Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I even kind of like this guy

Blue and White - Blue Wind - http://blueandwhite96.blogspot.com/

He’s the only Liberal blogger that I link to at this point.

Even though we don’t agree on much, at least he makes an effort to communicate his views and even tries to give his reasons for supporting the things he does.

Not bad....for a Liberal.


Nevum said...

Thanks. Although we disagree on every single issue, I like you too. I like your directness in approaching issues. You are very wrong, but wrong with a classy style!

JMK said...

Yes, it seems we do.

But then again, I believe you're quite a bit younger than I and so I hold out the hope that you'll eventually and ultimately mature into some far more moderate positions.

Perhaps not Conservative, but more moderate.

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