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The Garland Texas Incident Shows How Very LITTLE Many Americans Understand About Freedom of Expression

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In the immediate wake of the shooting deaths of two jihadists outside a garland, Texas “Draw a Picture of Mohammad” contest, the most striking thing was the outpouring of ignorance over what IS, and what IS NOT “free speech.” (See the comments section here;

In fact, the 1st Amendment was written SOLELY to protect controversial, offensive, bigoted, rebellious speech. Pablum (agreeable speech) NEEDS no such protections.

YES, Pamela Geller’s contest was covered under the 1st Amendment.

NO, it was NOT “baiting,” nor was it “reckless” (“crying fire in a crowded movie theater”) speech, nor even “hate speech,” which are also, by the way, protected by the 1st Amendment.

To the charge that Ms. Geller “baited Muslim extremists”; SO WHAT?!

No more than Andres Serrano “baited” Christians with his art work “Piss Christ.

BOTH are protected under the 1st Amendment.

It’s the SAME with ALL opinions and views. The ONLY reason pro-gay speech is permitted, is because the SAME Amendment that protects anti-gay speech exists.

Opinions are never “right,” or “wrong,” and because of that basic truth, ALL opinions must be protected.

Religious views are merely “opinions”...ALL of them.

Now, it can be argued that views like “Lowered standards in the Military and in the Emergency Services reduces the quality of the workforce and results in a variety of public safety problems,” that are backed up by facts, are NOT mere “opinions,” BUT those who disagree ARE still permitted to voice their own opinions on the matter.

Sadly, the outpouring of ignorance was NOT limited to some commenters on various websites. CNN directly challenged Ms. Geller’s speech as “overly provocative,” and FNC’s Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren did the very same thing.

THAT’S a problem!

When so many media “talking heads” show how little THEY understand the essence of FREE EXPRESSION, it’s little wonder why so many “fans” are...a might confused.

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