Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hmmmmm....THIS is Where We NEED Steve Bannon to Take on The Persona of Longshanks (the English King in "Braveheart")...

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In the wake of the assault on radio star Michael Savage in his hometown of San Francisco;

Longshanks/Bannon: "If they can openly attack our media mavens in San Francisco (York), they can invade rural America (Lower England)!

"What to do...I cannot send any of the gentle folk from our Intelligence Services, no, their mere presence would only inspire them to even greater violence...and the next time it could be MY head in a basket." (SEE 2:15 of this clip;

Savage has said, "Liberalism is a mental disorder," I'd define it more directly as "an emotional disturbance." What kind of 6'5" dolt attacks a 5'6" 74 y/o? The SAME kind of mental defective who imagines Mike Savage, Steve Bannon and/or Donald Trump as Hitler! Such people are very deeply emotionally disturbed!

HOW can we fix such a mass emotional disturbance, absent inevitable violence?

Hard to figure that one out.

CNN Tries to One UP Rachel Maddow & MSNBC in Slime? That's a High Bar, CNN...

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WAIT! Days after Rachel Maddow defiles NBC and "sh*ts the proverbial bed" with her backfiring "Trump tax" scoop, CNN has to try and one up her with a FAKE NEWS acct of Sean Hannity "pulling a gun on Juan Williams"? (…/media/sean-hannity-juan-williams-gun/)

A bit of FAKE NEWS that Juan Williams vehemently denied?! (…/very-fake-news-juan-williams-…/amp/)

Come on! Which CNN dipshit came up with this? Was it Wolf Blitzer? Maybe Sally Kohn?

No...make our Millennium, and tell us it was Fake Tapper!

THIS is the Plan....

Western bureaucrats have long supported the destruction of the West. This is just the most expedient method.

Ask yourself..."Is THIS the world YOU want for your descendant's future?

Sometimes, you HAVE TO fight for what's right. That time is fast approaching.

The demographic destruction of the West The reality of Islamic Hijra exp...

Maybe It's Just Personality?...

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More and more I've become convinced that most "Left-wing," or "Progressive" Americans are driven primarily by personality, NOT ideology.

They despised G. W. Bush's "smug, frat boy" style. His lazy, word-inventing political "strategery."

They reviled Ronald Reagan's easy confidence and his purported "style over substance." BUT despite the fact that Reagan was a JFK-styled tax cutting, anti-Communist, the Left STILL despised him because he "wasn't on the Blue team."

They reviled Nixon's deep-seated paranoia, despite the fact that Richard M. Nixon's the guy who started the EPA, birthed racial preferences/quotas and opened up China to trade.

Conservatives seem primarily ideologically driven. They support reduced tax rates for ALL, knowing that high income earners benefit the most. They support unfettered free speech, easy access to guns, absent a felony record, or a documented mental/emotional problem. They support restrictions on immigration. Many support a return to the pre-1965 immigration rules. They support less regulation for business and industry. They support mandated workfare, NOT welfare. They support equal OPPORTUNITY for ALL, special PRIVILEGE/preferences for NONE. They support Fair Trade deals NOT "Free Trade" that drive U.S. jobs offshore. They support harsher sentences for violent offenders and they vehemently oppose In-Sourcing cheap labor via ILLEGAL immigration and H-1B Visas, as well as Out-Sourcing our jobs offshore.

Perhaps that's why instead of staking out what they believe in, we mostly hear American Leftists vaguely taking issue with the way Conservatives put things. For using, "code words," like "law and order meaning racism to Leftists, "free speech" meaning no sanctions against "hate speech" (OK, lucky guess on their parts on that one) and "pro-business" meaning "anti-environment."

Virtually EVERY "Progressive" American I've ever met has defined "socialism" within the Capitalist confines of private property rights and the market-based economy. That is they all believe that Socialism recognizes private property rights and isn't tethered to the Command (government-run) economy.

Of course, THAT'S NOT "socialism." That "melding of the best aspects of Capitalism, with the best aspects of Socialism" is called Corporatism, which is what we have now.

Perhaps that’s why it seems to be all about personality with "Progressives," they don't, so much, disagree with Conservative Corporatists, they merely want to tinker around the margins.

I've always sought out the views of Leftists, etc. and STILL find myself looking for an ideological "Liberal"/"Progressive" who's NOT primarily driven by personality...or "style over substance."

WHAT...Am I Missing?!

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A rally in New Jersey opposing the deportation of Catalino Guerrero had Cardinal Tobin, the Arch-Bishop of Newark defending Mr. Guerrero as, "A man who's worked hard, paid taxes and has no criminal record."

