Thursday, May 14, 2015

Double Standard in "Hate Crimes" Laws Unacceptable

THIS is why more and more people oppose "hate crime" laws. They are wholly misapplied and incompetently implemented. The issue is consistency.

I favor ALL inter-racial crimes be designated "hate crimes" until proven otherwise.

BUT that's NOT what we have, NOR do we have the reverse, "ALL inter-racial crimes" being seen as NON-"hate crimes" until proven that they are. Which would ALSO be acceptable to me, so long as there were a single standard for that designation applied to all.

What we have today is the worst kind of hybrid....when blacks attack whites/Asians etc., the crime is assumed "NOT to be a hate crime," whereas whenever a white/Asian etc., attacks a black the crime is immediately assumed to be a "hate crime."
It's obviously time to scrap the existing system and start over.

Personally I favor punishing ALL violent crimes harshly regardless of motive. WHY should a black crime victim get less justice (the attacker given a shorter sentence) simply because that victim happened to be unfortunate enough to have been victimized by a black felon?

HOW does that inequity make ANY sense at all? (

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