Friday, February 16, 2007

Duke Rape Hoax Comments May Have Doomed Amanda Marcotte

One of the posts that got Amanda Marcotte (pictured left) into trouble with the Edwards campaign was this one, “...For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will — not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out.

“Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?

“So unfair."

She actually made things worse by amending and sanitizing it a bit, to;

“UPDATE: Since people are determined to make hay over this quick shot of a post, I’m deleting it and here’s my official stance. The prosecution in the Duke case fumbled the ball. The prosecutor was too eager to get a speedy case and make a name for himself. That is my final word.”

Wait, wait a that “update” more than “a bit sanitized?”

I THINK it IS!!!

Yup, it’s a good deal more than “sanitized,” in fact ALL her actual opinions are missing from the so-called “Update!”

Hmmmmm, I wonder why.

Could it be that with the rape charges dropped, and daffy DA Mike Nifong having been removed from the case and charged with numerous ethics violations regarding his handling of that case, the day of insisting that “a rape still might have occurred,” are long gone?

I mean even the Gang of 88, those 88 batshit crazy Duke profs who’d morphed from mere goofy gaggle to a witch-hunting mob, have astutely backpedaled away from their former positions and, I’m sure they’re hoping, any pesky litigation and negative attention (too late on that one) that might spring from the increasingly clear outcome – exoneration for the Duke LAX boys, false report charges for the accuser and disbarment for Nifong.

So I suppose it could be argued that Amanda Marcotte’s no College professor, which is, of course, very true, BUT the fact remains that many of that Gang of 88 have far more impressive batshit crazy bona fides than does Amanda Marcotte.

It would seem that all they have that she doesn't is the good sense to swim away from a sinking ship, a trait Ms. Marcotte apparently lacks.

The problem is that this episode calls John Edwards’ judgment into question as much as it does Marcotte’s. After all, she’s completely and unquestioningly insane, he, on the other hand, is supposed to be running for President.

For better, or worse (right now, it’s worse), Edward’s chose Marcotte and McEwan from a whole host of “liberal bloggers.” In Marcotte, he chose a bizarre extremist, almost completely lacking in nuance, steeped in a visceral anti-religious hatred and as the above posts indicate, devoid of the common sense to even swim away from a rapidly sinking ship.

Even her “update” offers an inane view of the Duke Rape hoax completely unfamiliar with the facts surrounding that case – The accuser changed her story more than a half dozen times to Durham police, who found her “unreliable.” Mike Nifong promptly took the investigation out of the hands of the Durham police and then refused to interview the accuser for nearly ten months! In the interim, he made a number of misleading, even illegal comments about the Duke players, rigged an illicit line-up, refused to share exculpatory DNA evidence with the defense team as prescribed by law. IN January of 2007, after his FIRST interview of the accuser, he immediately dropped the rape charges. Shortly thereafter, he himself was hit with a slew of ethics charges, removed from the case by the State Attorney General’s office.

The DNA evidence showed NONE from ANY of the Duke LAX players charged, but it did show samples from at least five other men.

The case is a sham, the charges are a hoax. Even the dim-witted patricians at the NY Times jumped ship months ago, but not those at the Institute for Batshit Crazy, like Amanda Marcotte. No, poor Amanda stuck to her guns (such as they are) even after everyone with a shred of common sense or even a basic survival instinct ran away from this disaster.

THIS is the kind of “Liberal blogger” that John Edwards chose to associate himself with! On the Democrats chances of wooing Conservative voters, Marcotte said, “Voters who are motivated by misogyny, homophobia, and racism aren’t going to leave a racist, misogynist, homophobic party for one that is all those things but just less so.” On NASCAR and white supremacy, she pontificated “There’s no real reason that NASCAR has to have a political edge to it, much less be some weird symbol of Southern male white supremacy and yet through careful Republican marketing, it has become just that.”

Amanda Marcotte’s proven how poor her own personal judgment is, she proves it again and again every day, but Edwards’ hiring her, says a lot about his judgment as well.

Well, let me leave you with my favorite YouTube on the Duke Rape Hoax;


Anonymous said...