Isn't that the LOWEST possible bar?

Kinda like saying, "Come on, let him stay, sure he took a job by working for lower wages than any American could/would work for, as far as we know, he's paid taxes and he isn't a piece of sh*t criminal, what more do you want?"

It's Church leaders like Cardinal Tobin who make me glad I'm not religious any more.

ILLEGAL immigration is a crime against America, specifically against American workers. It amounts to In-Sourcing cheap labor that lowers the wage floor for ALL American workers.

NO ONE has ever countered that assertion of mine, because there appears to be no logical, pragmatic counter-argument.

Sometimes Cops Make Mistakes...

Sometimes the courts do too.

This driver made the mistake of getting out of his vehicle with an object in his hand. In this case it was a wallet.

This is a very similar the mistake that cost Amadou Diallo his life on the streets of the Bronx back in 1999. Police take self-protection and the defense of fellow Officers very seriously.

In this case, it seems clear that the driver was NOT a threat. He exited the vehicle and was complying with commands to get down on the ground.

The court that dismissed the driver's civil case appears to have made an egregiously wrong decision. While the Officer's actions were probably not criminal, based on a good faith suspicion that the object in the driver's hand may have been a weapon, his actions DO appear to be incompetent.

Police represent government and as such, these kinds of errors reflect directly upon government and when courts compound those mistakes by, in effect, defending such actions, they further besmirch government.

This driver, like Mr. Diallo has a clear Civil case for police incompetence/government negligence and should've been awarded a significant Civil judgment and the Officer should've been barred from active (street) duties. Not terminated, but removed from street least until he was retrained.

The Diallo shooting cost the City of New York over $3 MILLION. This case warranted a lesser amount, as this driver survived, but it still seems to warrant a substantial award.

Here, the police and the courts appear to have dropped the ball. THAT is very unfortunate.

IF Only We Could Deport Some of Our Liberal Loons and Keep Some of the Hard-Working ILLEGAL/Undocumented Workers...

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Nice thought....BUT who'd take'm?

Besides, I wouldn't wish these hipster duffuses on anyone.

I despise these Leftist "pinky-waving," Ruskie-hatin', fruits who constantly compare anyone they don't like to Hitler...ALWAYS "Hitler," NEVER Stalin, or Mao, BOTH of whom were far, FAR worse (in terms of outright mass murder) than Hitler ever was.

As I've said forever, my problem with ILLEGAL immigration isn't the people, it's the economic bomb that it creates. ILLEGAL immigration amounts to In-Sourcing cheap labor, which lowers the wage floor for all American workers.

ILLEGAL immigration IS NOT an "immigration problem," it's an ILLICIT employer problem."

I DON'T hate Russia any more than I do Mexico. I want Mexico to remain MEXICAN, with it's unique heritage and culture. I want the SAME for Russia, China, Germany, England, Japan and America too.

Somewhere along the line...(oh yeah...right after they publicly executed John F. Kennedy and replaced Camelot with a shit-kicker, a$$hole from Texas who had a paid hitman (Malcolm "Mack" Wallace) on his payroll and whose best bud, Billy Sol Estes, was a lifelong, lowlife scam artist)...America was transformed from what it was through the 50s and early 60s (the most advanced and powerful nation on Earth) into something it was NEVER intended to be; "The First Universal Nation."

NOW, globalist/INTERNATIONALIST scum, like Merkel and others are attempting to do the SAME to Europe.

For those living ANYWHERE else...KNOW that they'll be coming for YOUR heritages and cultures next.

Nationalism is humanity's fight.

HELL, as much as jihadism BEGAN as an anti-Western, "leave us the f*ck alone," Arab-Muslim form of Nationalism I can respect that.

What I CAN'T respect or accept is jihadists looking to bring their Sharia morality to other lands, cultures and heritages that don't share their enthusiasm for abusing women, slaughtering gays and treating non-Muslims as 3rd, or 4th class citizens.

If you're living in Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Iceland, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, etc. what's happening to America and Europe SHOULD chill you to the bone. THIS is the "One Worlder's" blue print for global subjugation ...which is their version of "globalism."

Europe's rising Nationalism its BREXIT, its LePen's, its Wilders', etc. and America's Trump amount to "JFK's revenge." This is the anti-Communist, anti-One Worlder Kennedy's retaliation against the fat, dumb, lazy, smelly globalists that now populate the UN, the U.S. State Dept, America's Intelligence agencies, the IMF and the World Bank.

Yes, it's late in the game for that revenge...VERY late, but also very, VERY necessary!
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