Thursday, May 14, 2015

What’s WRONG With These Pictures?

The initial sketch of the Manhattan hammer attacker

Photo of David Baril the actual Manhattan hammer attacker

Do the two images above look ANYTHING alike to you?

The one on top is the initial "sketch" of the alleged “Manhattan hammer attacker,” who was shot on the street yesterday, while the one on the bottom is the actual photo of the actual attacker (David Baril).


No, they don’t.

At least they don't to me.

Now bear with me a bit, because I HAVE TO wonder why.

I suppose it’s that the first “sketch,” looks vaguely more...what’s the word I’m looking for?...Yes, white (indeed that sketch looks to be someone white, perhaps of some ethnic persuasion, but white none-the-less)...while the photo of the actual attacker a

I guess I’m just cynical about such things, but it leads me to wonder whether or not such common occurrences (and they ARE quite commonplace) are really “accidents,” or not.

Mmmmm, I'm not sure if you see what I'm getting at, because I may not, due to my own proclivity for political correctness, be making myself entirely clear...but we must be cautious about how we approach such "sensitive topics."

Often it APPEARS that just talking about such crimes can be seen as more dangerous...even more criminal, in fact, than the actual criminal act itself!

Doesn't that seem a bit...odd to you?

Well, did you also notice that the victims of David Baril were all...Oh, once again, how to put this delicately...well, white?

Did you ever hear about any “hate crime charges” associated with these events?

Of course not.

And that was probably our FIRST "clue" (yes, I believe they call that a "clue") that the sketch was, to be charitable...not very (and by "very," I mean NOT at all) accurate.

You see, had David Baril looked anything like the initial "sketch," AND the victims were all of other races, then the entire coverage would've centered around talk of "hate crimes" charges.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

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