just noting the reality that 100 different people who worked that day (I was one) and in the aftermath...will perceive that day and the days immediately after, in 100 different ways.

Monday, September 10, 2018

WHY Is THIS Killing Manslaughter?

Image result for Amber Guyger
Amber Guyger and Botham Jean

I DON’T get how a 30 y/o Dallas Police Officer (Amber R. Guyger) could possibly mistake another apartment for her own...even if she was really, REALLY impaired. I also wonder if she was tested at the scene the night this happened. I’m guessing, maybe not?

I also DON’T get how it could take THREE DAYS for her to be arrested after she shot and killed a neighbor in HIS apartment, claiming she mistook the unit for her own and the man for an intruder.

AND...I REALLY DON’T GET how Officer Guyger was charged with...(gulp!)...manslaughter!
HOW does ANY of that happen?

This is NOT what I’d call “police violence,” it’s something else. Amber Guyger was off duty and acting as a resident of an apartment complex and not a cop.

How impaired does someone have to be to come home drunk, or drugged enough to mistake a neighbor’s apartment for her own and then shoot that neighbor, after “mistaking HIM for an intruder.”

NONE of that makes any sense at all, to me.
I wonder IF the Dallas PD can be counted on to thoroughly investigate this incident.

I mean IF Ms. Amber Guyger and Mr. Botham Jean had an...un-neighborly co-existence? Under those conditions, this would take on a very different a 1st degree murder patina.

Maybe I'm cynical, but the "mistaken identity" story makes no sense, while the "I hate my neighbor" scenario does.

As it stands, I DON’T get how this is being charged as manslaughter right now. Her gun didn’t go off accidentally.

SHE entered the wrong apartment.

SHE shot the resident in HIS own apartment after an unwarranted entry.

Hmmmm, THAT sounds like 2nd degree murder to me.

Think of how the charges would’ve played out had a drunken Botham Jean wandered into Amber Guyger’s apartment and shot her to death after “mistaking her for an intruder.”

Do you think THAT would’ve been charged as manslaughter?

Do you think it would’ve taken 3 whole days to make an arrest in that instance?

I’m thinking...NOT.

Even IF Serena Wasn’t RIGHT...She WASN’T All Wrong!


Referee Carlos Ramos seemed to derail Serena Williams’ chance at winning the U.S. Open Saturday and, like too many referees today, seemed to want to become the star of the Finals.

The “coaching” call, over signaling by Serena Williams’ coach (Patrick Mouratoglou) has been a contentious one for awhile now.

Apparently, in the 2nd game of the first set, Ramos spotted Mouratoglou holding his hands apart, possibly indicating to Williams that she should be playing a little closer to the baseline, and she was instantly handed a code violation.

Although it was Mouratoglou who was the one communicating with Williams, the rules say that players are responsible for the conduct of their parties, and so Williams was punished.

This first penalty, came as a warning, but it directly led to the dramatic events that followed, in which Williams was handed a second violation and penalized a point for smashing her racquet, after she’d apparently mistakenly thought that she and Ramos had reached an understanding on the first call.

Then, after calling Ramos a "thief", she was slugged with a further penalty — this time an entire game — on her way to a straight sets loss.

Such in game coaching is allegedly very common and USUALLY iconic stars (Williams IS one) are treated a little differently, for instance LeBron James and Tom Brady. There’s rarely been any such deference offered to Serena Williams, perhaps the most dominant sports figure in modern times.

Serena Williams should not have had her match derailed like that, but it happened.

Former players readily acknowledge that coaching during matches is endemic on the tour, raising the question as to whether it is being policed properly, or even at all.

“I was coaching but I don’t think she looked at me,” said Mouratoglou afterwards. “I am honest, I was coaching, Sascha [Bajin, Osaka’s coach] was coaching the whole time too. This is one of the rules that is ruining tennis. She [Serena Williams] will struggle to come back from this.”

Worse still, is that in the post-match controversy, she’s taken most of the blame, for a meltdown as much triggered by an inflexible umpire’s stubbornness as by Serena Williams’ temper.

Perhaps the worst abuse came from Aussie cartoonist Mark Knight with the ugly cartoon below.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Michael Goodwin's Very Accurate Assessment...

Michael Goodwin is right that, "America is being scandalized by four enormous events that are happening simultaneously. By scandalized, I mean that people are shocked and outraged at what they regard as breaches of acceptable behavior or morality.

"That wouldn’t be a problem if the vast majority were scandalized by the same things. That’s not the America we have. The vicious polarization stems from the fact that the country is split almost exactly in half over what people are outraged about." (

He lists the four scandalizing events as, first, Donald Trump’s boorish Presidency, although he correctly notes; "Still, Trump won the election fairly and the economy is booming, yet too many Americans can’t accept those truths. Their attempts to bring him down define the three other scandalizing events."

Those other three scandalizing events are, the implosion of our mainstream media. Goodwin's observation, "For the latest example, look at how CNN is supporting one of its anti-Trump stories even though its source, lawyer Lanny Davis, says he gave the network wrong information. So the world knows the story is wrong, but CNN won’t admit it.

"Instead of making Trump look good, CNN would rather make itself look bad and confirm Trump’s assertion that it promotes fake news. How crazy is that?"

The next event he notes is the behavior of some federal agencies. The DoJ, the FBI and the CIA, that all, in his words, "took liberties that were morally offensive, and possibly illegal," noting that some of those bad actors were "dumb enough" to put some of those things in writing!

The final scandalizing event Michael Goodwin notes is the foolish reaction of Democrats.

In Goodwin's view, the "Dems’ answers to his presidency can be divided into two: political assassination and political suicide."

He's also correct that the "political assassination" group has gone all in on the Mueller investigation, which has yet to come up with any evidence of collusion, Lanny Davis' misinforming CNN, not withstanding. The Manafort trial revealed no evidence of collusion, nor has apparently anything gleaned from the Cohen indictment.

Goodwin's right that those prospects of Mueller proving collusion are remote, which is why, in what looks like hysterical desperation that group has retreated to the hope that Stormy Daniels might bring the Trump administration to an end.

Consider that no one got all that worked up over Bill Clinton having sex in the Oval Office. Even the presumed coercion wasn't seen as a big deal, even by the National Organization for Women! NOT their finest hour.

According to Goodwin, the "political suicide" Dems are those who've embraced going even further Left. Let's see if that changes if Buffalo voters put the daffy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, OR if they actually vote in Joe Crowley, who is STILL on the ballot for November.

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