Thursday, February 1, 2007

Joe Biden’s “Macaca” Moment?

Joe Biden may have euthanized his 2008 White House run on its very first day, which, if it happens, will save Biden’s campaign a lot of man-hours and money, since his chances are razor thin to begin with.

Biden began his ’08 Presidential run with a blistering critique of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, but then, like the politically correct Liberal that he is, he offered praise to the first serious black Democrat in the field.

Sadly it’s his “compliment” that got him into trouble. Calling Barack Obama, "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, a real fairytale man."

Yes. The offending word was “clean.”

Political gazers initially figured he meant “clean-cut,” or clean as in corruption free (compared to the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton), but on the Daily Show, he told John Stewart that he meant “fresh,” as in new, claiming, “I should have said fresh. What I meant was that he's got new ideas, he's a new guy on the block..."

THAT as much as anything spells doom for Biden. Hell, he can’t even cover up a relatively minor gaffe like that.

“Clean-cut,” as in mainstream and conventional, which Obama has projected himself to be - that was your bail out Joe, “clean” to “clean-cut.”

“Clean” to “fresh” is more of a stretch.

Hmmmm, for an experienced plagiarist, he sure isn't very good at manipulating words very well.

See ya Joe.


Blue Wind said...

"Hmmmm, for an experienced plagiarist, he sure isn't very good at manipulating words very well."

Well said.

JMK said...

I don't think the Dems will miss Joe Biden.

The field's crowded as it is and he really has no chance, same with most of the minor players on both sides, unless one of them is able to generate some real publicity.

Right now it looks like Hillary, Edwards snd Obama on the Dem side and Giuliani, McCain, Gingrich and possibly Romney (now trailing Gingrich) on the GOP side.

Poor Biden embarrassed himself further today by going into full suck-up mode with Sharpton on the Rev's radio show.

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