Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some GREAT NEWS for Giuliani

A Quinnipiac Poll released February 21st, 2007 shows that if the 2008 election were held today, Giuliani would beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head race 48% to 43%. More startling still is that he'd tie her in traditional democratic States, 46% in a dead-heat.

He'd fare even better against John Edwards, beating him 48% to 40% and besting Barack Obama head-to-head 47% to 40%

The Poll also shows that Giuliani has opened a rather wide lead on Arizona Governor, John McCain, 40% to 18%.

In Conservative Seneca, South Carolina, Giuliani's socially moderate views didn't seem to hurt him. As Lieutenant Todd Williams of the Seneca Fire Department, a Republican said, "I am personally not pro-choice, but with any candidate, you have to take some bads to get some goods."


Anonymous said...

He needs to establish more national and internationl "cred" -- make a foreign policy speech at Harvard's JFK School of Govt, or go to Africa to talk about AIDS, etc.

If he demonstrates a willingness to appoint conservative judges, then "the base" may be more willing to give him a pass for his truly liberal record on social issues.

I guess you like Rudy the most, so far?

JMK said...

I don't know about "like," he is far more socially Liberal (especially on guns and gay marriage) then I am, BUT from a purely practical standpoint, I think he has the best shot.

I revile McCain's pro-illegal immigration stance - "Americans wouldn't do those jobs for $25/hour...even $50/hour...they couldn't do those jobs."

That made me sick. Not only is it untrue, but it sounded like it was paid for by an agricultural growers cooperative.

You're right about Giuliani and foreign policy, but that's also true of Romney, Obama and Hillary, even Edwards.

Few of the current candidates have much real foreign policy expertise.

I also think you're right about the judges, that'll be key, though I've heard that he's on record saying that he'd look to appoint "originalists" like Scalia, Thomas, Alito, etc.

A Gingrich candidacy would peak my interest and I also LIKE Duncan Hunter, though I don't think Hunter has much of a chance.

Gingrich however, may, but it would be a long, uphill struggle for him.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani has some character issues dealing with personal conduct that need addressing, such as while still married to his second wife, he was sleeping with a woman who is now his third wife in the mayor's offical residence.

I remember during the Clinton/Intern scandal, democratic supportors said that personal

JMK said...

Without question, you're right Bev.

Giuliani certainly DOES have some character issues and a personality that can be abrasive, bullying and, at times, imperious.

I think that this two year campaign is going to be problematic for a number of the major candidates, for a variety of reasons.

Ultimately none of them are going to be a perfect fit for everyone Left or Right, so we'll be left again to choose between "the lesser of two evils," as they say.

You're completely corret about the character issue.

It'll be interesting.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, all of my comments did not come up in your "Post a Comment Section", but you got the point of my post.

I went on to compare/contrast the republican conservative reaction to the Clinton/Intern character issues to the lack of reaction to Giuliani character issues.

I will be voting republican, but as of right now, I am not bold over by any of the republican candidates.

JMK said...

I'm sorry the system ate some of your comments Bev, but you make a very good point with that contrast.

I saw an article the other day where Chris Ruddy, a writer (some would say hatchetman) for Richard Mellon-Scaif has come out and said, "Clinton was not a bad President."

An amazing proclamation coming from the men who engaged in non-stop character assasination during Clinton's tenure, from the inuendo about Hillary being behind the death of Vince Foster, to linking the Clintons to the deaths of two teens at Mena, Arkansas, through the Lewinsky affair.

There was a decided attempt to slime Bill Clinton at every turn and I think a part of it was that some Republicans feared the DLC (a group within the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton helped found) would move that Party back to the Right and attract back all or most of those "Reagan Democrats."

Bill Clinton was NOT a bad President.

He was a Supply-Sider who worked better with Newt Gingrich than he did with Tom Foley and he didn't deserve the "sliming" he got, despite some very poor personal judgments while in office.

I agree with you that (A) Giuliani has some of the same kinds of personal issues that Bill Clinton did and (B) has a far less engaging personality than Bill Clinton does.

I'm certainly going to be voting for the most Conservative candidate, BUT, if a Bill Clinton was running against a McCain, even perhaps a Giuliani, I'd take Bill Clinton (with a Republican Congress) a head-to-head vote, I'd have taken Bill Clinton over both Bush Sr & Bob Dole, though I voted for Libertarian in those two elections.

Of course, I would've preferred of course, I'd prefer Newt Gingrich to all of the above, but I'll take the most practical Conservative candidate out there.

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