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The Most Cowardly Bigots of All Are White “Progressives”

Lois Lerner of "IRS Targeting" Infamy

Way back in 1881 when James Abram Garfield (“The last of the log cabin Presidents”) was assassinated by a disgruntled job seeker (Charles Guiteau), the Civil Service reform movement began in earnest.

The scrapping of the various old patronage systems and replacing them with “the modern Civil Service Merit System,” took decades and was vehemently opposed from virtually every locally elected official from shore to shore. After all, the patronage mills were one of the most effective means of building a base and rewarding political fealty. Police Departments, Fire Departments and Public schools were filled with Civil Servants of “the right political affiliation for that locale. In some cases, the varied Civil Servants were expected to “kick back” 1% or more of their annual salaries to the Party...more or less, as tribute.

Civil Service Reform was about as popular with politicians as was Paden’s (Kevin Kline’s character) returning to town was with Cobb (Brian Dennehy) the sheriff in Silverado.

Ever since, politicians of every stripe have sought ways around the “Merit System,” ways of getting those they favor into jobs and those they don’t...out. In New York City it began with the much reviled “1-in-3” rule, where the city could take any candidates among the next three highest scores. It was sparingly before the 1970s, but used extensively for the first time in the 1971 FDNY Entrance Exam, in which 1 of every 3 new hires had to be either black or Hispanic.

No politician has sought to rein in such abuses of the Merit System, not Ed Koch, not Rudy Giuliani, not even billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

Worse yet, the most cowardly bigots have been white so-called “progressives,” who’ve championed lowering, even eliminating some basic standards in the name of “diversity,” specifically “to get more blacks and females on these jobs.” In other words, these “progressive” whites (mostly white males) have thrown blacks and women under the proverbial bus to further a completely unrelated agenda...scuttling the Merit System by eliminating standards-based “merit.” In short, they have pushed forward the idea of “presumed incompetence of blacks” (“African-Americans just can’t compete with other groups on such standardized exams”) and the physical incapacity of females instead of recruiting members of those groups (perhaps from military installations, etc.) who COULD compete effectively for those jobs.

Apparently even supporting and espousing such vile, petty bigotries are justified to advance an agenda they see as critical.

I have been directly involved in a group (Merit Matters) that has fought to preserve the Civil Service Merit System and basic standards since that group was formed back in 2009. This endorsing and espousing of blatant bigotry is neither new, nor is very much deliberate and it shows just how little white male “progressives” care about the dignity of those they claim to champion.

In the FDNY, Tyrone Hughes, an attorney on its Department of Investigations and Trials is one of those leaned upon to push that bigotry...that “basic written standards ‘discriminate’ against blacks and basic physical standards ‘discriminate’ against females,” while steadfastly denying that it is bigotry behind their labeling certain groups non-competitive (incompetent). In fact, they loudly claim that those opposed to that bigotry are the actual bigots.

Tyrone Hughes is a pawn, like Lois Lerner was at the IRS. Neither has ever made actual arguments for the views they put into practice because neither one has often been challenged to do so. It’s also highly unlikely that either of them actually believes in, nor fully understands the views behind what they enforce, because, quite simply, they don’t need to understand. They are easily replaceable. Lois Lerner was very quickly replaced by the IRS. And that’s what is truly sad, even after THEY are thrown under the bus by those who’ve used them as pawns, they refuse to come forward and “give up,” or expose those who’ve directed their actions. Perhaps their pensions are held hostage. Who knows? But whatever the collateral being used, it’s been reliably effective, which is lucky for the real bigots who continue to hide in the slime.

On Image and Reality

I used to think of myself as “a throwback.” Some kind of “blue collar, traditional, parochial, working class hero” kind of guy, but I was never that, especially those times when I most thought of myself that way.

For one thing I didn't merely “not connect” with people, I just didn't connect with much of anything...with “god,” or country,” or anything else. I didn't believe what others believed. I didn't even believe the things I often felt I needed to pretend to believe, in order to keep from standing out like a sore thumb...or a rotting fish in a florist shop.

