Monday, February 26, 2007

They don't just defend those in the "pedarist club," they're also members...

A few days old now, but still an amazing story.

The former President of the Virginia ACLU was recently busted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security (ICE) for possessing some of the most vile kinds of child-pornography - violent, forced child-rape.

Charles Rust-Tierney, whose wife Diann Rust-Tierney has led the ACLU's anti-death penalty initiative not only downloaded and possessed these violent images, he also coached a number of youth teams in the area.

I guess the ACLU is a lot like the "Hair Club for Men," not just defenders of the club, but members!



Jill said...

Navy Officer Accused in Child Pornography Case

On the Internet, David Maisenhelder, 37, of Chesapeake, Va., went by the name of Pastor, police said, but in real life, he is a Navy chief petty officer who is accused of child pornography.

In court on Monday, investigators said they found about 500 pictures and videos of children involved in sex acts or sexually explicit poses at Maisenhelder's home. They said Maisenhelder would have sex with children he was babysitting.

Police said the children in the photos and video range in age from 3 months to early teens. According to investigators some of the images show the children having sex with adult men.

Sex abuse victims' advocates go after Southern Baptists

In the past six months SNAP has received reports of about 40 cases of sexual abuse by Southern Baptist ministers -- with some of the incidents dating back many years, Brown said.

SNAP leaders hold that abuse is typically underreported because being molested is such a painful experience that victims often wait years before stepping forward.

One SNAP member, Debbie Vasquez, said she was raped by a Southern Baptist minister in Texas when she was 15 years old.

Now 48, Vasquez filed a lawsuit last year against the pastor, the Rev. Dale "Dickie" Amyx and his current church, Bolivar Baptist in Sanger, Texas, about 45 miles north of Dallas. She claims the church knew, or should have known, about Amyx's past.

Vasquez says she was raped when Amyx was a minister at the now-defunct Calvary Baptist Church in Lewisville, another town north of Dallas.

When she became pregnant with Amyx's child at age 18, church leaders forced her to go before the congregation and ask forgiveness as an unwed mother. But the congregation was never told it was Amyx's baby.

The lawsuit claims Calvary Baptist helped Amyx get another job at a church in Arizona.

Amyx acknowledged in court documents that he had a sexual relationship with Vasquez and was the father of her child. Texas court records also show that Amyx was convicted in 1967 for giving beer to a minor.

When reached at home Wednesday, Amyx said he couldn't comment on the case and referred all questions to his lawyer, James A. Harrison. The attorney did not return multiple phone calls.

Want more? I can post links to conservative Christians who are pedophiles and sex criminals till the cows come home. What's your point?

JMK said...

The critical difference is that while the U.S. Army, the Southern Baptists, the Jewish religion and the Catholic Church may have some pedophiles within their ranks, NONE of those organizations support, defend or attempt to normalize pedophilia, while the ACLU does all those things.

The ACLU has defended NAMBLA's right to "diseminate information" ("how to" guides for child abductors over the internet), they've opposed both Megan's Law (sex offender registries) and Jessica's Law (mandatory sentences) and they've defended many, many pedarists, while opposing the highly successful online stings that Dateline has broadcast from time to time, on the false and shallow argument of "entrapment."

The ACLU's stance on child-porn, pedophilia and pedarists has been insidious and this kind of link between those actions and the proclivities of some of its members makes that organization's entire agenda suspect, in my view.

At the very least, it's something to think about.

Anonymous said...

The biggest Pedarist supporter is McCain. He criticized Obama's support for a bill that would fund programs to teach children to defend themselves against sexual predators. Why does McCain support pedarists? In the same vein, Palin supported rapists by dissuading rape victims from seeking justice by making them pay for their own rape evidence collection kits. This is probably the most vile Republican ticket we've had in a while. It's seems like years since we had a Republican nominee with common sense and ethics.

JMK said...

"The biggest Pedarist supporter is McCain. He criticized Obama's support for a bill that would fund programs to teach children to defend themselves against sexual predators." (Dave)
With over 60% of Americans opposing sex-education for children under 12 years of age (I tend to agree with those folks) the issue of early sex-education is clearly controversial.

While supporters of both early sex-ed and Barack Obama have noted that the McCain camps claiming "Obama supports teaching kids about sex, before teaching them to read," is a distortion, claiming instead that "Obama "favored a sensible bill supported by many mainline organizations ... to provide an 'age and developmentally appropriate' sex education curriculum for older students," the editorial says. "At most, kindergartners were to be taught about sexual predators, and parents of children of all ages would have been allowed to withdraw their children from the classes..." which seems to make the McCain camp's charge a "slight distortion" at best.

In fact, it's actually far LESS of a distortion than calling an increase in the EITC and other "welfare provisions" (as that's what they're listed under in the federal budget) "a tax cut for 95% of Americans.

Over 40% of Americans pay NO income taxes!

When polled such people tend both to (1) support tax cuts and (2) don't expect an income tax cut themselves.

Things like increasing the EITC and other give-aways doesn't increase economic growth at all, in fact, all it does is increase the size of the national debt.

The sad thing Dave, is that there are millions of voters like yourself on both sides; (1) Obama supporters who're inane enough to think opposing kindergarten sex-ed as being "pro-pedarist" and (2) McCain supporters who believe that just because the ACLU, which defends NAMBLA and other groups that defend pedophilia, endorses Obama, that Obama must, himself, be pro-pedophile.

The unfortunate thing is that both those groups, in effect cancel out the votes of millions of other right-thinking Americans.

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