What's truly insidious about these Duke rapists is that they not only raped the poor girl, but left another guy's spooge on her. Now that's low.

JMK said...

Yeah, and not only that, but one of them got a cabbie to lie for him and somehow got his picture taken at an ATM, miles away exactly aas the alleged attack was occuring.

They must really be part of that giant "phallocracy" that Amanda Marcotte rails about all the time.

Seriously though, this is very similar to the FDNY sex scandal of 2004, complete with a false rape charge.

In that case, the guys DID have consensual sex in quarters and in the process violated about a dozen or so other FDNY regulations, enough to get them all fired...and in BOTH cases, the guys could've avoided the whole sordid aftermath if they'd merely "bucked up," as they say.

In the case of the FDNY scandal, the woman wanted cab fare back to Staten Island (from the Bronx), probably about $30 or so, and in the Duke case, the strippers were said to have shown up inenbriated and performed for about five minutes before deciding to leave, with the full $800.

Well, it works out to about $15 or $20 a guy in BOTH cases. If the three firefighters would've bucked up $10 to $15/a man, or had the 40 or so guys at the Duke LAX Party been willing to settle the matter of "poor performance" (later, with the escort service) and put about $20/each at risk, it's doubtful that the false rape charges in either case would've been filed.

The best advice I ever got and it applies to a lot of situations is - "Don't make a bad situation worse."

Yup, along with "If you can't get out of it, get into it," and "If you can't fix it, f*ck it," it's the best piece of advice I've ever gotten.

It goes for dealing with perceived police misconduct - the street is ALWAYS the wrong venue to argue a point with a cop. Take the ticket or whatever, get his badge # and name, and if taken in, lawyer up and follow three very simple rules; "Say little or nothing, deny everything and demand proof."

Same with this situation, both the women in question were EDPs and the less exposure, the better when dealing with the emotionally disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Marcotte is a man. He is just one of many false flag feminists trying to make a name for himself in the New Totalitarian Left as a "feminist". The pic you used in 2007 is an obvious man in a bad wig- he has since undergone a lot of plastic surgery and grown his hair out, but this is still a man.

I am a working class lesbian and had, for as long as I have been politically aware/active, always considered myself a social and progressive liberal. The early 21st century has seen in a major shift in what that means and I completely reject the rhetoric of false victimhood being put forth as a valid political platform, the language policing and authoritarian political correctness being spewed by the New Totalitarian Left, much of it by transgender men like Amanda Marcotte who put on a dress and assume to speak on behalf of women like myself. There is a large portion of the LGBT population who feel the same, whether they have the courage to speak out publically against the tyranny of the New Left or not (transgender thugs regularly try to disrupt a critic's livelihood, rape and death threats are standard fare, as well as threats against the safety of critic's children as well. These threats made by transgender "activists" against women and some male academics who refuse to reject reality are well documented). The left is fully consumed with post-modern nihilism, the I-am-whatever-i-say-I-am "gender identities" and "identity politics" that now include race (see Rachel Dolezal aka a "transblack" women and NAACP leader who was recently exposed as a genetic white!) Your special (delusional) feelings now dictate reality and other must now accept your fantasy as fact or it is "bigotry". Progress is a ongoing process of airing differing opinions but the New Totoalitarian left will not abide! Free speech for me, but not for thee! These are the jender specials that are "triggered" by the actual realities of the world and fully expect the world at large to cower to their demands to be coddled. This type of narcissistic toddlers routine is rewarded and encouraged in institutions of higher learning in the US and making headway across the pond. Actual feminist scholars with decades of scholarship under their belts have no place in this bizarro-universe and are being actively silenced and "no-platformed" at universities by the jender overloads of this New Left regime:

The New Left does not represent feminism- they are doing as much as they possibly can to keep actual feminism that deals with the realities and hardships that women face out of public discourse. A quote often attributed to either Churchill or Huey Long states that: "When fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-fascism", and indeed, it has. Marcotte is just one of its more notorious poster "girls" aka boys for those who refuse to reject reality.

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