For one thing, I always KNEW...I just didn't merely believe, I KNEW that women were as dangerous as men, even more so, on account of men not believing women could be dangerous, nor even get mad, or shit or piss. A LOT of men...very capable men of the past held an idealized doll’s image of women, which is, of course, completely at odds with reality. Women are HUMAN, after all, so they piss and shit…and get mad.

Not to say there aren't pronounced “gender differences,” there are...BUT those differences don’t make women any less dangerous, in fact, their stealth or indirectness, has made many female crimes harder to detect. Just as “only a male” would climb up on a bell tower and randomly shoot a bunch of College students because he got “mad at the world,” it’s just as true that “only a woman” could poison her husband by putting ethylene glycol (which used to be the primary ingredient in antifreeze) and watch the poor schlub slowly croak in front of her.

I wasn't the only one who saw this, and I was far from the first. Hell radio raconteur Gene Shepherd (famous for authoring and narrating A Christmas Story) once remarked about this very topic…back in the early 1960's when he recalled talking to a cop friend, a detective from Chicago and asking the detective, “What do you guys look for when you come across someone cut up into 408 small pieces? I mean I guess you must start lookin’ for a mad man,” to which his detective friend allegedly replied, “No, in those kinds of cases we actually first start looking for a mad woman, because it takes a great deal of emotional attachment to engender that kind of rage.”

As Shepherd wryly noted, “In other words, Lizzie Borden was no fluke, friends.”

But for eons women have been exempted from labor…that is, work, or labor OUTSIDE the home, because society AND men valued that contribution that highly.

Women weren't barred from work, there were always women who worked outside the paternal grandmother, born around the turn of the last century, nearly all her life. The 1950s American woman was best portrayed by “Alice” on The Honeymooners, then by Jane Wyatt (Father Knows Best) or Barbara Billingsley (Leave it to Beaver).

Some of the idealistic views men had about women created unreasonable expectations for women and boxed them into confined spaces, but they did that for males as well.

The rejection of that traditional mindset has had some humorous and disastrous consequences. Women are not as capable as fighters, so they are not very effective street cops, firefighters or combat troops. Is there a very small percentage of women who CAN do those jobs?

Yes, but that number is very small (low single digits probably) and the number of those women who WANT to do those jobs is even smaller.

Hell, the difference between male and female military personnel is the difference between Robert Hansen (“the Butcher Baker” – a serial killer in Alaska) and Andrea Yates (the mother who murdered her five children in Harris County, within Houston, TX).

Recent videos that have gone viral that purport to show “outrages against women,” like “10 Hours of Walking the Streets of New York as a Woman” the now infamous “F Train SLAP” really just clearly demonstrate that females are NOT built or conditioned for confrontation.

Seriously, if you’re offended by remarks like “God bless you, have a nice day,” and “You’re beautiful,” and if you’re unable to physically back up your initial assault with a weapon (a stiletto heel, in the F Train attack), you have no business even thinking about doing Police work, firefighting or any other “Death Professions,” because they’re going to be “just too hard” for people of that ilk.

In the past society held to the view that women for making and running the home, rearing children, etc. deserved an exalted status and an exemption from the daily indignities and abuses that men who worked the “death professions” regularly dealt with, but in a world of stay-at-home Dads, and women who willingly confront and physically challenge men ( such a status, such chivalry quickly becomes quaint and antiquated.

We live in a drastically changing world, not only has religion lost influence as Theism (the partnership between religion and government) has been replaced by Corporatism (the partnership between Corporations and government), but the definition of the family, the male/female dynamic and the very nature of work are all changing rapidly.

While the economic dislocation has left millions adrift without meaningful full time work, tens of thousands have forged ways to forge income from home, whether by becoming professional sellers on EBay, Amazon and other retail sites (some have even started their own small outlet sites), doing bookkeeping, and providing other such services online and/or doing consulting work.

The things have already changed radically. That was probably inevitable. Things will almost certainly change even more drastically down the road in ways we probably can’t even fully conceive of now, but it’s more vital than ever to maintain a clear picture of what we gave up...even if it’s what we HAD to give up, to get to a “better place.”

