Thursday, February 22, 2007

What happened to the anti-war crowd???

A new poll shows that 57% of Americans "support the troops finishing the job in Iraq."

53% believe victory is still possible in Iraq, while only 43% do not.

A whopping 59% say an immediate withdrawal would damage America's standing in the world, and ONLY 17% favor an immediate withdrawal!

Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that some Liberals were claiming that polls showing that about 70% of Americans disapporved of the way the war in Iraq is being run, showed that "about 70% of the American people favored an immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

Guess that's not what that poll actually indicated.


Anonymous said...

This poll is so obviously spun to support the Bush administration's Iraq policy that you have to wonder where it came from. Let's see, it was conducted by the Moriah Group; that's very interesting. The Moriah Group is a right-wing "think tank" funded by none other than the Christian Foundation of America. Need proof? Check out the membership roster at the Christian Foundation's web site; one of their leaders is none other than Jim Gilliland of the Moriah Group.

The publishers of the poll, Public Opinion Strategies, cater to the Republican party; check out their list of clients, who want to sway the opinions of ill-informed conservatives like JMK, who get their "news" from right wing propaganda spewing sources.

This is yet another attempt to perpetuate the myths and fabrications of the Bush administration.

JMK said...

Why is it that when Liberals hate a news story, they always assial the source, as if the AEI, Cato, the Heritage Foundation and The Foundation for Economic Education all have some innate bias.

Or as though the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard and Fox News are somehow more biased than, say, the NY Times.

To date, the NY Times is the ONLY paper that appears to encourage the reporting of fake news, and no, not just Jayson Blair, but Wlater Duranty, the nitwit who won a Pulitzer for his fairy tales about Stalin's "Worker's Paradise," many written from his Lower East Side apartment!

OK, the AP using "anonymous sources" (like Capt Jamil Hussein) who didn't exist, but then did exist, but didn't work where they said he did and never said the things attributed to him by the AP.

Or their use of the Hezbollah opoerative known as "Green Helmet," during the Hezbollah assaults on Israel.

Yes, there IS media distortion going on, but about 90% of it is coming from the Left.

Look, I've opposed "the way the war in Iraq is being conducted." So has just about every Conservative I know, but the view that we need to pull out now is obviously a minority opinion.

It's clear that all that stands between the West and an increasingly radicalized Islam (15% of the Islamic population was estimated to be radicalized in 2001, that's up to about 40% today, and probably will climb to over 90% eventually) is the U.S. military.

The good news is we CAN and we MUST win.

Otherwise, it's "Get out those burquas and touch up on that Farsi."

Anonymous said...

It's got nothing to do with "hating" a news story. It has everything to do with quoting news stories that aren't factually correct.

Even the polls on Fox News are not as distorted as the one you posted.

Anonymous said...

most polls are spun to support one thing or another. The fact is simple - wars suck. People may not appreciate being stuck in Iraq (hence the lack of confidence in W) but know that leaving could mean deadlier consequences (hence this poll).
Now is everybody happy?

JMK said...

there are ONLY two factors that effect the outcome of a poll. the first is the questions asked, the second is the sample used.

Most national pollsters make the mistake of sampling too heavilly in Democratic strongholds and thus the usual election swing of five points or so the other way around election time...even FoxNews mis-samples in that way.

The questions asked by other polls, such as "Do you support the war in Iraq," is a question that doesn't give a refined answer.

I'd answer NO to that question, like millions of others who merely don't like the way the war is being handled/fought, not because I oppose the goals of that mission or fail to recognize its necessity.

Since there are almost no other polls out that ask the questions that would lead to refined answers, this poll's questions are the best (most refined) I've seen.

Why would ANYONE seek to use my "NO" answer to the question "Do you support the war in Iraq," to insinuate that people such as myself would oppose a necessary and hopefully a "first step war" in a much broader and deeper war between the West and radicalized Sharia-based Islam?

To paraphrase Jackie Childs (the attorney on Seinfeld) - "It's repugnant, reprehensible and ridiculous."

JMK said...

Rachel you're right on all counts.

While no one "likes" wars, common sense will dictate that some wars are inevitable.

You're also right that it's about the questions asked...far too many (most, actually) of those used by the MSM rely on questions that are far too general, often vague and many times leading as well.

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