Friday, May 22, 2015

IRONY...Not Only Are Police NOT “Killing Too Many Suspects,” They SEEM to be KILLING Far Too FEW Miscreants

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Nakwon Foxworth

Lost in the current and ongoing anti-police fog are numerous cases like that of 36 y/o Nakwon Foxworth, who shot 4 NYPD Officers in an armed standoff. The NY Post reported, “An unrepentant thug convicted of nearly killing four NYPD cops smugly grinned as he was sentenced Thursday to 110 years to life behind bars for the wild shootout.

“Nakwon Foxworth also sneered at three Emergency Services Unit detectives he fired upon on Easter Sunday 2012, who sat among two dozen other cops in the Brooklyn Supreme courtroom for the sentencing.

“But he showed no remorse.

“I just want to apologize to my family for the pain and stress they’re going through,” the career criminal mumbled.
Then, in a boast full of hot air, he said: “I’ll be back.”

WHY was he even taken in alive?

So long as animalistic savages like this are alive, they pose a very real danger to the community (escape is always a possibility), including to the Corrections Officers who have to deal with them every day.

There’s also this obviously racially motivated (I know, the media and local authorities will do everything to deny that inconvenient fact) attack from outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Again, it brings into question the wisdom of bringing such creatures to “justice.”

Prison is NOT “justice” for such crimes.

For hardcore violent felons, IF we aren’t going to simply eradicate them, then debilitating them, for instance lobotomizing them into a veritable vegetative state where they would be rendered incapable of doing any further harm, MIGHT well be an alternative for the squeamish.

Then we have the recent case of Daron Wint, the quadruple murderer, charged with first-degree murder while armed in connection to the deaths of 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos, his wife, 47-year-old Amy Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son Philip, and their 57-year-old housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. Their bodies were found after a fire last Thursday (

AGAIN, in every one of these cases, we see the DYSGENICS of violent crime, dim-witted, poorly educated cretins with few to no marketable skills do irreparable harm to society by depriving it of valuable, productive (in the case of Savvas Savopoulos, HIGHLY productive) people, leaving us with irredeemable, sociopathic, predators absent any ability to develop anything close to the skills they deprived society of.

We STILL don’t take violent crime seriously enough.

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