It was NOT a terrible world. It WAS a simpler time, in some respects, and at least in some people’s minds, a better time. It can be argued that, “It had to be derided in order to make giving it up that much more palatable,” but we’re past all that now. That way of life is gone and gone for good and we NEED to be open to seeing both its good and bad aspects.

NY Penal Code 512.34.C; “When Da Bithch Steps Up, I’m Smackin’ Da Ho!”

...And RIGHTLY so!

Chivalry ain't exactly dead, but like organized religion, its influence is definitely ebbing.

This week, 25 y/o Jorge Pena, a 6’6” bouncer was cleared of all charges for slapping a woman who struck him with the heel of her stiletto shoe…and in my view, RIGHTLY SO!

THIS is what real “gender equality” looks like;

After sorting out the combatants, Pena was cleared of all charges, as they were judged “self defense, while his attacker, the inebriated Danay Howard was ultimately charged with assault; ( and

This isn’t the first time a male has been cleared by way of self-defense, against a female attacker. Perhaps one of the more famous and hilarious cases was “The McBeatdown” that occurred in a Greenwich Village McDonalds back in 2011; Look at the sick, twisted reaction of the howling blonde woman! She didn’t have a problem with the two skanks jumping the counter to attack the McDonald’s worker “like a man,” she just had a BIG  problem with them getting their asses beat. Somebody should’ve stuck a fist in her mouth and shut her up.

Personally, I think NYC’s penal code is absolutely correct in treating a female attacker “like a man.” House a Pain was right when they belted out one of my favorite songs  from back in the day; “I’ll serve it out like John McEnroe, If your girl steps up, I’m smacking the ho.” True poets with a real modern-day message.

Better learn to duck home girl, or you’re gonna get least in NYC ya will!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

“So Goes Obama, So Goes MSNBC?” Not Exactly…

Upside down WHAT'S NEW?

Quietly, even stealthily, MSNBC’s ratings have nose-dived from there already low perch. Some in the media have even suggested that they are in “free fall.”

The Washington Post’s Eric Wemple recently suggested the “So goes Obama, so goes MSNBC”theory, but that doesn’t hold water. Even when President was riding high, with an approval rating of 53% after his win over Romney in 2012, MSNBC was mired in 3rd place among cable newsers, behind FNC & CNN.

The median age of the MSNBC viewer has also ticked upward. Five years ago it was 58; now it is 61. Yes, the hippies are getting older. In the first quarter of 2009, MSNBC averaged 392,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic for its weeknight lineup. In the third quarter of this year, the number was down to 125,000. FNC leads in this vital demographic, despite having the oldest average listening audience of the three...such is the size of FNC’s lead over its competitors.

Even under its previous management (Jeff Imelt’s GE), MSNBC was the “hate-America’s” network of choice, the place for those who firmly believe that the USA is the source of all the evils of the world...the problem is that there just aren’t all that many of them, certainly not enough to make a huge audience of!

Worse still, there “journalistic” standards, never very high to begin with (think Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz), set new lows when they took on Melissa Harris-Perry (famous for wearing tampon earrings on her show) and Al Sharpton...the black equivalent of David Duke....WAIT! Apologies may have to be made to David Duke. After all, Mr. Duke never pushed criminal charges he knew to be false against law enforcement officials, the way Sharpton did in the Tawana Brawley hoax and David Duke has never been associated with a mass murder the way Al Sharpton forever is with the “Freddie’s Fashion Mart Massacre” in Harlem! Perhaps Tom Metzger (leader of the Aryan Nation) would be a more apt comparison.

Sharpton has sought to compensate for his complete lack of journalistic skills by taking to, in effect, covering his own causes and rallies as “news” stories.

No, Obama’s poor approval ratings are NOT what ails MSNBC, some spectacularly poor choices, like Harris-Perry and Sharpton very much ARE!

Melissa Harris-Perry donning tampon earrings

Now They FINALLY Figure THIS Out?!

Bruce Bartlett

In late October, Bruce Bartlett failed to ruffle many feathers with his article, Obama is a Republican, something I’ve said (I believe) even more eloquently, right here, claiming that “Barack Obama has delivered G W Bush’s 3rd and 4th terms!"

Indeed Barack Obama continued ALL of his predecessor’s wars and prosecuted the “War on Terror” with vigor. Our troops left Iraq only because IRAQ refused to indemnify our soldiers against “acts of war,” threatening to prosecute American soldiers as street thugs. This past week, President Obama has pledged 1500 troops BACK into Iraq and wouldn’t say if that was enough.

The Obama administration prosecuted another war, not even on G W Bush’s radar (Libya), in fact LEADING from behind (using NATO allies to soften the blow to war weary America).

GITMO remains open to this day...some five years beyond the date Mr. Obama promised to close it.

President Obama has gone to court at least THREE times to defend and keep secret the NSA Surveillance Programs…programs he, himself campaigned AGAINST.

I laid out Bartlett’s entire thesis (wonder if he reads Alexandria) for him, including Obama’s cloning “Romneycare,” as the foundation of his national program.

But Bartlett, like myself, is far from the first to note Barack Obama’s “Bushiness,” some liberals/“progressives” had taken note even earlier, as Bartlett himself quotes Cornell West; “I think Cornel West nailed it when he recently charged that Obama has never been a real progressive in the first place. “He posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit,” West said. “We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency, a national security presidency.”

And thank god for it! Wall Street remains the engine of America and its profits sustain not only our mammoth government spending, BUT the retirements of millions of American citizens.

THIS is WHY Women Cannot be Taken Seriously in the Military, Police & Fire Departments

Shoshana Roberts walking down street

The latest YouTube sensation is brought to us by actress Shoshana B. Roberts, along with Hollaback, a group seeking to end what it calls “street sexual harassment. The 1:57 minute video already has over 19,600,000 hits in just two days (as of October 30th, 2014)! (

The video recap is a little under two minutes long, apparently showing the most egregious examples of that ten hour ordeal.

If this was “the worst of it,” it’s pretty mild stuff. At least one male says, “God bless you, have a nice day,” a few others simply remark, “You’re beautiful” (OK, that’s pretty subjective...Shoshana doesn’t do much for me...but nice), a scant few are downright creepy, which isn’t all that surprising considering that much of the locale she walks through seems pretty seedy.

The problem with messages like this is that they exude an “It’s all about me,” kind of narcissism, but much worse, make it appear that women NEED men to pass laws against other men who’d dare to speak to them without being spoken to. Shoshana and her cohorts at Hollaback seem to see universal kindnesses, like someone saying, “God bless you, have a nice day,” as an affront to her dignity.

It’s not much unlike the attitude that Dr. Spenser (NYC’s “Ebola Doctor”) and “quarantined nursed Kaci Hickox, who earlier today defied Maine’s mandatory 21 day quarantine-at-home order. Ms. Hickox, a nurse who treated Ebola patients, had previously threatened to sue New Jersey over being quarantined before she was discharged, today threatened to sue Maine if officials there do not lift a 21-day quarantine restriction.

“I will go to court to attain my freedom,” Hickox told reporters today via Skype from her hometown of Fort Kent, Maine. “I have been completely asymptomatic since I’ve been here. I feel absolutely great.”

Maine’s health commissioner said Tuesday night the state will “pursue legal authority if necessary”to keep her quarantined.

In Kaci Hickox’s view the first priority in all this seems to be her own convenience. Apparently any program that inconveniences her is a major problem.

She claims a temperature gauge that recorded a high temperature in New Jersey to be “inaccurate,” without being able to provide any proof of that. Absent that proof, it can’t be reliably said that she’s asymptomatic, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Kaci Hickox, any more than Shoshana Roberts’ lumping in kindneses like, “God bless you, have a nice day,” with crude come-ons as “offenses,” matters to her.

Shoshana Roberts may have sought to make a video highlighting “what women go through on the streets every day,” but she really made a very strong case AGAINST women being taken seriously in the Military and in Police and Fire Departments in particular, for if women need men to rescue them from a couple of howling cads, they can’t possibly be expected to fight foreign and domestic enemies, enforce the laws and suppress fires...all of which are far more daunting tasks than walking down a city street.
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